February 2019 General Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2019

American Legion Hall Post 422


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by President Scott Plackemeier.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Stephen Shuman, Neil Putz, Luanne Denten, Beth Bennett, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier

Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber

Aldermen Present: Dan Guenther

Crime Report (Officer Douglas)

·       31 Crimes in month of January.

·       Up by 7 from last month, spike in burglary and auto theft.

·        2 robberies

o   Jan 5 1:50 pm Papa John’s driver struck by assailant on 2200 block of S. 13th, currency stolen. No arrest.

o   Subway robbery- One employee present but not injured. Suspect stole register, video provided. No arrest.

·       1 Assault

o    Social House- Victim was in verbal altercation with someone within establishment. Victim was escorted out by employee and said he assaulted him.

·   7 Burglaries

·   Arrest made for burglary with 5 of 7 burglaries charged to suspect

·   13 Larcenies, 4 arrests ( same suspect as burglaries)

·   8 vehicle thefts (including golf carts). 2 vehicles recovered and arrest made.

Mardi Gras Inc. (Tim Lorson)

·   The Department of Public Safety urges residents and guests to stay off rooftops (always, but especially during Mardi Gras festivities).

·   Parking passes will be mailed the week of February 4 as well as information regarding parking in Yellow Zones and Red Zones. If passes have not arrived by February 25, contact Mardi Gras Inc. Office. For additional parking passes, bring proof of address and additional cars at address to the office.

·   Most important aspect of parking during Mardi Gras weekend: pay attention to street signs. White Sign = No Parking, Yellow Sign = Permit Parking

·   Mardi Gras Schedule of Events:

o   Feb 9- Bacchanalian Ball

o   Feb 16- Cajun Cook-Off

o   Feb 23 & 24- Taste of Soulard

o   Feb 23- Missouri Lottery Run for Your Beads 5K

o   Feb 24- Purina Pet Parade

o   Feb 24- Wiener Dog Derby

o   March 1- Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball

o   March 2- Bud Light Grand Parade

o   March 2- Bud Light Party Tent

o   March 2- Blues Alumni Tent

o   March 5- Fat Tuesday

·   Intersections will be opened during 5K as runners clear in order to minimize traffic impact.

·   Street closures for the Purina Pet Parade will begin at 8 a.m. Street parking will be limited and indicated by no parking signs.

·   Day of Grand Parade there will be 300 officers in yellow and red zones and 2 separate towing details.

·   Someone parked illegally in front of your garage/yard/etc. or issues of public indecency, call office NOT 911.

·   900+ porta potties throughout neighborhood.

·   Only call 911 for physically threatening situations and medical emergencies. Keep emergency lines open.

·   Post Mardi Gras Festivities: Workers come in around 7 pm to clean up the streets (Red Zone has the most trash).

·   Remember: trash is transient and there is no guaranteed time for neighborhood to be totally clean. The promise is that “we will keep cleaning until the neighborhood is clean.”

·   By noon on Sunday, if there is still trash, call the MGI office. First reported, first serviced.

·   Chris Schwarz and Places for People announced an offer of gated and locked parking in lot near Oaked. Bring parking pass and leave car there from 4 pm – 2 am on Friday before parade. Car will be locked up until 5 am Sunday morning. First come, first serve.

·   No cans, coolers, bottles into Red Zone on Saturday, plastic cup rule. Highly recommend guests come Friday evening. No backpacks allowed in on day of parade.

·   Golf carts not permitted in Red Zone

·   Outdoor activities end at 7, inside activities end at 11.

Soulard Station Presentation (Tracey Laxton)

·       New mailbox will be lockable

·       Leak near front of building, getting quotes for roof repair soon

·       Chair rail pricing soon

·       Hole in wall and kitchen cabinet will be repaired soon

·       Outside lighting has been replaced

·       Coming up- budget preparation and decision about station

·       Door options discussed, quotes received for wood and fiberglass options. (Suggested to talk to historical committee before approving door options). Quotes were provided.

·       A survey was presented, and members were encouraged to choose 2 options of what they want to see happen at the Station.

·       Smart Station- Revisiting, suggestions for building to become “smart” would cost $910 at installation and no monthly fee. Requires only wifi to work, which Station already has. Currently no cameras at station. New mailbox purchased. Board meeting setup photo will be posted on door for events.

New members- Two new members- Josh and Tom, welcome aboard!

Treasurer’s Report (Christopher Schwarz)

·   We will be consolidating bank accounts after Vices and Virtues Ball.

·   There was discussion about solar panels at Station affecting or not affecting bills. Information was provided that panels last recorded energy production in 2017. This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t producing energy, Station Committee as well as Treasurer will be seeking more information about the issue.

·   Members expressed interest in a breakdown of station budget and money usage. Treasurer will further break down categories on expenses.

·   Budget Presentation (and vote) will occur at May Board Meeting. Presented to General Membership in June.

·   Committees are building budgets currently, so get involved with committees now if you are interested in how money is spent!

Special Ad Hoc Committee (Stephen Shuman)

·   There has been interest by an individual to start a Marijuana Dispensary in Soulard.

·   This committee was established to study how a dispensary would affect the neighborhood

·   Interested members should contact Stephen. Be aware that this committee is solely responsible for research, rather than opinion, and no decisions will be made within committee.

·   This research will form the groundwork on how SRG handles these situations in the future.

Committee Reports

Safety (Sergio Sevillano)


Membership (Julie Price)

·   351 current members of SRG, encourage others to join and participate in meetings

·    Nominate members for STAR awards which recognize members for outstanding service, loyalty and commitment to SRG

·    Turn in before 22 of February.

·   Three people will be chosen, committee makes recommendation to the board and winners announced at election meeting in April.

·   Membership drive coming up in May. Show up at 6:00 (in lieu of meeting). Celebratory party for being a member of SRG. Pay dues, then eat and/or drink (for free) for three hours. Closes at 9:00 pm. Nothing formal, just a party.

·    Social at 2416 S 10th Street, thanks to the Weistreich’s!

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

No Report

Residential Promotion (Luanne Denton)

·   Recognized Julie on recruiting members for the last 20 years, thanks for your service!

·   Currently taking a break on signage project due to concerns and in preparation of Vices and Virtues 

·    Vices and Virtues is coming up on the 16th, 5th year of VandV! has all information. $100 reserved seating, $80 for general admission. All money comes back to SRG.

Communication (Jeremy Mehrle)

·   Communications Committee is working on updating policies regarding member information

·   Concerns were raised about transparency and communication within the organization. More specifically, why are people resigning from positions and why are resignations not being shared with general membership

·   President Plackemeier addressed concerns stating Board meetings will remain open to public. General members are encouraged to attend if interested in Board matters, next meeting on February 20th. To answer why resignations are not being shared, resignations are personal matters to be handled by the individual as they see fit.

·   This discussion segued into the resignation of Eric Marlinghaus from the Board of Directors via formal letter.

Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

No Report

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

·       2 projects recently approved without direct approval of committee.

·   One sent around committee- Garage carriage house behind building on 13th and Ann. Plans have been altered to meet committee’s request

·   Other one- has not been formally vetted through committee. Jay saw plans before they got sent off without making it to the committee. Vacant lot near Coffee Garden, proposing 3 attached row houses (sp?) facing Geyer. Plans were conditionally approved.

·   Addressing concerns that this could happen again, Jay stated he intends to check inbox more frequently.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

·   Trivia Night was a success, thanks for the support!

·   Soulard Concert Series will begin once again starting May 11 with Patti & the Hitmen. Following dates: June 22, July 20, August 22

Partner Organizations

Legion (Eric)

·   Fish Fry at the Legion starts March 8 and occurs every Friday

·   Shrimp Boil March 18

·   Eric noted that regardless of his resignation from the Board, he will still set up the space for SRG Meetings and tend bar during

Mardi Gras Inc. (Gary Toribo, Billy Tomber, Nancy Lambert)

No Report

Soulard Business Association (Jill Weissberger)

·   Soulard Cleanup Crew partnership with St. Peter and Paul, wanting to partner with SRG again for this event

·   First phase for Soulard Market Park is completed. Funded by Ward funds and through city

·   Welcome to Soulard sign still in the works

Announcement (Marty Murray)

·   Upcoming election on March 5, voting for President of Board of Aldermen in 7th Ward

Motion to adjourn made by Chris Schwarz and seconded by Taylor Bodine, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.



November 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

November 2018 SRG Board Meeting

November 14, 2018, 7:00 p.m., Soulard Station


Board Members Present: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich


Board Members Absent: Stephen Shuman


Minutes Recorded by Venessa Kobrin


Old Business


1.     Bylaws Update


-       Meetings will restart in January

-       Meetings will be held at the Station

-       Expect to set to vote in April in conjunction with the Board Elections


2.     Merchandise


-       The merchandise is at the Soulard Station currently.

-       The merchandise will be moved to the Girls & Boys Club for the Parlour Tour

-       Any remaining inventory will be returned to Left Hand to be restocked for online sales

-       Merchandise will remain a responsibility of Fundraising


3.     Request for Board Approval to pay the landscaping contractor for the Sidney Street Triangle Project


-       The contractor’s total invoice is $7,726.57

-       We are awaiting the incoming payment from Project Clear for $6,000.00

-       This leaves a deficit of $1,726.57

-       The entire amount ($7,726.57) will come from the Beautification Budget

-       The grant money will be returned to the Beautification budget upon receipt

-       This request has the support of the Committee Chair and the Project Chair

-       We need Board Approval to cut the check


Motion: Luann Denten motions that we make the payment to the contractor in the amount of $7,726.57. Wade W. seconds. The motion passes unanimously.


4.     Soulard Station


-       Communication for use

o   Both Tracy L. and Ann A. have access to the Station calendar

o   Email communication is preferred to texting for scheduling


-       Expectations for use/Reminders

o   Committees are responsible for set-up and break-down of events

o   Committees need to check the day before a meeting/event that the Station is setup as you wish and has the elements you need

o   The Station Committee will assist as able but their primary function is the care, maintenance, supply stocking, calendar/usage coordination of the building


-       Mailbox

o   Both the mail box and door will be replaced

o   The mailbox replacement will be temporary and the new door will include a mail slot


5.     AllState Grant


-       Trash cleanup with City Program

-       Membership Event


Motion: Christopher Schwarz motions that we set aside the $1000 from the AllState Grant received in 2018  for the neighborhood cleanup program, to be headed by the Membership Committee. Neil seconds. The motion passes unanimously.


New Business


1.     Trademark Application Authorization


-       Seeking approval to trademark our logos

-       Board approval is needed as this was not specified in our current Budget

-       About 20 years ago the trademarks for Soulard and SRG were trademarked but we no longer have a registered trademark, as they have lapsed

-       Looking at up to $400 per mark per application

-       Seeking to spend up to $1,200.00 to register the marks

-       “Soulard/SRG/star”


Motion: Eric motions to approve $1200.00 to regain the trademarks held in 2006. Billy seconds. Motion passes unanimously.


2.     PrideFest


-       Working with outside agencies

-       Sponsoring the event with time/money/volunteers

-       The decision to sponsor STLPride should be brought to the general membership for support and questions

-       Soulard Pride will continue to operate separately from both organizations


3.     AECU Status


-       Signatories have all been updated again

-       The Treasurer will follow-up to ensure no other information is required by the bank


Upcoming Events


1.     43rd Annual Parlour Tour (12/1-2)


-       All homeowners are being guided by the committee

-       Logistics are in place

-       Most volunteer slots are filled


2.     Santa Comes to Soulard (12/14)


-       Mark Lambert will be Santa again this year!

-       There will be a tip jar for beverages

-       Santa will arrive around 7:00 p.m.

-       Volunteering would be appreciated for decorating the Tuesday prior


3.     Smarti Gras Trivia (1/19)


-       The Franklin Room is booked for the evening

-       There is a conflict of date with the American Legion Mouse Races

-       Eric will reach out to the Legion and report back

-       It is likely that both events will be on the same date


4.     Vices & Virtues (2/16)


-       Location: The Casa Loma Ballroom on Cherokee, 7:00 to midnight

-       The previous location, Lemp Grand Hall, upped the prices to over $6,000.00 for one day of access

-       Last year was the venue cost $2,400, for three days of access

-       Luann will be submitting the deposit and signing the contract for the space

-       An after party will be held in the neighborhood at a neighborhood venue


Committee Liaison Reports


Residential Promotion


-       The signage project open house went well

-       Many homeowners attended

-       The pamphlet is currently being created and finalized

-       All updated materials have been received

-       The cost per sign is $250, $105 per pole, $115 per installation

-       6 quotes were received – 4 with a neighborhood connection and 2 outside of the neighborhood




-       Richard worked with two groups of kids to clean-up the parks and plant bulbs

-       There was an educational component to teach the kids how to plant bulbs

-       These are great events




-       No report to give




-       The tentative concert dates have been set

-       Over $1,000 in tips have been received from Oktoberfest

-       We are expecting a check for equal, if not more than, last year’s Oktoberfest




-       Renaissance delivers on Friday, 1:00 p.m. at Linda K.’s

-       Next deadline is 12/20, for the MGI issue




Motion: Christopher S. motions that we join the Central Patrol District Association at the $500.00 level and allocate up to an additional $500.00 for gift certificates for 3rd District Officers. Wade seconds. Approved unanimously.




