We always welcome new members and volunteers to help chair and participate in our committees. If you’d like to share your time and special talents in the development of our neighborhood, we are certain we have a place for you. We know the SRG will benefit from your participation!
Please send an email to the Chairperson for the committee you’re most interested in [see sidebar], or the current SRG PRESIDENT for more information on how you can get involved. Or you may come to a monthly General Membership Meeting. Thank you!

SRG Beautification Committee:

The Beautification Committee consists of a group of SRG volunteers, who by their involvement through plantings and maintaining of public parks, promote community involvement, that results in a beautiful, safe and cared for neighborhood.  Each season, green thumbs and green thumb “wannabes” gear up to maintain the following gardens:  9th & Sidney, 13th & Lami, Soulard Market Park gardens, 12th & Gravois Neighborhood Entrance, Aboussi Park, and the gardens at Pontiac Park.  The committee also provides and plants potted containers throughout the neighborhood and work with additional resident and business volunteers to maintain them.  They also collaborate with Gateway Greening and Operation Brightside on projects.   Other committee efforts include fundraisers, tours, and awards programs.  

SRG Code & Zoning Committee and Plan Review Team: 

The Code & Zoning Committee and Plan Review Team are resources for residents, property owners, builders, developers, and designers completing work to buildings within the Soulard Historic District.  They provide review for projects, guidance for changes and new construction, and input on zoning concerns.  They are also a resource for the City’s Cultural Resource Office, which is responsible for the oversight of Historic Districts.

Each year, the Code & Zoning Committee nominates and presents the Construction and Renovation Star Awards to projects completed the previous year that uphold the Historic Standards and contribute to the Historic character of the built environment in the neighborhood.

A copy of the Construction and Restoration Guidelines for the Soulard Historic District are available online at or from the SRG by leaving a message on  the hotline at 314-621-6226. 

SRG Communications Committee:

A new committee created in 2006, whose mission is to gather and disseminate information for a consistent and cohesive message.  The committee brings together the different areas of communication:  the Soulard Renaissance Newspaper, the Website:, the Email Blaster list, the Board of Directors, and Community Relations.  As official spokesperson for the organization, the President, is an ex-officio member, as is the editor of the Soulard Renaissance Newspaper.  The Email Blaster list provides information, bulletins, and the “Save the Date Calendar” via email to members.  To contact the committee by phone, call 314-621-6226 or send an email to

SRG Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee works throughout the year to secure funds that are used for projects to benefit the neighborhood.  Funds are sought through grant writing and through activities such as an Annual Trivia Night, by working beer and beverage booths at Mardi Gras, Soulard Oktoberfest, Taste of St. Louis and other events, and through the sales of trademarked merchandise and promotional items.  

Purchase of Soulard trademarked products can be made by contacting the committee at a meeting, by calling the SRG hotline at 314-621-6226, or by emailing

SRG Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee develops and implements projects to increase and maintain membership.  They provide services for the membership, and plan activities to involve members and residents in the community.  In addition to creation of the original Star Directory, the committee gathers information and products for Welcome Wagon Baskets which they present to new homeowners.  They collect dues, maintain a database of members, and create an annual Membership Roster.  The committee plans and promotes social activities such as bowling, baseball games and pub crawls.  The Membership committee’s biggest party is an annual Membership Drive each May to encourage residents to join the SRG, members to get involved, and everyone to know their neighbors in Soulard.

To receive a welcome wagon, become a member, participate in a social event or learn how to get more involved, contact the committee by email the committee at 

SRG Parlour Tour Committee:

The Parlour Tour Committee plans and coordinates one of Soulard’s most traditional annual events – the Soulard Holiday Parlour Tour.  Held on the first weekend in December, the tour opens six or seven historic Soulard residences and other structures in a traditional holiday atmosphere.

SRG Residential Promotion Committee:

Residential Promotion creates fun experiences for Soulardians - including Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball, summer potlucks in Pontiac Park, Bastille Day Parade (and naming of Soulard royalty), Halloween Decorated Golf Cart Parade and Trunk or Treat, and Santa Comes to Soulard. The committee also encourages neighborhood pride through the creation and selling of Soulard merchandise, as well as the installation of neighborhood signage (both as entry markers and as part of an ongoing Soulard History and Architecture Walking Tour project).

For information about how to volunteer for the Residential Promotion Committee, e-mail 

SRG Safety Committee:

Safety begins with you!  The Safety Committee seeks to increase awareness of safety issues in our community and ways to prevent becoming a victim. The committee does this through word of mouth, leafletting, and publishing the Safety Beat in the Renaissance.   The “Cookie Krewe”  is made up of volunteers who provide snacks for the police officers at the neighborhood 3rd District Substation at 11th & Barton.  The committee also coordinates the maintenance, housekeeping and supplies beverages for the substation.   Each month, an officer of the 3rd District force attends the General Membership meetings, is available for questions and concerns, and provides updates and tips to enhance neighborhood safety.  Each year, the first Tuesday in August, you will find residents out participating in Block Parties to support National Night Out - Against Crime Program.  Residents get to meet their neighbors and send a message that we will unite against crime and those who commit crime in our neighborhood.  

SRG Soulard Station Committee:

The Soulard Station Committee maintains and operates the Soulard Station.  The Station is a historic landmark which was formerly a service station on Historic Route 66.  The property is entirely owned by the SRG and is used for SRG Board and committee meetings as well as community functions.  


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