-       No report given


Soulard Station


-       A replacement remote for the AC unit has been purchased


Motion: Wade motions that $2500 be allocated to the Station Committee to replace the front door and surround as soon as possible. Scott P. seconds. Motion passes.


In-favor: Billy T., Luann D., Eric M., Wade W., Beth B., Neil P., Scott P.

Abstain: Christopher S.



Luann D. motions to underwrite Past President Don Kirby’s fundraiser up to the amount of $1000 toward the general fund of the event. Neil P. seconds. Motions passes unanimously.



9:59 Wade W. motions to adjourn. Billy T. seconds. Meeting adjourned.






November 2018 General Meeting Minutes

November 2018 SRG General Membership Meeting

Date: Nov. 7, 2018

Location: American Legion Hall Post 422


Minutes Recorded By: Scott Plackemeier

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Venessa Kobrin

Introduction of Board Members and Committee Chairs Present--No new general members attending tonight


Officers and Directors Present: Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, LuAnn Denton, Beth Bennett, Christopher Schwartz, Neil Putz, Wade Westreich, Billy Tomber, Stephen Shuman


Officers and Directors Absent: None


Alderman Present: Dan Guenther


Old Business: Approval of October minutes: Paul Kjorlie noted that he was not necessarily opposed to electrification of Pontiac Park as noted in minutes but was in favor of making all neighbors who face park aware. Neil Putz motioned to approve Oct minutes with Paul's concern noted. Stephen Shuman seconded. Unanimous approval

New Business--7:06--Treasurer's Report--Parlor tour and beautification fundraisers were biggest money makers. Brenda Switzer had question regarding two separate checking accounts. Christopher noted that interest rates would not affect totals in accounts if were diversified into savings account. Waiting for direction on how to spend some of the monies.

Julie Price asked about AllState's $1000 donation to SRG for cleanup efforts--will need to be discussed at future SRG Board meeting. LuAnn Denton had question about Square payments and notification. Resolved by Nancy Lambert

Nancy L. motioned to approve Treasurers report. Neil P. seconded. Unanimous approval

7:12 Officer Douglas report--October total crimes 26 down from 51 in September. Two assaults in Oct--one domestic. Several car thefts, some turned out to be false alarms.

Two suspects were arrested who were responsible for many burglaries & robberies throughout 2018 including B-Works in March, others along Menard Ave. in July and elsewhere throughout the neighborhood. Arrest of these two suspects likely led to lower October numbers overall. Question regarding early November carjacking 10th and Lami--suspects were arrested within 24 hours. Officer Douglas thanked her fellow SLMPD as well as vigilant neighbors, social media including NextDoor for helping to apprehend these suspects.

7:24 Parlour Tour—Neil Putz—369 out of 700 possible tickets to the Soulard Parlour Tour Dec. 1 and 2 have already been sold. Volunteer sign up is also available via link on the Blaster, website and Billy Tomber assisted those who wanted to sign up at the meeting and social. First crack at volunteer spots were given to SRG members.

7:29 Soulard Station update—Vanessa Kobrin noted that Tracey Laxton has done a great job as chair of the new Soulard Station Committee. She has instituted monthly meetings and the utility closet and kitchen have been cleaned up and organized.

7:37—Mardi Gras Foundation Grant—Vanessa noted that there were concerns over bringing electricity to Pontiac Park (re: any possible concerts) and will be discussing with city officials and will be coordinating an open house for those who live near the park. The grant proposal is going forward


7:41 Beautification—Richard Eaton noted the triangle at 9th and Sidney was complete. Trees were removed and a rain garden established for conservation. Done with grants from MSD. Ongoing work with groups of young people to clean Pontiac Park and educate on planting. $2000 was raised from the art auction in late September

7:47—Membership—Julie Dinkelmann—No update. Social held at 1301 Gravois—the new home of Stars Design

7:49—Fundraising—Christopher Schwartz—Oktoberfest was a success despite wet weather closing SRG beer tent on Friday. Made up for with Saturday sales. Will know details of amount raised next month. No wreath sales this year due to supplier no longer shipping to this area

7:50—Safety—Brenda Switzer asked about new apartments and distributing info on community boards regarding parking smart and keeping valuables hidden for apartment visitors at 1400 Russell and Soulard Steelyards (7th and Barton). Scott Plackemeier will look into touching base with both apartment communities

7:52—Code and Zoning—Jay Gibbs—no new projects. Ground has broken on 1001 Russell, retail and apartments. 7th and Barton apartments should be completed in three months or so. Questions regarding Twisted Ranch sign.

7:56—Residential Promotion—LuAnn Denton noted success of Halloween Golf cart parade and Trunk or Treat. Biggest yet. Special thank you to American Legion for hosting. Event to be held for Soulard historical signage on Tues. Nov. 13 7-9 PM. 25 historical markers will be going up in the neighborhood.

Dec. 14—Santa Comes to Soulard at the Station

Feb. 16—Vices and Virtues—Casa Loma Ballroom—Claim your tables!

8:01—MGI—Nancy Lambert—Two months until first event of 2019 Mardi Gras—12th Night held on Jan. 6—All Mardi Gras events can be found at

Looking for live music for the grand parade

8:05 Legion—Eric Marlinghaus—3rd Friday Happy Hour will be Fri. Nov. 16 with annual turkey fry.

8:10—Julie Price made announcement regarding Central Patrol Business Association Trivia Night Nov. 16 at Casa Loma Ballroom—7:00 PM, Doors 6:00 PM

8:13—Statement of Congratulations to Venessa Kobrin and Christopher Schwarz on their wedding as well as to LuAnn and Joe Denton on the birth of their grandchild

Neil Putz motion to adjourn, Julie Price second. Unanimous approval.




October 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes October 2018 SRG General Meeting


Date:                                       October 3, 2018

Location:                                American Legion Hall Post 422

Minutes Recorded by:          Luann Denten


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President-Elect Scott Plackemeier


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent: Venessa Kobrin, Christopher Schwarz

Aldermen Present:                None

Committeeman Present:       Marty Joe Murray      


Board and General Meeting Minutes


            August and September General Membership meeting minutes were available for review. Neil Putz motioned to approve the minutes and Margi Koors seconded. The August and September General Membership meeting minutes were approved.


New Business


German American Heritage Society of STL (Jim Burkell)


            An honorary street designation will rename 7th Street, between Lami and Barton, “Bismark.” This is to memorialize the unfair treatment of Germans in WWI and WWII.


            A dedication will take place October 27th at 10:30 a.m.


National Night Out (Scott Plackemeier)


            Thank you to the organizers and attendees of the three Soulard parties. All three parties submitted requests for $200 subsidies from the SRG.


Union Barbershop

The Union Barbershop has applied for a full liquor license to include summer patio. The Board has unanimously voted “no” to supporting this liquor license. Jay Gibbs stated that CRO said “no” as well.


Old Business


MGF Grant


            Paul Kjorlie expressed his opposition to bringing electricity to Pontiac Square Park. He intends to notify residents around the park himself that “there will be concerts there.”

            There are no plans to hold concerts in Pontiac Square Park. The purpose of the electricty is to support small scale community events (e.g., potlucks, movies in the park), holiday decorations, and community gatherings.


Police Report (Officer Sherdon Douglas)


            1 assault at the Social House, 1 stolen auto, 2 burglaries, 2 hold-ups, 16 larcenies (7 car break-ins), 1 sex offense from 2 years ago, 10 summonses issued (5 for drinking), 1 stolen golf cart, and 2 property damage reports,


            Officer Douglas reminded residents to not leave personal belongings unattended in bars.

            Officer Douglas reminded residents to not leave personal belongings unwatched in social settings. 


Committee Reports


Soulard Station (Neil Putz)


-       The committee is still looking for members

-       Looking to maintain and sustain the property

-       Brenda Switzer requested a cost breakdown of the Station


Communication (Jeremy Mehrle)


            No report


Beautification (Richard Eaton)


-       The Art Auction made around $2000

-       November 7th, in conjunction with Lift for Life Academy, an event will be hosted teach kids how to garden and plant


PRT (Beth Bennett)


-       The official name for the development at 7th and Barton is the Soulard Steelyard

-       Signage issues are being resolved for the development, with the main issue being how the sign is lighted

-       A single family residence has been proposed and approved for the lot at 10th and Ann

-       SBA wants to sponsor a sign on the fly-over ramp: “Welcome to Soulard”


Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)


-       The Decorated Golf Cart parade will be held on October 27th

-       The next Residential Promotion meeting is October 16th

-       Update on the signage project


Membership (Julie Price)


-       Asking for hosts for future socials

-       Tonight’s social is being held at Chris and Patti Lax’s home

-       Report on Treat & Greet at Island Yogurt

-       Star Award nominations are always open


Safety (Scott Plackemeier/Sergio Sevillano)


-       The Safety meeting is the last Monday of the month at Soulard Station

-       The Safety committee was proud to sponsor NNO


Parlour Tour

-       The information event at Molly’s was successful

-       6 homes confirmed thus far

-       Volunteer opportunities will be made available at the beginning of November


Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

-       Oktoberfest is in a week, sign up to volunteer

-       The supplier for the wreath program is unable to fulfill orders, we will reassess this fundraiser for 2019

-       Merchandise will be available at Oktoberfest


MGI (Billy Tomber)

            No report.


Partner Organizations


Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)


-       Members prefer the chairs, without tables, for the meeting

-       October 3rd Friday Happy is the Chili Cook-Off

-       November 3rd Friday Happy Hour is the Hoffman;s Turkey Fry

-       WOrking to establish a “Friends of the Legion” that will be open to all

-       Membership has requested that the bar close after the meeting so that people attend the social


Soulard Business Association (Dan Shields)

            No report.



            Motion to adjourn made by Taylor Bodine and seconded by Brenda Switzer, the meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.




August 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Soulard Restoration Group Board Meeting Minutes


Date: August 15, 2018

Location: Soulard Station


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber.


Officers and Directors Absent: Luann Denten, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich


The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm by V. Kobrin


Approval of Minutes

July Board meeting minutes were previously approved on July 28th by email vote.

Motion to approve minutes passed unanimously.


Old Business


Suggestion Box

S. Shuman presented an updated version of the procedures for handling and publishing the feedback from the “Suggestion Box” to the Board on a regular basis.


Motion by S. Plackemeier to approve procedure as amended, second, E. Marlinghaus.  Motion passes, all present in favor except L. Fitzwater opposed.


Treasurer’s Report


No report this month. Although, a monthly financial statement was provided to the board.


Committee Liaison Reports


Soulard Station

V. Kobrin reported on behalf of N. Putz that Tracy Laxton is the committee chair. The committee is meeting every two weeks.


Parlour Tour

V. K. reported that a reception will be held on Sept 20th at Molly’s for potential house tour volunteers. Please forward the names of anyone that may by interested in volunteering their home to J. Kirby.



V. Kobrin reported on the activities of Communications Committee.


In addition it was noted that the deadline for inclusion in the Oktoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018 and the deadline for the Parlor Tour edition, is Oct 12th. All submissions are to go to .



B. Bennett reported on the activities of the Beautification committee.


R. Eaton talk to City of St. Louis Parks Department to get started on the planning for power to Pontiac Park. Weed warriors at the Station Saturday morning.



J. Gibbs presented for the PRT committee


1001 Russell; J. Gibbs talked to the owners and they expect to break ground 9/4-9/15.


J. Gibbs stated that he had been contacted by the Head of Cultural Resource Office (CRO) about a city wide draft policy for new construction projects. Intended for any new construction in any historic district in the city, in an attempt to streamline and make the policy consistent across the city. CRO wanted a response by the 4th Friday of this month. Looking for a response by next month.


With the new apartment building at 1400 Russell, Mardi Gras Inc. is concerned that they won’t be able to find parking for employees. Would like to have employee’s park their cars on the Dolman side in an area where a sidewalk would go. J. Gibbs has a proposal for parking, with required sidewalk next to building.


J. Gibbs to set up a meeting with MGI at their location after they have done some initial planning for additional parking. There are some general concerns about finding a solution that does not provide an inappropriate precedent for the neighborhood in general.


Residential Promotion

B. Bennett reported that the committee had about 25 Homeowners committed for historic signs



S. Shuman reported on activities of the Membership Committee.  Membership committee did call the entire roster of retired members, in an effort to renew their memberships.



S. Plackemeier reported on activities of the Safety Committee. At last meeting discussed additional stop signs on Barton at 9th, looking to make it a four way stop. Contact with J Coatar about the additional stop signs, in work. Following the update on a stop sign at 9th & Barton, E. Marlinghaus requested that the committee consider looking at other intersections in addition to 9th & Barton, specifically 13th & Russell.


National Night Out, get names to V. Kobrin about anyone interested in hosting a block party.



No report this month.


Closing Remarks



Motion by S. Shuman, to adjourn meeting. Second by S. Plackemeier. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

LeRoy Fitzwater, Secretary



August 2018 General Meeting Minutes

2018 August SRG General Meeting Minutes


Date: August 1, 2018

Location: BKZ American Legion Hall, 2601 South 11th Street


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman.


Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber, Chris Schwarz., Wade Weistreich.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by V. Kobrin


Opening Remarks

Welcome, announcements, and new member introductions


Pres. V. Kobrin presented volunteer shirts and announced “All State” donation


Pres. V. Kobrin introduced new Board member Eric Marlinghaus


Police Report

Officer Douglas gave a report on recent police activities. Arrest of subjects for robberies in April/May. There was an increase in larcenies over the last month, mostly breaking into cars. One vehicle theft, fairly quite in July.


Question from the membership for Office Douglas: Was there any update or new information relating to the shoot at the Bastille in May? Officer Douglas reported that she was not aware of anything new, but that she would contact the detectives prior to next month’s meeting to see if there was any information she was able to share on the on-going investigation.


The safety committee was previously briefed on police activities at their last meeting.


Approval of Minutes

Motion by Margie Coors, to approve June and July meeting minutes, second by S. Shuman. Motion passes unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

V. Kobrin presented the monthly financial statement


Soulard Station Charter

V. Kobrin presented the Soulard Station Committee report on behalf for N. Putz.

The new formed committee’s first meeting was Tuesday July 21st. Tracy Laxton was elected committee chairman. Their next meeting will be on August 7th at 7pm at the Soulard Station



New Neighborhood Businesses

Welcome two new businesses (Four Strings & Island Life Yoga and Nutrition)

Four Strings:

     Representatives from “Four Strings” presented their new business venture located at 8th and Soulard. Live music every Friday/Saturday, food only for Sunday Brunch but gradually expanding. $12 bottomless mimosas. “Four Strings” will be hosting the SRG post-membership meeting social in September.


Island Life Yoga and Nutrition (ILYN)

Rep from ILYN presented their new business, opening a yoga studio and small café at the former STARS location on Menard and Lami. Goal is to provide a health and fitness opportunity for the neighborhood. Classes around 7am to 7pm. Café open in the morning. Beginning classes will be offered, $15 - $22 pricing plan structure. Plan to open around the end of September.


Committee Reports

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

No presentation


Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

Luann Denten presented recent events including Bastille Day, which included several neighborhood businesses. Invitation to attend Residential Promotion meetings.


Membership (Julie Price)

Margie Coors presented, on behalf of Julie Price, for Membership Committee, several new renewals as a result of the committee’s effort to contact members with recently expired memberships.


Dog wash, at Island Aug 26 from noon to 4. Donations going to “Needy Paws”.

Founders Day, Aug 18th at Market Park. Ted from Soulard Market said the theme is “picnic in the park”. The pavilion will be utilized for silent auction items. T-shirts sold at Soulard Market and other businesses around the neighborhood for $10.


Also announced that first time members, that join after the Annual Membership Party in May would be given a free membership until the following May.

The Membership Committee is always accepting Star Award Nominations, which can be submitted to


Please let the Membership Committee know if you have a new neighbor! They will send out a Soulard welcome bag for that household.


PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

J. Gibbs presented recent activities of the PRT committee. The committee approved plans for new residence at 2222 Menard which previous structures burned down several years ago.


Other project under review at 1015-17 Geyer east of Great Grizzly Bear for renovation for single family home.


J.Gibbs stated he recently met with owner and architect of Whistler Building. Will be called Soulard Steel Yard. Discussed signage for the property.


1400 Russell project is basically done.


St Louis City Cultural Resources Office is continuing to work on a draft city wide “new construction”.


Partner Organization Updates


Mardi Gras Inc.

Nancy Lambert presented for Mardi Gras Inc board. Theme for parade “40 years remembering and celebrating the music”. Bring Blues music back to Mardi Gras including bringing Blues Music back to the parade as well as the other Mardi Gras scheduled events. 40th anniversary of the Soulard Blues Band. Email committee members with any questions.


American Legion

Mr Bill presented for the American Legion. This month third Friday Happy hour will be on the August 18th.  AMBUCS activity putt-putt pub crawl, 2nd Sat of August.


Democratic Committeeman

Committeeman, Marty Joe Murray, stated election coming up next week Aug 7th

Can reach out to Marty Joe Murray for any specific questions regarding candidates and issues.

Recommend voting “no” on Prop A and yes on Prop 1.


Annual Back to School drive open to public. Last year gave out over 100 stocked book bags. Reach out to Marty Joe Murray for details.


St Louis Development Corporation

Lisa Otke stated that the St Louis Redevelopment Corporation had a new grant program for improving business façades. They are currently accepting proposals for grants up to $20K for façade redevelopment. The program was given $1M which covers multiple grants and administration fees. For more information contact Lisa Otke and the deadline is August 17th


Committee Reports presented as part of the agenda:



From Chris Schwarz, chairman of Fundraising Committee:

1. The August concert takes place August 11th, when the Pedestrians take the stage!

2. We are looking for volunteers to help out with Que-in-the-Lou and Oktoberfest: more information to follow. You can also email for more information!



 From Sergio Sevilliano and Scott Plackemeier co-chairmen of the Safety Committee:

1. National Night Out is October 2, 2018.

2. Please contact Sergio or Scott if you would like to coordinate a street party (potluck) for your street.



From Julie Price chairman of the Membership Committee:



From Jeremy Merhle chairman of the Membership Committee:

1. The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Octoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018. All submission go to

2. The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Parlour Tour Issue of the Renaissance is October 12, 2018. All submission go to


Parlour Tour

From Jeanne Kirby chairman of Parlor Tour Committee:

1. If you are interested in participating in the 2018 Parlour Tour, contact Jeanne Kirby at .

2. The 2018 Parlour Tour will be held December 1st & 2nd.

3. Ghost Sign tour, contact N.P. about any ghost signs. Committee will be researching the signs and associated history.


Motion by Taylor Boudine, to adjourn meeting. Second by Scott Plackemeier. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm




Respectfully Submitted,


LeRoy Fitzwater




July 2018 General Meeting Minutes

2018 SRG General Membership Meeting Minutes


Date:                           July 11, 2018

Location:                    American Legion Hall Post 422

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater,  Venessa Kobrin, , Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent:   Lisa Marlinghaus


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

New Business

Jim Rick presented and circulated a neighborhood impact statement for residents’ signature.

Old Business

W. Weistreich motioned to approve the 2018 Budget as presented by the Board of Directors to the membership. Second by, S. Shuman; motion passed.

M. Parsley motioned to adjourn, second by J. Rick; motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

LeRoy Fitzwater





July 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Soulard Restoration Group Board Meeting Minutes


Date: July 18, 2018

Location: The American Legion


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich.


Officers and Directors Absent: none


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by V. Kobrin


Motion by L. Denten, to add the following items to the agenda in “Old Business”.


·       Topic requested by B. Bennett “discuss committee vs board issues”.

·       Topic requested by L. Denten, “communication transparency, fairness, the Board working as a function unit”.

·       Topic requested by W. Weistreich “executive decisions”


S. Shuman amended the motion to add to the end of the agenda, W. Weistreich amended motion to add these items after the treasurer’s report. Previous amendment by S. Shuman withdrawn. L. Denten accepted the amendment.

Motion passes with B. Bennett, L. Denten, S. Shuman, S. Plackemeier, W. Weistreich in favor, and L. Fitzwater, N. Putz., C. Schwarz, opposed. B. Tomber no vote cast, absent.


Approval of Minutes

June Board meeting minutes were previously approved on July 2nd by email vote.

Motion to approve minutes passed with L. Fitzwater, L. Marlinghaus, S Plackemeier, N. Putz, C. Schwarz, in favor, W. Weistreich abstaining; B. Bennett, L. Denten, S. Shuman, and B. Tomber not casting a vote.


Email Motions and Votes between June and July Board Meetings


Motion by S. Shuman, to approve of Residential Promotion’s plans and recommendations for the Soulard Royalty nomination and selection process as presented on 27 June, and to thank the committee for incorporating feedback on the issue brought forward by the Board. Second by B. Bennett.

The motion failed with B. Bennett, S. Plackemeier, S. Shuman, and W. Weistreich, in favor or the motion, and L. Fitzwater, L. Marlinghaus, N. Putz, C. Schwarz, and B. Tomber against. L. Denten not casting a vote.


Motion by B. Tomber that the drawing for the 2019 Royal be held on Saturday, July 14, 2018 in Pontiac Park after the ceremonial regicide, and be picked by a ghost royal of Residential Promotions’ choosing in front of the gathered peasantry. Second by L. Fitzwater.

The motion passed, with L. Fitzwater, L. Marlinghaus, S Plackemeier, N. Putz, C. Schwarz, and B. Tomber in favor and B. Bennett, S. Shuman, and W. Weistreich against. L. Denten not casting a vote.


Board Resignation and Appointments:


Motion by S. Shuman, to approve the appointment of L. Fitzwater as Secretary. Second by N. Putz.

Motion passes unanimously.


Motion by C. Schwarz, to approve the appointment of E. Marlinghaus as Director. Second by N. Putz.

Motion passes with L. Fitzwater, S. Plackemeier, N. Putz, C. Schwarz, S. Shuman, B. Tomber and W. Weistreich in favor with L. Denten and B. Bennett opposed.



Old Business


Suggestion Box

S. Shuman presented a procedure for handling and publishing the feedback from the “Suggestion Box” to the Board on a regular basis.


After Board discussion S. Shuman agreed to take the comments of the Board, incorporate into the document, and circulate the revised procedure for approval either prior or at the next board meeting.


Board members thanked S. Shuman for his effort in developing the procedure.


Bastille Day Review

Motion to limit the discussion to 20min no individual shall speak longer than 5 minutes. Second B. Tomber.

Motion passes with L. Fitzwater, E. Marlinghaus, N. Putz, C. Schwarz, B. Tomber in favor and B. Bennett, L. Denten, S. Plackemeier S. Shuman, W. Weistreich opposed; V. Korbin votes to support the motion and break the tie.


L. Denten read a statement recapping the Bastille Day events.


J. Durnell prevailed in the random drawing and accepted the position as Soulard Royal. He named, his husband, Richard Eaton as his co-Royal.


Motion by W. Weistreich to extend time for discussion by 10min, Second by B. Bennett. Motion passes with B. Bennett, L Denten, S. Plackemeier, S. Shuman, B. Tomber and W. Weistreich in favor and L. Fitzwater, E. Marlinghaus. N. Putz, and C. Schwarz opposed.


Residential Promotions Committee

The Board discussed the events around the Soulard Royal Selection in the context of the previously passed motion on the subject.



Discussion via email & motions

L. Fitzwater presented to procedural motions to resolve issues in Board deliberations over the last few months.


Motion by L. Fitzwater, to suspend board discussion on a proposed motion by email except for unanimous consent. In other words, a motion may be made by email, there is no discussion just an immediate vote. Motions made should be of a nature that do not require a second. If any board member votes “no”, or does not respond within the allocated time of the vote the motion is tabled till the next Board meeting, which may be a special meeting for discussion and disposition of the proposed motion. If ALL board members respond affirmatively, or note they are abstaining, the proposed motion passes with unanimous consent. Any motion by email must be included as part of the minutes for the upcoming board meeting and noted it was executed by email for record keeping purposes. Second by B. Tomber

Motion, passes unanimously.


Motion by L. Fitzwater, to restrict duly elected Directors and Officers as serving as committee chairs concurrently with their Board duties. Any current member of the Board must decide in which role they prefer to execute moving forward. In addition, there is an expectation that any committee chair that runs for a Board position, when elected, will resign any pre-existing committee chair duties. Second, N. Putz



C. Schwarz proposed an amendment that this restriction would be applied to standing committees and not ad hoc committees. L. Fitzwater accepted the amendment.

C. Schwarz proposed amendment to motion adding “an effective date within 60 days” L. Fitzwater accepted the amendment. S. Shuman proposed an amendment as changing “60 days” to “…effective at the next election cycle of any effected Board members.” L. Fitzwater accepted the amendment to the motion.


Motion passes as amended, “to restrict duly elected Directors and Officers as serving as committee chairs concurrently with their Board duties. Any current member of the Board must decide in which role they prefer to execute moving forward. In addition, there is an expectation that any committee chair that runs for a Board position, when elected, will resign any pre-existing committee chair duties. This policy will be effective at the next election cycle of any affected board members”, with B. Bennett, L. Fitzwater, S. Plackemeier, N. Putz, S. Shuman, B. Tomber, and W. Weistreich, in favor with C. Schwarz abstaining and L. Denten and E. Marlinghaus opposed.


Treasurer’s Report


C. Schwarz presented the Treasurer’s Report.


In the process of closing the 2018 books and working with the tax preparer to file our taxes


Requesting comments on the 2019 Budget process and presentation.


Motion by B. Tomber, to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Second by N. Putz.

Motion passes unanimously.


Old Business


Topic requested by B. Bennett “discuss committee vs board issues”.

B. Bennett requested item be removed from agenda, no discussion.


Topic requested by L. Denten, “communication transparency, fairness, the Board working as a function unit”.

The Board discussed at length the recent communication through emails and how to improve communication, transparency and fairness moving forward.


Topic requested by W. Weistreich “executive decisions”

The Board continued discussion on transparency and recent executive decisions. Consensus was found that the President was fully authorized to make the appointment, but there was a nonbinding request moving forward that the board be made aware of the selection criteria prior to an appointment decision being made.


Committee Liaison Reports


Soulard Station

N. Putz reported on the progress of standing up the Soulard Station Committee.


Motion by N. Putz, to adopt the Soulard Station Committee Charter as amended. Second C. Schwarz

Motion passes unanimously, with E. Marlinghaus abstaining.


Remote control for A/C has been delivered and is in the closet.


Decision to keep only one waste receptacles at the Station which we are currently being charged for two. C. Schwarz to execute the changes.


There are five people interested in serving on the committee.




B. Tomber reported on the activities of Communications Committee.


In addition it was noted that the deadline for inclusion in the Oktoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018 and the deadline for the Parlor Tour edition, is Oct 12th


All submissions are to go to .


Suggestion Box, B Tomber to work on the electronic part of the suggestion box.



B. Bennett reported on the activities of the Beautification committee.


Beautification Committee Fundraiser at Molly’s brought in $10K.


Garden Tour was successful, approximately 140 people came through the tour. It was very well received by those who attended.


Pontiac Park Garden, load of chat was delivered to fill in the pathways.


Marilyn Morris, has been working with intern from Brightside to pull weeds and mulch at the Memorial Garden at Soulard Market Park.


Request an agenda item for next Board meeting: Memorial Garden in Soulard Market Park


Request by L. Denten to thank Duke’s for the use of the large golf cart on the Garden Tour.


Request by L. Denten to thank Marilyn Morris for her work in the Memorial Garden at Soulard Market Park



B. Bennett reported on activities of the PRT committee.


STARS has submitted new plans to the committee for their building.


There is meeting with developers of 1015-17 Geyer the evening of July 19th. Original application to put a convenience store in this location. Demolition has already occurred and only the front wall remains.


V. Kobrin forwarded to J. Gibbs the notice of a hearing on the request by the BP station to remove the existing restriction on the sale of blunt cigars and individual cans or bottles of beer with the Board of Adjustment on July 25th at 1pm.


Motion by L. Denten, for the SRG to take an official position and oppose the lifting of the restriction of the sale of “blunt cigars or individual cans or bottles of beer” for the BP Station Board of Adjustment hearing on July 25th. Second by B. Tomber

Motion passes unanimously. V. Kobrin to attend meeting or designate a representative.


Residential Promotion

L. Denten stated that there was nothing further to report from the committee



S. Shuman reported on activities of the Membership Committee


Proposal from membership committee to deal with how new members pay dues between annual membership drive annually in May.


S. Shuman to take board input back to the committee to draft a proposed policy.


Membership is planning ice cream social near The Island August 26th from 12-4pm


Motion by C. Schwarz, to permanently move the location of the General Membership meetings to the American Legion for the remainder of the year. Second by B. Tomber

Motion passes unanimously


Legion is amicable to hosting one social per year.


The Board meetings will remain open to the membership for observation and be held at the Soulard Station.



S. Plackemeier reported on activities of the Safety Committee.


At last meeting the committee was advised that there was an arrest made on two recent previous robberies.


Next meeting the last Monday in July at the Station.


National Night moved to First Tuesday in October. City of St Louis registration website closed until August 1st. Residents can register, and request street closures, in advance of this date by mail.


W. Weistreich sent out an email to the last ~20 people on the camera list.


There are a couple of traffic issues in the neighborhood that will be taken up with J. Cotar.



C. Schwarz reported on fundraising activities, their next meeting will be July 19th.


“Falling Fences” will be performing at the July installment of the Soulard Market Concert 2018 Series. The “Pedestrians” will be performing next month.


The committee is aware of the Naked Bike Ride coming through the neighborhood around the time of the concert.


“Oktoberfest” and “Q in the Lou”, fundraisers coming up. The committee will need volunteers to help pour beer. More information will be coming out.


Volunteer T-shirts: reminder to make sure the names of those that have volunteered at recent events are incorporated into the spreadsheet for recognition.


Closing Remarks



Motion by B. Tomber, to adjourn meeting. Second by N. Putz. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm



Respectfully Submitted,

LeRoy Fitzwater, Secretary



June 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes June 2018 SRG Board Meeting

Date:                               June 20, 2018

Location:                        Soulard Station

Minutes Recorded by:    Lisa Marlinghaus

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent:   Stephen Shuman


New Business

Minutes - Review of process (Lisa Marlinghaus)

The following process was agreed upon:

  1. Minutes will be taken on Wednesday and be released to the Board no later than the following Wednesday for review (1 week from the date of the meeting).

  2. This is an opportunity to review the minutes and suggest possible edits.

  3. Board members will have until Friday at 5:00 to submit suggested edits to the Secretary.

  4. By Sunday evening a final draft will be sent to the Board for approval.

  5. With a simple majority acceptance by the Board, the minutes will then be publicly released the following Monday.

Bastille Day (Venessa Kobrin)

Venessa Kobrin addressed the Board, stating that the Board needed to address issues of transparency regarding the event, which were brought to Venessa Kobrin’s attention via the suggestion link/email, etc. regarding how royalty is chosen.

Luann Denten stated the rules have been clearly defined and announced at every General Membership meeting. The Royalty is currently chosen as follows:

  • Individuals can be nominated either via the SRG website, Luann Denten, or any member of the Residential Promotion Committee

  • Names are placed in a hat

  • Name is drawn from the hat (at Residential Promotion Meeting)

  • Winners are selected early to ensure that 1) they wish to be a royal; 2) they will be in attendance.

  • Winner is announced at the beheading

Currently, there are 2 individuals nominated with 5 submissions totalling $25.00.

In order to make the selection process more transparent, the following suggestions were discussed amongst the Board:

  • Announce the candidates nominated before the event in advance. This would allow the candidate to accept the nomination, ensure they would be available for the event, and increase participation the day of the event due to the fact that those nominated would bring friends and family

  • Have the treasurer verify the donations in order to support fiscal responsibility and prepare the “hat”

  • Draw the winner in front of the public at the Bastille beheading; perhaps by the newly beheaded or ghost royals

Neil Putz stated he supported the suggestions of the Board. If the general membership has concerns of transparency, it is something the Board is responsible for addressing.

Venessa Kobrin stated there is perceived unfairness tied to money, so the issue needs to be resolved.

Billy Tomber stated when an issue involves the SRG, the Board will be involved.

Luann Denten stated she would reach out to her committee and get back to the Board at the next Board Meeting to which Venessa Kobrin responded that meeting would be held after the Bastille Day event took place, and that was not acceptable.  

Venessa Kobrin stated we could call a special meeting to discuss the Residential Promotion Committee’s response, to which LeRoy Fitzwater replied, the Board could vote via email.

Luann Denten stated she would reach out to the committee and return their decision to the Board by Wednesday, June 27.

Playground at Pontiac Park/MGF (Lisa Marlinghaus/Venessa Kobrin)

  • The deadline for the KaBoom grant is June 30. Lisa Marlinghaus and Venessa Kobrin, with the support of Richard Eaton, are completing this grant application.

  • The MGF deadline has yet to be published. Lisa Marlinghaus and Venessa Kobrin, with the support of Richard Eaton, will complete this grant application.

  • Richard Eaton is working with the city to identify and request any additional funds that are available to the SRG in support of the new playground project.

  • Venessa Kobrin discussed the MGF Grant with Tim Lorson and shared the following:

    • First priority would go to the playground and any additional would go to power in the park project

    • Billy Tomber suggested part of the fund go to MGI to fix the roof where the SRG has storage

    • It was stated that a grant is not needed for the stage

    • Venessa Kobrin asked the Board to send her their ideas on what they would like to propose for the grant.  She requested they send an outline of what they would like to request along with the estimated cost. The SRG will then submit its interests as a group.

    • Suggestions are to be emailed to Venessa Kobrin by July 16

Treasurer’s Report (Christopher Schwarz)

  • End of the fiscal year is June 30

  • All check requests for this fiscal year need to be to Christopher Schwarz by noon on 6/26

  • Bank balance is  $97,716

  • Net income is $9,158

  • The SRG will be in the black at the end of the fiscal year

  • There are problems with Square income being placed in the proper accounts; Billy Tomber and Scott Plackemeier will discuss Square issues overall; if a committee thinks they are missing income, they need to discuss with Chris Schwarz

  • General Membership needs to approve budget; information will be resent to the General Membership and that meeting is scheduled for July 11, at 7:00 PM, at the American Legion


Committee Reports

Soulard Station (Neil Putz)

  • Sign up list for the committee will be handed out to General Membership on July 11

  • Information will also go out in General Membership email

  • Neil Putz stated he will be sending the charter for the Soulard Station committee to the Board so all current members have a copy.  He welcomes comments and asked they be sent to him by the end of July.

  • It was stated that the trash cans are gone from the Station. Waste Management will be contacted.

  • It was stated that recycling was cancelled, however, recycling bin is still out there and is now being used for trash.  A call will be placed to have the recycling can picked up.

  • AC has been repaired. Remote needs to be located. Neil Putz and Venessa Kobrin will find remote or order new. Venessa Kobrin  will call manufacture tomorrow (6/21).

  • Supplies currently being stored at the Station will be out before garden tour

  • New mailbox needed. Neil Putz will address.

Communication (Billy Tomber)

  • The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Octoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018. All submissions go to

  • If you are a committee that needs communication, let Billy Tomber know.

  • The next issue of the Renaissance is Oktoberfest and is scheduled to be delivered on approximately September 11th or 12th.

  • Renaissance Parlour Tour edition is scheduled to be delivered the week before Thanksgiving; Parlour Tour is already submitting articles.

Beautification (Beth Bennett)

  • Worked at Aboussie Park and the Station.

  • Will be on promoting event on Channel 4 next Wednesday (6/27).

  • Working with new group of artists for the tour.

  • Soulard community garden has rejoined the tour.

  • Greatest need at this time is golf carts to be used for assistance.

  • Triangle garden update

    • SRT was  awarded $6K in grants and given an option of $2K upfront.

    • Need to remove ash trees on the triangle and after they are removed, work can begin. Currently at the  mercy of Forestry Division to remove those trees.

    • Cannot plant in the heat.  Due to the heat, an extension has been requested for  to run through the end of October.

  • This year drought resistant plants were used in pots to decrease money spent on watering

PRT (Beth Bennett)

  • Victor Iron Works will request meetings for signage approval.

  • The building at 1001 Russell has plans that have been finalized. The same developer is going to do the new building at 9th and Soulard. That project has not been finalized.

  • Twisted Ranch still has large sign and awnings.  Venessa Kobrin stated they are being fined daily by the City.  It is out of the SRG’s hands. She is in discussions with the owner. .

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

  • Welcomed 3 new members

  • Young professionals reached out for opportunities to volunteer

  • July  6 committee party will be held

  • Bastille parade - July 14

    • Parade starts at Grizzly.

    • A feast will follow the event along with a costume contest at Grizzly

    • Grizzly is providing space and DJ at no cost to the SRG

    • Fete & Feast is a mutual effort between Woodshack and Grizzly

    • Food will be provided by Woodshack at a discount to the SRG

    • Residential Promotion has negotiated special extras for the crowd at each stop

    • Route has been set and shared with police department

    • Carriage fee has been renegotiated (⅓ of initial projection) and a backup plan is in place if it is too hot for the horse to pull the carriage

    • Music has yet to be determined

  • Some of the liquor from the postponed potluck was used at homeowners’ garden tour event and will continue to be used at upcoming events

  • October 26th is the scheduled date for Halloween golf cart parade

Membership (Stephen Shuman)

  • Neil Putz stated that although Stephen Shuman is not present to report, he would like to let the Board know that when Membership receives a receipt from the website it doesn't provide information needed enter new members into the DB. It doesn’t contain the information needed  to reachout to the new member for clarification of information. Topic needs further discussion with ComCom to resolve.

Safety (Scott Plackemeier)

  • Next meeting is scheduled for June 25th at 7:00 PM

  • Luann Denten stated Mark Packer, owner of Truman’s, has owner has cameras on his building and is willing to share his footage, if needed.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

  • Volunteer Shirts

    • Shirts were delivered at last meeting along with a handwritten thank you card

    • 17 volunteers have been recognized at this time

    • Made over 100 shirts; if there is a large supply remaining at the end of the year we may redistribute

  • Concert series is going well

    • July 21 Falling Fences performs.  This performance is the same night as the naked bike ride.  Discussing possibly pushing the concert to 6:30 to avoid conflict. Chris Schwarz will reach out for discussion.

    • August 11 Pedestrians performs

    • Goal is to go from sponsorship to underwriting

    • 1st beer sales went to SRG and second went to the American Legion. Moving forward, we need others to work beer booth. Suggestions are welcome.

  • Oktoberfest is coming up

  • Hot chocolate run reached out to the SRG

Closing Remarks



           Motion to adjourn made by LeRoy Fitzwater and seconded by Neil Putz, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.



June 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes June 2018 SRG General Meeting

Date:                           June 6, 2017

Location:                    American Legion Hall Post 422

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent:  Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater

Aldermen Present:                      Jack Coatar, Dan Guenther

Guest Present:                            Mayor Lyda Krewson   

New Business

Flag day celebration - June 15 in conjunction with Third Friday Happy Hour

Pride Happy Hour -  June 22 Pride Happy Hour see Luann Denten

Garden Tour - June 30 - more to come in announcements

Volunteer Shirt Presentations  (Venessa Kobrin)

Those in attendance were the following:

    Veronica Putz

    Eric Marlinghaus

    Marilyn Morris

    Margi Koors

    Julie Price

    Beth Hoops

    Guy Weber

    Alison Weber

    Beth Bennett

Those not in attendance to receive shirts (will receive them at the next general meeting):

    Joe Denten

    Luann Denten

    Julie Dinkleman

    Linda Kurdi

SRG Appointee to MGI Board of Directors (Venessa Kobrin)

Recognize Nancy Lambert

Police Report

(Major Warnecke, Lieutenant Colonel Jones and Detective Barry Bowles, City’s Finest Representative)

Floor to Lt Jones commander of Central Patrol

  • Handles the incidents of the Soulard area

  • Introduced Mayor Krewson who is here to support the alderman and police department

  • Introduced Commander of investigator services Major Warneke

  • Introduced  Detective Berry Bowles - Soulard investigation is his; handling Soulard cases

Floor to Detective Bowles

  • He receives information on all robberies

  • Seeing a pattern of robberies between 12 AM- 4 AM in morning, along Russell after bars are closing

    • Victims are typically incapacitated and don’t remember much

    • Robberies are happening at gunpoint

    • Victims are usually by themselves or in pairs   

    • Crimes are happening in areas which are not well lit

      • The Safety Committee is aware of the areas of concern

      • The Committee organized a safety walk 2 weeks ago

      • Information has been forwarded to the City and they will take care of the areas noted

    • 2 robberies, which happened by BP at 7th and Russell, have been cleared up

    • Department has connected 2 more robberies to the suspects arrested

    • Suspect it is a team

    • Working along with FBI agents as well

    • Information will be updated on Nextdoor

  • 2 perpetrators have been connect to 2 robberies

    • Purse snatchings

    • One was at gunpoint

    • Perpetrators are out on $200K bond

  • A question was asked regarding how many cases they are working on over a period of time. The officer stated that over the past few weeks they have been working on a total of 7 cases and they are noticing a pattern.  They believe at least two groups are involved

  • A member of the audience stated he knows the owner of Bastille and stated the owner owns the buildings on that specific block from Bastille down to Dukes.  This individual stated he understood that the owner told an officer investigating the crime the name of the individual who he believed committed the crime and the owner was met with a shrug shoulder. The officer said the more information she has the better she can do her job and asked to meet the individual after the meeting to discuss the information he has. She stated she  would like to know the names of the officers with which the owner spoke. She continued that in her leadership role she teaches her officers how to deal with and talk to those with possible information on a crime. She stated she will talk to the owner of the Bastille.

Floor to Major Warneke

  • A member of the audience directed a question to Major Warneke and Mayor Krewson. The individual stated statistics show if areas limit ingress and egress crime goes down and asked if these efforts are in play. Major Warneke stated that if officers are trying to get to a victim, from the police perspective, it is sometimes difficult to get to them in a timely manner.  Mayor Krewson stated that previously she was the Alderman in the CWE and it is very hard to measure. She continued to say that there is still plenty of crime in the area. She believes many crimes are crimes of opportunity and when there are areas where people are carrying items, there is a crime of opportunity. She stated that in CWE they are trying to open the streets.  Mayor Krewson stated this police department will make these arrests. She continued to say the perpetrators are likely a few people and are repeat offenders.

  • Warneke stated that from 11AM to 3:00 extra patrols are taking place.  This includes foot patrols


  • Casey Fernandez - a previous victim of crime - takes the floor

    • She stated that it is great to invest money into a city to make it pretty, but crime needs to be addressed.

    • Had issues returning prescribed medication to the police department

    • She works venues in the City and often leaves events late

    • Stated we all need to work together; residents and officers


  • Full officer panel discussed the following with those in attendance:

    • The night of May 29, Peyton was murdered

    • Department was aware of the situation in the neighborhood

    • No motive; do not know of one at this time

    • If someone knows there are issues with the Bastille, the police department  needs to know

    • They will pursue every lead

    • The department has items to help, but it takes time

    • The 2 arrests from robberies are from east side.  The department is looking at avenues to possibly link them to the homicide

    • In light of the robberies, the department has prioritized scientific work

    • They need the community’s help

    • Crime stoppers is a valuable tool.  There will be an award.

    • If there is a possibility to increase the award, crime stoppers can assist

    • Detectives have spoken with the owner of the Bastille

    • No video of value has been found at this time.  They have reached out to the community requesting any video available.

    • They cannot jeopardize the investigation, so they cannot release all information

    • Major Case Squad is not being used because the department has the resources in the City.  They are large enough and big enough to handle the case. They support the Major Case Squad.

    • An individual asked how many patrols there are in the neighborhood.  An officer responded, there is a patrol car assigned to the neighborhood, running 6-9 patrols.  She continued to say there should be an officer every hour on the Soulard beat.

    • An individual stated that over the weekend a separate shooting took place and asked if there was any indication that the 2 incidents are related. An officer responded the officers had a meeting about coordination and communication and found no connection at this time.

    • An officer stated there could be 6-9 officers in the neighborhood at any given time.

    • An individual asked if an officer is out of service making arrest, is there a method for backup at that time.  An officer responded, if there is an event, a system is in place to cover when officers are out of service and support units are put in place.

    • An individual asked about CAD reports and receiving a copy of these reports.  Discussion took place and it was decided to address in further detail after the meeting.

    • An individual asked if Harpo’s closing had a connection to the crime.  An officer responded, they were not aware of the reason for the close.

    • An individual asked if there were arrests in second shooting.  It was stated that the department knows who it is, but the individual is at large.

    • An individual asked how many police cars are on the street.  The officer stated it varies, it is approximately 10-14, not including supervisors.  She continued that there are around 10 per district.

    • An individual asked how perpetrators get out of jail.  She stated they are repeat offenders and people can make bond.  It could be time served or probation. People do get out and the department does look at violent offenders.

    • An officer stated there are families they know of that are repeat violent offenders and they are watching patterns.  They continued and stated the Chief is aware.

    • Jack Coatar stated he is in hourly communication with the Chief and he will make sure the neighborhood is aware of case numbers and arrests.

    • An officer stated that since the arrested of 2 perpetrators, there have not been any robberies.  They continued on to say that one individual is 24 and one is 36

    • Regarding Peyton’s murder, it was asked if anything was taken.  The officer stated they do know and will not say.

    • An individual asked if the officers could tell us what happened in the second shooting.  It was stated that a person on a bike was pushing and shoving the people in the Bastille.  That person left the bar and came back with an air pistol. A bouncer at Joanie’s intervened. They continued on to say that a lot of times weapons look real, but are not.  They stated the individual was charged as having a weapon.

    • An individual stated that is is rumored that Peyton was shot in retaliation for a previous interaction and asked if there was any truth to the rumor. An officer stated that that is not information they have and asked to speak with the audience member after the meeting.  They stated they would like to have that information.

    • Terry Hoffman stated patrols have been increased and will continue indefinitely.

    • Private security - City’s Finest, Captain Deeba, stated he is in daily communication with Captain Cousins and Luke Reynolds from the Special Taxing District.  He is working with them for best times for patrols. They have bikes and Jeeps on patrols. Since the robberies they have instructed PCS to increase patrols as well.

    • An individual asked if there is FBI involvement.  It was stated that they are on board on certain investigations.

    • An individual referencing the RFT stated in the article is says Peyton identified the person in a previous crime and asked how the department doesn’t have that information. An officer stated they don’t know where RFT got that information, but will look into it.  They will follow up on the information. They stated all information needs to be vetted.

    • An individual in the audience asked again about the CAD report, which is a monthly compilation of crimes in Soulard.  They stated an officer told them they can no longer hand out a copy of the CAD report. They went on to state the last officer read the CAD report at a previous meeting and when asked for a hardcopy to put in newsletter, the officer said they cannot hand it out, but added the same information can be gathered downtown.  It was decided to continue the conversation after the meeting adjourned.

Floor to Venessa Kobrin

  • After the meeting, the officers will remain to continue conversations

  • At this time there are 2 items of business to move to floor

  • On the floor is the budget - sent out to membership 10 days ago

    • Discuss, motion to approve, or table until July


  • Scott Plackemeier motioned to table the budget discussion to July 11th and Charlene seconded. The motion passed with a majority of present general membership.

Residential Promotion (Wade Weistreich)

  • The 2018 Soulard “Art in the Garden” Tour will be Saturday, June 30 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tours will begin and conclude at the Soulard Station at 1911 S. 12th Street. The tour benefits the Beautification Committee of the Soulard Restoration Group. Tickets are $15 per person when purchased in advance online at Tickets may also be purchased for $18 per person the day of the tour at the Soulard Station.

  • Bastille Day is Saturday, July 14.  Group will be gathering at Grizzly Bear before the event begins. Don’t forget to nominate Soulard royalty.

  • Historical signage committee will be  scheduling a meeting soon.


  • Social - Venessa stated that the Legion will remain open and the officers will remain for further discussion.  After individuals have completed their discussions with the officers, she then encouraged everyone to head to the Bastille for Peyton’s memorial.


           Motion to adjourn made by Jim Rick and seconded by Neil Putz, the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.


Additional Committee notes carried over from Agenda for reference:

  • Safety Committee (Scott Plackemeier & Sergio Sevillano) -  Next Meeting: Monday, June 25th, 7:00 PM at Soulard Station.

  • Soulard Station Committee  (Neil Putz) - The Soulard Station Committee is actively seeking volunteers! Please reach out to Neil Putz at

  • Communication Committee (Jeremy Merhle) - The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Octoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018. All submission go to

  • Membership  Committee  (Julie Price)

    • The Membership Committee is always accepting Star Award Nominations, which can be submitted to

    • Please let the Membership Committee know if you have a new neighbor! They will send out a Soulard welcome bag for that household.

    • Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 26th, 7:00 PM at Soulard Station.





May 2018 Board Meeting Minutes: Budget FY 18

May 2018 SRG Board Meeting Minutes: Budget


Date:                               May 16, 2018

Location:                        Soulard Station

Minutes Recorded by:    Lisa Marlinghaus

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich,

Officers and Directors Absent: None

Guests Present During Committee Budget Presentation to the Board (listed in order of appearance):  Holiday Decorating -  Alison Weber and Guy Weber; Beautification - Richard Eaton; Parlour Tour - Jeanne Kirby; Camera Project - Bill Clendenin

Board and General Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM. A quorum was present at that time.  Those in attendance at 6:00 PM were as follows: LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Stephen Shuman, and Chris Schwarz.  All Board members were present by 6:15 PM.       

Committee Reports

Holiday Decorating (Alison Weber/Guy Weber)

  • Last year decorated outside of Soulard station

  • A lot of items donated by neighbors last year

  • This year plan to decorate the outside of Soulard Station and Pontiac Park

  • If fundraiser to install electric in Pontiac Park is a success, the SRG will be able to plug in the decorations

  • Holiday lighting party at Soulard Station again this year

  • Plan to have prizes for best decorated wreaths and homes

    • Working with Fundraising Committee to sell wreaths and plan a decorating contest for neighbors with wreaths

  • Committee is looking at trends and will reuse items from last year

  • Anticipate cost going down in future years

  • This year focusing on Pontiac Park

  • Future requests for money from the Board may turn into a “replacement budget” for decorations with more wear-and-tear. Donated decorations will likely have to be replaced.

  • Question was asked as to how they came up with $2K -  Stated it is based on an estimate of last year but, as the committee is in its second year, is still an unknown; hoping for more LED lights for energy efficiency and to preserve the breakers.

Committee Chair left for Board deliberation

  • Stephen S. asked if they should be appropriating money for storage costs?

    • Venessa K. stated current storage is at MGI; Billy physically moved items; no need to budget for storage; could possibly be stored in shed to be discussed in Station Committee budget discussion

    • Beth B. stated that there was plenty of space on shelves

    • Venessa K. stated Billy was there to to put the items away in order to respect the space of his storage that we are utilizing

  • Beth B. asked about decorating the interior of the Station; Decorating Committee will decorate exterior of Soulard Station and Residential Promotion will decorate the interior

  • Wade W. stated he signed off on a $1500 check for totes; Venessa K. responded and stated decorations and everything was on that check request

Any issues with the budget as prepared: NONE


Soulard Station (Neil Putz presenting as Committee Chair)


  • Functioned as an Ad Hoc committee last year

  • A goal last year was to establish a usage policy and a draft of the policy has been developed

  • Looked at reducing utilities and increasing plantings; in collaboration with Beautification will continue initiative

  • Plan to establish a Halloween fundraiser in 2018

  • Supplies - not knowing the intent of the committee they may expect supplies, if activated again

  • Utilities were $4.5K last year; Neil arrived at $3,300 by analysing the utility usage for the current year. The internet and cable have been cancelled.

  • Current budget shows a net loss, as in all previous years

  • Preservation of the Soulard Station is the primary goal and guiding factor of the budget request.

  • LeRoy F. asked where will fundraising money be spent?

    • Neil P. stated that all proceeds would go to benefit the station in an attempt to have the Station fund itself, as well as maintenance

  • Stephen S. asked what the event was?

    • Neil P. said it would be a Halloween party. Lisa M. and Venessa K. followed up and responded that George and Tony used to throw a halloween fundraiser so it was suggested as it has happened in the past.  

    • Luann D. asked if anyone was concerned that the Halloween Party would conflict with the Golf Cart Parade.  

    • Lisa M. stated the Golf Cart event is more family focused where the Halloween party Neil is suggesting focuses on adults only.

  • Stephen S. asked if insurance part of the budget?

    • Venessa K. stated it is included in the Board Budget, where the insurance policy is accounted for

    • Venessa K. can send to the Board, if requested

  • Chris S. asked about expanding the committee

    • Neil P. stated that the committee has already been expanded at the time of the budget presentation

Neil P., serving as the Committee Chair of the Station, was asked to leave for deliberation

  • Luann Denten interjected that the committee chair not leave for the deliberation because he is a member of the Board and Board Members serving as Committee Chairs have not been asked to leave the room for deliberations in the past.

    • Venessa K. stated that as the facilitator of the meeting and President of the organization, she was ensuring that all Committee Chairs were treated equally during the budget meeting. As Committee Chairs who were not also serving as Board members did not stay during deliberations of their budgets, neither would any Committee Chair.

  • Billy T. stated he believed it was an error of past Presidents to not ask Committee Chairs that also serve as Board members to leave during the deliberation of their presented budget.

  • Stephen S. stated Board members are elected to be a member of the Board and should not be asked to leave during deliberation

    • Venessa K. stated we only need 6 members present to have a quorum, that the Board Member also serving as a Committee Chair is only being asked to leave during deliberation, and that the Committee liaison would still be present (if the Board Member was not serving as all three positions: Board member, Committee Chair, and Committee Liaison.

  • Neil P. stated he feels this could be avoided by Board members not serving as Committee Chairs and Committee Chairs not serving as Board members. He stated he is happy to leave the room for deliberation.

  • Venessa K. stated other committee chairs that have been required to leave during deliberation have informed her they feel is it not fair to them to be asked to leave when a Board member having a dual  role as a chair and as a Board member, gets to stay. She went on to state those other chairs feel the Board member serving dual roles may have extra influence with the Board for their specific committee.

  • Luann D. demanded a vote for the issue, stating that the President did not have the authority to create meeting guidelines.

  • Venessa made a motion that committee chairs who are also serving as board members recuse themselves during deliberations;  Billy seconded

  • Wade W. stated that he would rather see the pendulum swing the other way: instead of excluding Board Members who are also Committee Chairs from the deliberation of their specific budget, that the Committee Chairs could all stay for the meeting.

    • Venessa K. responded to Wade W. stating that was fine and the meeting would be opened to all membership.

    • Wade W. was not supportive of this statement.

  • Wade W. asked if there a specific example in the past where a Board Member serving as a Committee Chair had undue influence on the Budget process.

    • Billy T. stated he has first hand memory of a Board chair questioning another chair from another committee.

    • Luann D. questioned who the Committee Chair in question was.

    • Billy T. stated that is was Luann D.

    • Venessa K. then redirected the conversation back to the matter at hand, discussion regarding the motion on the table.

  • Luann D.  stated she would like the following to be placed in the minutes  - Please refer to SRG bylaws which state anything not covered in our bylaws revert to Roberts Rules of Order. Robert’s Rules of Order - 11th Edition , page 407 covers this situation specifically (she did not provide the actual text at the meeting)

  • Scott P. stated it was helpful to have another person to make the budget presentation to the Board

  • Stephen S. asked can we remove the rights of elected board members?

    • Venessa K.stated in response that Board members serving dual roles as Board member and Committee Chair are only being asked to leave during deliberation, not voting. A quorum is needed for deliberation and a quorum is still present when that Board member serving a dual role leaves during the budget deliberation.

  • LeRoy F. stated that it is a bad idea to wear for a Board member to wear two hats at one time. He also added that if a Board member is acting as a committee chair they should be treated as other committee chairs.

  • Venessa K. stated that every committee chair that is not on this Board presents and leaves and all chairs need to have equal standing.

  • Venessa K. stated there is a motion on the floor and the Board should vote.


Lisa M. read the motion aloud:

Committee chairs who are also serving as board members recuse themselves during deliberations;  Billy T. seconded


Yay - 6, Nay - 4

Motion passes

Neil P., serving as the Committee Chair for the Station, left for Board Deliberation

  • Chris S. stated the committee’s goals should be to determine a use for the building he continued that another goal for 2018 should state that they should establish a usage policy

  • Luann D. stated that is seems to her, given the report, that there is a committee. She also stated, why not give them a committee now as they now have two members. She continued that the Board should let them decide who is the chair and let them know they can move forward.

  • LeRoy F. asked as a point of order if we are discussing the the budget or the forming of the committee. It was stated that we are discussing their goal which is part of the budget.

Neil P., serving as the Committee Chair for the Station committee, returned

  • Two requests were made by the Board:

    • Goals amended to state there is a committee

    • A usage policy is created and presented to the board

    • Neil P. agreed to both


Membership (Stephen Shuman, presenting as Committee Liaison)


  • Membership’s goal is not just increasing membership, but maintaining as well

  • Lofty goal to increase by 100 members; approximately about 30% increase; these could be members we have seen that have not volunteered to participate

  • A major focus is new apartment complexes; reaching out to renters to break the renter stigma

  • Expanding current recruitment events for membership is key even for existing and bring back into the fold

  • Founder’s Day will continue to be a goal

  • Would like to see the bowling event continue; was a little last minute and would like to formalize it to bring out current membership

  • Planning to work on getting current members more engaged in events and committees

  • Committee has had a lot of turnover and they are trying to fill the void

  • There is a desire to recruit more committee members to reach their goal

  • Socials will be held at the new apartments; as soon as there is a good opportunity to engage with them the committee will move forward

  • Billy T. asked if it would be of value to do a directory including people’s interests or skills;  maybe a single line on membership form

    • Stephen S. stated that he doesn't believe the committee has thought about it

  • Scott P. suggested National Night Out as a possibility to reach out to new members; safety and neighborhood outreach possibility

    • National Night Out has be moved in St. Louis to the 2nd of  October

    • It was stated that there is a neighborhood National Night gathering planned for Pontiac Park that evening

    • Stephen S. said he would be happy to bring it up to the committee

  • LeRoy F. asked why there is no request for a budget line for a directory or roster.

    • It was decided that a line item of $500 would be added for printing the directory

  • Chris S. stated he would like the dues to cover the membership party. Stephen S. stated he could not count on that this year because of the change in venue, but it is the a membership committee expectation of themselves.  He stated he does not foresee this happening on a regular basis. It was suggested that if held at iTap again, perhaps choose a Wednesday, as due to the crowd expectations on a Wednesday evening, they may give us a better deal.  Stephen S. added that this time there were more new new members than in the past. The question is, if those new members become active.

    • The expense for membership at iTap was under $6K

  • Luann D. sked if the committee is planning to have a new membership social.

    • Stephen S. replied that he didn’t know, but will highlight with Julie.


Beautification (Richard Eaton)


  • The Molly’s Fundraiser at the end of this month will more than cover the 2017 budget

  • Labor maintenance showed $5K and Richard E. stated that he did not need that much money.  Chris S. stated that if he goes 20% over he’ll need to ask for more money and Chris S. stated he would rather him have the money available to him if he needed it than come back to the Board for more

  • Special projects - this lump sum is to cover electrical power in Pontiac Park and what might be need to be covered before the grant

  • Chris S. stated that the garden tour is the 30th of May and the income they make at the event will apply to the current year budget

  • Neil P. asked if is there a possibility of extending more of the fence along the Station.  

    • Richard E. replied that they can get more fence, but repairs from crashes is an issue.

    • There is no plan to extend the fence at this time.

Eagle Scout Pergola:

  • A pergola is proposed to be built by a Boy Scout for Eagle Scout project

  • The total cost would be $1600 and the Eagle Scout raises these funds as part of the project

  • Neil P. and Richard E. are undertaking the logistics required for the project: permit, CRO (the project was approved), technical drawings, etc.

  • Richard E. and Neil P. are looking to see if they could reduce square footage, but the arbor sits on concrete footing

  • There is a time deadline for the Eagle Scout to complete the project and the logistics of receiving all necessary permits from the City may push him beyond that deadline

  • Neil P. spoke to the Boy Scout and suggested that he have a plan B for his project

Richard E. left for Board deliberation


Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)


  • 43rd year of the Parlour Tour

  • Every year they try to maintain the integrity of the tour, build upon it, and enhance it  Jeanne stated the committee accomplishes this goal by hosting past homeowners, current, and prospective at a happy hour. This has resulted in people who have been in the neighborhood mere months, volunteering to have their home on tour.

  • A new aspect added this year was a Sunday private tour for homeowners. The shuttle busses came an hour and a half early and gave the homeowners a private tour and they really enjoyed it. Previously the committee hosted a potluck dinner following the event, but homeowners declined. The committee will do the bus tour again this year

  • St. Louis Bread Company and Fields Foods donated food last year so Jeanne K. did not budget for volunteer and tour center food for 2018

  • Having Santa seemed to be enjoyed guests and plan to do it again in 2018

  • This year the committee did increase sponsorship significantly

  • The upcoming Garden Tour will have a display promoting Parlour Tour and in December Parlour Tour will have a display promoting Garden tour.

  • Luann D. stated she has a Santa suit if a volunteer would want to use it.

    • Jeanne K. believes that the current Santa has his own suit

  • Jeanne K. stated the committee plans to build on the things that work because tour does stand out from other neighborhoods because of homeowners, buses, and tour center

  • Jeanne K. stated that they added additional time for the buses last year, and it was well worth it

  • Neil P. and Veronica P. are taking over the Ghost Signs Walking Tour:

    • The walking tour will be downloaded from website

    • Perhaps flyers at the Station and/or market

    • Gathering information on signage

    • If a sign is spotted, send images to Neil P.

    • At this time, Veronica and Neil P. are going to the National History Museum to do research

  • Beth B. asked if Jeanne K. felt food from Fields was donated because Michael P. worked there.

    • Jeanne K. stated they have donated in the past before Michael P. worked at Fields. It was stated by another Board member that donations from Fields have been received for 5-6 years and they come on tour; they are engaged.  The Board asked Jeanne K. if she would like to add a line item for $1000 for food and she agreed. She stated that she hopes she doesn’t need it.

  • LeRoy F. asked what the tips were for.  

    • It was clarified that these were for bus drivers

Jeanne K. left for deliberation

  • $1,000 was added to the budget for tour center and volunteer food in the event that the donation historically received, is not.


Safety (Scott Plackemeier presenting as Co-Committee Chair)


  • Quarterly awards given out to 4 officers

  • The next Safety Walk event is scheduled to be at 1860s on May 23; Jack Coatar will be there

  • Plan to schedule one more Safety Walk before the end of the year

  • Hope to have a summit type of meeting with other safety members of the communities around us

  • Goal for recruitment is one new safety committee member; National Night Out is a good opportunity to reach out to potential new members

  • The committee is actively seeking a new Committee Chair

  • Wade W. is requesting $4000.00 for a Residential Camera project.

    • He would like to provide cameras to any households that expressed interest in the Mom Howard Camera project but were not provided a camera set before the funding was exhausted (20 names)

    • Stephen S. asked if the intent is to move forward with Arlo.  

      • Scott P. stated he thinks its been good a good device, but Wade W. added there are other options out there as well.  

      • Wade W. stated it is a great wireless system. Unlike a wired closed circuit TV system these are very localized and liability and installability are minimal

    • Stephen S. asked if we are getting feedback from participants that have had the cameras installed?

      • Wade W. stated that things have stalled a bit.

      • Wade W. added that he plans to send a notice to the Mom Howard Camera participants to get feedback.

      • Wade W. stated that he may do a recovery program as well.  He added the system is expandible and easy to remove and repurpose.

      • Wade W. reported that for those on the current Mom Howard list that requested cameras, $4K will cover costs for all but one of them. List contains approximately 20 names. Wade W. stated he has 5 two-camera systems currently in his basement that were donated

      • The request of $4000.00 would cover the remaining individuals

      • Wade W. added that any money given for cameras in a pay-it-forward fashion would be spent for cameras.

      • It was asked if the money Julie P. is asking for for from Allstate is to go to camera program. Beth B. stated that when Julie P. was asked directly if it was ok for the grant to go to public cameras she said it would be ok.  This direction needs to be clarified with Julie P.

  • One of the issues of the program is purchasing cameras for one home instead of another

  • Venessa K. would prefer a public call for household who want to participate in the program instead of a committee selecting participants

  • How we select homes, how we maintain cameras, and how we pay for the cameras are questions that have not been answered

Scott, serving as the Committee Chair for the Safety Committee, left for deliberation

  • Venessa K. stated the program needs to be publicly announced and not word of mouth

  • At this time one doesn’t have to be SRG member to participate.Wade W. would like finish off the list that currently exists before adding participant requirements

  • Wade W. requested the email addresses for the all for cameras currently installed in the Mom Howard program

  • It was agreed by the Board that after the existing list of requests from the Mom Howard program is complete, the requirement will be made that those requesting future cameras need to be SRG members to participate

  • Venessa K. stated the gift cards for the police officers are in the budget and were well received.  She added that the Adopt-A-Cop program will be starting again and brunch will take place again as well.

Scott P., acting as the Safety Committee Chair, returned and agreed with all points above.


Camera Project (Bill Clendenin)


  • This is a Board expense

  • SRG, SBA, and SSBD are the founding partners of the public camera project

  • Requesting $10K

  • These cameras cannot go into residential areas

  • All cameras link directly to police department. They focus hot spots and intersections

  • This is a capital cost to go directly into new cameras

  • SSBD funds operating costs

  • Chris S. asked if residents can get access to footage.  Bill C. stated the interim policy is strictly limited to the police department, but component groups can work toward a more comprehensive policy. A police report would be necessary to access footage.

  • Primary goal is to add 5-6 cameras

  • Second goal is crime reduction

  • Stephen S. asked if the signs around the neighborhood referencing cameras are present are related to the cameras are part of the program.  Bill C. stated that they are.

  • Luann D. asked is there is a camera at Truman’s, if not, would they participate?

    • Bill C. stated Ken Ortmann did an analysis for the bridge and it was a 6 figure amount. He suggested if a group would work with Truman’s to point the camera across the bridge it may be possible, but there may be an issue with Benton Park not being in special taxing district. Perhaps they could make the argument if the cameras are pointed into the district.

Bill C. left for Board deliberation


  • $10K ask

  • Proven effective

  • Chris S. stated he has checks to deposit and taking away the $10K reserve, the SRG has about $76,765 cash on hand

  • Stephen S. stated he recommends they not specifically tie crime reduction as a goal

  • These cameras, and the press that has resulted from them, have proven positive for the neighborhood


Communication (Billy Tomber)


  • Would like expand core membership

  • Committee meets once per quarter

  • Roles segregated to different aspects of the group

  • Want to expand social media presences and be more inclusive in posts

  • Goal is to speak with one consistent voice

  • Goal to be a better service to other committees for the rest of the SRG

  • Budget numbers facebook promotions; they did some last year and saw good returns

  • Movie nights are moving to fundraising

  • Mailchimp (for blaster and tour pages) maintained database- Went over 3K subscribers; limited to one per month with our subscription.

  • When a request is made by a committee to send out a notification, Billy T. stated each committee organizer needs to update their own information and forward it to the committee: photos, write-up, date/time/location - Com Com committee members will not do this for Committee Chairs

    • Luann D. asked why the committee members couldn’t just use previous photos and write-ups for an event

    • Venessa K. responded that the committee members have been repeatedly “thrown under the bus” by doing this and will not any longer, it is the responsibility of the Committee Chairs to provide the information for their events

    • Luann D. asked for an example of a Com Com member being “thrown under the bus” and Billy T. responded that Luann D. had not sent the information for the 2017 Halloween Golf Cart parade and a member attempted to publicize the event using the previous year’s info. The members, Jeremy M., was then chastised for using incorrect info.


Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)


  • Handover accomplished

  • Wreaths were viable and will keep doing it

  • Oktoberfest went well

  • Did Tour de Fat last year will not do this year, as they are not coming to St. Louis

  • Plan to grow committee; currently increased to 6 people

  • Will start having meetings at the station in an effort to add new members

  • There are not as many beer sales and races as there have been in the past. Committee is looking at more potential fundraising.

  • Soulard Concert Series

    • The committee only wants to make enough to pay bands for the Soulard Concert Series in advance. Event is going well

  • Adopting movies in the park as a fundraiser with sponsors

  • Plan to work with Soulard Station committee on the Halloween party fundraiser

  • Races - $500 is conservative estimate; losing races

  • Concert series next year looking for better host band; getting nonprofits to work booth to tie into the sponsorship; extra sponsorship includes use of bandstand

  • Trivia night - not as big of crowd and expenses increased

  • Expenses - $1500 number includes cost of volunteer shirts

  • Trying to maintain on the share drive volunteers spreadsheet. Committee chairs can add columns to spreadsheet or give it to the fundraising chair to add. It is an organizational list. New activity columns can be added

  • Stephen S. asked what does the committee have for sponsors for Movie Night. Chris S.  stated the SRG and a specific group sponsors an event. Would focus on selling less as donations and more as underwriting.  The event will have posters as well. Venessa K. stated that there has already been interest in underwriting the event. Perk for the underwriter is the extensive advertising; Lisa M. stated the concert series and movies in the park are reaching out to two separate audiences. The concert series, although a family event, focuses more on adults while movie night reaches out to families with children so there are two different types of sponsor opportunities.

  • It was asked what expenses are included in volunteer support.  Chris S. stated the expense includes volunteer shirts and food and beverage for volunteers for events.

Chris S., acting as the Fundraising Committee Chair, left for Board deliberation


  • For all 4 concerts people are hosting and getting the bandstands

  • This year on track to have addition $4-$6K on top of what is going out

  • SRG receives beer sales for at least at one sale a year

  • Anything made over expenses will go into the fundraising income

Chris S. returned


Residential Promotion/ V&V (Luann Denten)


  • Merchandising is adding onesies to welcome newborns into the neighborhood

  • Have established a brick and mortar location at Left Hand on 8th Street

  • Continuing to work on architectural tour of Soulard

  • Bastille Day

    • Expanding to add an after party after beheading.

    • After party will be a sponsored event

    • Cardinals have a home game on the July 14th

    • Carriage fee is high; may be due to Cardinal’s game that day

    • Halloween same cart parade as in the past

    • Christmas needs to find a throne

  • Potlucks are based on weather and other events - one this weekend for lion sculptures dedication and Luke Reynolds appreciation


V&V Budget (Residential Promotion event)


    • Luann D. read several income and expense amounts from the previous year that the Treasurer’s records did not agree with.

    • Luann D. asked Chris S. if he had received the updated spreadsheet from Nancy Lambert, that she had brought with her. Chris S. stated that he had not received the amounts that she was indicating and that at the end of the day his record reflected the deposits in and the checks written. He suggested that they meet offline to review the records, with Nancy Lambert, of the previous year’s Ball.

    • Luann D. did not complete the income portion of the budget.  

    • Venessa K. assisted Luann D. with adding in this information - accurately reflecting the historical amount the event made in ticket sales, sponsorships, and silent auction

    • A question was raised regarding the accuracy of the food/drink budget:

      • The amount reflected is $7,500, which is far below the market cost for event catering. The difference has historically come in the form of a donation.

      • Venessa K. stated that the full amount of the food/drink should be included in the budget request to the Board, as a donation is never guaranteed and we shouldn’t count on it.

      • The budget item was increased to $17,500, accurately reflecting the catering cost for an event of this size.

      • Wade W. stated that he wasn’t comfortable releasing the budget with the V&V Ball showing a “loss” on the budget

      • Several Board members stated that the budget needed to reflect the accurate costs and Lisa M. stated that the exact same thing was done with the Parlour Tour budget by adding an addition $1,000 to the volunteer food budget - even though this has been donated for many years. It is about fiscal responsibility

      • Luann D. stated that she just wants to have the Ball

      • Chris S. stated that the budget should not be altered to show a gain.

      • Venessa K. acknowledged that the donation in question has been received for several years but responsible accounting needs to still coverage the amount as if the donation isn’t received.

      • Without the $10,000 donation on the budget, and the food budget not increased, the Ball reflects a gain of $1,450. With the food budget reflecting the market rate of a $17,500 food and drink expense and the sponsorship budget reflecting the same donation as in previous years, the Ball budget indicates a profit of $1,450.

      • Wade W. stated that the Ball should reflect making more money and that the budget should reflect the food and drink as only a $7,500 expense.

      • Luann D. agreed.

      • Venessa K. recapped the budget discussion for V&V by clarifying that Wade W. would rather see an $11,000 gain for the event reflected for the budget and not include the market food and drink amount, instead of the budget reflecting a $1,450 gain but requesting the market food and drink costs.  Wade W. agreed. Leanne D. agreed.

      • Chris S. reminded the room that any expense that exceeded 10% of the approved budget would need to be requested from the Board.


Residential Promotion Historical Signage Update  (Luann Denten)


  • When started went to cultural resources office to ask if it was feasible

  • Have support letters for the program

  • Have designed signs to avoid vandalism and graffiti

  • No other approved signage tour

  • 10x10 inch only allowed in building code

  • Signage needs to be on street to avoid going into individual’s yard

  • 16x24 sized sign approved by Board of Preservation

  • Signage to be placed on the house or on a pole; must be placed in the mortar and each house will be custom

  • Obtained 6 different quotes

  • Not presenting to Board until approved by Cultural Resources

  • Will need approval by owner of property

  • Will do reception for the homeowners

  • Concept to do walking tour to encompass the entire neighborhood; passed map around

  • For legal advice - historic license agreement - passed on to Chris S.

    • As a legal agreement, this is a concern. If there is structural damage where would liability fall? Chris S. stated a line is needed releasing liability for installation of the sign

  • First phase 28-30 homes

  • Second phase breweries

  • $13.7K was for the first wave; to ensure now that we have the proper material to avoid graffiti and vandalism; need to redo bids now that more information has been gathered

  • Chris S. stated last year merchandise was authorized to spend $2K for initial stock. How much to you plan on making next year?

    • Luann D. stated they are now set on Etsy with local pickup only for site.  

    • Chris S. asked if we will have sold the $2K we bought.  

    • Luann D. stated what is in stock is mostly being distributed as donated items for other committees and as charitable donations.  

    • Venessa K. stated donations should be tracked.  

    • Committee Chairs requesting items for donation should contact Left Hand directly and submit the invoice to the Treasurer.

    • Outside of Committee Chairs, donation requests should be forwarded to Venessa K. and Chris S. for approval, tracking, payment.

Luann D., acting as the Resident Promotion Committee Chair,  left for Board deliberation


  • A fair amount of merchandise was sold at Founders Day

  • Do not want to limit sales to only online

  • Cannot project $0 income and spend another $2500 (merchandise)

  • In order to ask for more money in the budget, the items would need to be sold

  • Need to take $2500 out and after items are sold ask for more funds when needed; cannot have expense with no income

  • All Board members need to think of ways to sell shirts

Luann D. returned

  • Informed her the budget would be adjusted to remove the $2500 requested for new items and after those items were sold she could request additional money from the Board


Board Budget (Venessa Kobrin)


  • Asking for additional funds for SRG event advertising; requesting money to produce signage to be used multiple times

  • The Treasurer has requested funds for a review, less intense than an audit but still in-line with transparency

  • Special projects

    • Public camera project ($10,000)

    • NLA - Program starts in September;  Board will be asking 2 people to attend; there is a commitment; suggested officers go but police already have a budget for the program ($1,000 for two)

  • Historically camera project is a Board expense

  • Chris S. stated he is thinking about getting a PO box. Venessa K. stated Neil P. is replacing the mailbox so we should see if that works for now.


Venessa K. summed up the budget as follows:

  • Income $114K

  • Total expenses $146K

  • Loss of $32K (of which $29K is for projects all strongly supported by the SRG)

  • Historically committees have not utilized all the funds that they have requested

A motion to approve the budget as amended was made by LeRoy Fitzwater and seconded by Scott Plackemeier. All Board Members were in favor. None were opposed.




Billy T. motioned to adjourn the meeting. Chris S. seconded. The meeting adjourned at 11:10PM.




April 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes April 2018 SRG Board Meeting


Date:        April 15, 2017

Location:    Pizzeoli

Minutes Recorded by:    Lisa Marlinghaus

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Stephen Shuman, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber

Guests Present:  Bill Clendenin

Old Business

Jered Gallagher

  • Mr. Gallagher has withdrawn his appeal with the BoA. He has stated an intent to file an new appeal with the Board of Public Service. Once the date of his hearing is known, the information will be shared with the SRG membership to a) appear at the hearing or b) submit a letter to the Board of Public Service. Date for hearing has not yet been set. Venessa will send out a notice to the Board when the date is known. Jack Coatar has been notified as well.

  • We will work with Mr. Gallagher to set-up an Open House/Public Meeting to allow residents the opportunity to ask questions regarding his plan for the site.

  • Soulard residents remain concerned and involved in this project.


Bylaws Working Group


  • The current Bylaws lay out procedures for Amendments to the Bylaws. The amendments have to be submitted to voting members for two (2) monthly meeting PRIOR to the meeting at which voting is conducted. Vote will take place in November. August board meeting is when the revisions will come to the board for voting.

  • Any paid member of the SRG and a resident of Soulard can take part in these meetings.

  • Meetings will be 7-9.  Location is to be determined. Those interested are emailing Venessa.  Interest has outgrown Soulard Station.

  • Given the current meeting schedule, the vote would be delayed until the November general meeting.

  • The Board will receive, and vote on, the proposed amendments at the August Board meeting.

  • It was suggested that we should publish who is in the working group.  Suggested it could be considered cliquish or exclusive.

  • Email notification will go out to every paid member.

New Business


  • First and foremost, we are neighbors. Second, we are volunteers.

  • What happens at Board meetings, stays at Board meeting.

  • Be aware that you are a representative of the Board and your words and actions represent the Board.

  • We don’t have to like, but we need to be respectful to and of each other.

  • Be aware of the projects that fellow Board members are undertaking, and be supportive.

  • Show up when you can. Take a break when you need to. Always ask for help.

  • No one Board member is more important than another.

  • We were elected by the membership and represent the membership and the neighbors, to include BOTH homeowners and renters.

  • Above all else, be kind both in action and words.


Google Drive


  • New Google drive has been setup for the Board.

  • It will transition to the next Board president.

  • Anything needed can be found on the drive.

  • Need Google drive app to edit on your phone.




  • Alison Weber is becoming committee chair for holiday decorating

  • Otherwise no changes

  • It was suggested that the liaisons directives be added to the by-laws


Budget Meeting Due-Outs


  • April 30: Donation Lists Due from May 2017 through present

  • May 6: Committee Budgets and Measurable Goals Due to the Treasurer

    • Liaisons help your Chairs as much as you can!

    • Look back to last year’s goals. How did you do?

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier)

  • Membership Meeting/Drive to take place May 2 at 6PM at Lynch Street Tavern

  • Determining date for walk that works with Jack Coatar’s schedule. Jack has offered to buy the first round of drinks for volunteers.


Membership  (Stephen Shuman)

  • Membership Meeting/Drive to take place May 2 at 6PM at Lynch Street Tavern

  • Meet and greet only

  • Beth will upload flyer to Google drive

  • Flyers will be distributed and emailed

  • Beth will help Julie at the existing membership table


Beautification  (Beth Bennett)

  • A week from Saturday, SLU is coming to work in Pontiac Park

    • Beth stated there is not a current need for more people - no need for TomTom invite

  • Beautification Fundraiser is scheduled to take place May 24th at Molly’s    

  • Superhero Pub Crawl - SRG is to receive a $2k check; it will be sent directly to Richard

  • Garden Tour (Luann Denten update) Nine gardens included; artists musicians are set up in all but three gardens; will start at Soulard Station; borrowing shuttling equipment; Garden Tour and Parlour Tour are going to cross-promote by having a display of Parlour Tour at Garden Tour and a display of Garden Tour at Parlour Tour


Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

  • Merchandising - Planning photoshoot

  • Historical Signage - Five new members joining; working on historical writing; Beth working with audio version to put on

  • Bastille Day - Working on permits and reaching out to Joya; working with ComCom on flyer and royalty button nomination button

  • Lion Sculptures in Pontiac Park - Plan to work with Beautification to do a dedication of the lion sculptures in the park

  • Young Family Event - Starting preparations for a young family event to encourage networking among families; will be held in Pontiac Park on a Sunday afternoon

  • Vices and Virtues - Luann stated profit of approximately $11K

  • Luann stated the Young Professionals SBA group are looking for active volunteer events and would like to assist the SRG with any events when volunteers are needed


Parlour Tour (Neil Putz)

  • Conducted follow up meeting for lessons learned

    • There was a disconnect with busses and delays with some groups walking instead of waiting for the bus

    • Lining up homes for the December event

    • Current plan is to have homes finalized by Labor Day

    • Committee is working on a ghost sign tour and asking for notification of sign sightings; notify Neil when a ghost sign has been located and he will perform historical research and put together information for a self guided tour of the signage


Soulard Station  (Neil Putz)

  • Need a committee; looking for new members

  • Neil stated he has introduced a draft of a Charter

  • After the Charter is approved  he plans to solicit the community to serve

  • Neil stated he wants to establish the committee to bring Soulard Station to a predetermined level of operation. The Board should set the level and support the committee to attain or maintain that level.

  • Neil will place the Charter draft on the Google docs drive

  • The Charter  will assist in putting together and implementing a budget for the committee


PRT/Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett)

  • The two  new buildings on the corner of Menard and Shenandoah are Randy Middeke projects; he has submitted a design - not yet reviewed

  • Brick for side of Victor project - no update

  • Twisted Ranch signage - Jay reporting; Beth will follow up


Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

  • Alison Weber taking over as Chair


Communications (Venessa Kobrin)

  • Renaissance Deadline is 4/25 for the June Issue (post meeting note: deadline extended to May 4)

  • Issue will focus on stories about Soulard of the past and Soulard of the present

    • Above the fold will be stories about and images of Soulard in the past

    • Below the fold will be stories about and images of Soulard in the present

  • A specific highlight of the issue will be a historical piece on the community garden

  • The issue will also contain information on the Soulard Garden Tour

    • Luann stated she is working on interviewing garden owners and may have difficulty meeting the 4/25 deadline

  • The first Movies in the Park is scheduled for May 19th; movie will be Harry Potter; the Membership committee did not choose to pick up the photography event so it will be combined with the first Movie in the Park


Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

  • Soulard Concert Series - Chris stated there was a decent showing at the Go! Cheer Station

  • Soulard Concert Series

    • Concerts will be held in May, June, July and August

    • There was a conflict in September - stage not available

    • The City is not waving the stage fee of $1,600

    • Currently reaching out to possible bands, those include Patty and the Hitmen, Falling Fences, St. Louis Blues Museum Combo Jam and The Pedestrians

    • Luann stated the Young Professionals SBA group are looking for active volunteer events and would like to assist the SRG with any events when volunteers are needed


Treasurer (Chris Schwarz)

  • Chris stated he will send last year’s budgets to the committee Chairs for reference

  • Chris needs information from Lisa and Scott for signature card updates


Motion to adjourn was made by Stephen Shuman and seconded by Neil Putz. The meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.




April 2018 General Meeting Minutes


 April 2018 General Meeting Minutes


Minutes taken by Luann Denten

Date:                           April 4th, 2018

Location:                    Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M. by President Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Scott Plackemeier, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber,  Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Taylor Bodine, Neil Putz, Luann Denten. Bill Clendenin, Stephen Shuman

Officers and Directors Absent:        None

Aldermen Present:                            None

Committeeman Present:                   None

Other Officials:                                  Officer Douglas




The following Candidates gave speeches in front of the General Membership


-Taylor Bodine (Secretary)

-Lisa Marlinghaus (Secretary)

-Scott Plackemeier (President-Elect)

-Christopher Schwarz (Treasurer)

-LeRoy Fitzwater (Director)

-Neil Putz (Director)


Ballots were distributed and collected.

Guest Presentations


John Been & Venessa Kobrin - 9th Street Deli


The 9th Street Deli opened 10 years ago. John wanted to maintain the business in Soulard. John will be purchasing the Howard’s building from Judith Howard and will be moving the 9th Street Deli Business, under a new name, to the Howard’s building.


Jered Gallagher - Gallagher Bros. Construction

            Jered owns the Henry’s property but does not on the business. He has purchased 823 Allen Avenue and has applied for a rezoning to subdivide the lot. Mr. Gallagher is proposing that the currently residential zoned building be turned into a mixed use (residential/commercial) property without alley access/parking. Gallagher is proposing that the back half of the lot be utilized as a large commercial space for Henry’s including bathrooms and a patio. He stated that he was held up in zoning, contingent on what the neighborhood will support.

 He has heard that people have said the house is going to be a bar, but stated that he has remodeled it to be a rentable and/or sellable house as a residential property. Mr. Gallagher stated that he has a $300,000 budget approved by the Federal Government and he has already spent $75,000 on the basement. He stated that progress on the Henry’s side is held up due to the SRG objection. Mr. Gallagher stated that he has spent $150,000 on the house remodel and plans to keep it due to the utility lines crossing over the back.  He did not acknowledge a question concerning the likelihood of selling a residential property without a backyard.

There were multiple questions raised from general membership as follows:


-One regarding 24 nuisance police calls during 2016. Jered’s response was that he is the owner of the building not the business.


-One in regards to to current plan to own but rent out of lack of adherence to historical code. Where is the line? Who is responsible for the multiple violations of historic code? Jered stated that he accepts responsibility. He wants to redo the front wall, replace all of the windows, and replace parapets and structural beams.


-Jay Gibbs proposed a “Good Neighbor Agreement” to hold the bar to a certain standard. He also expressed concern about Henry’s being problem in general.


-There was a question raised in regards to the occupancy. Jered stated that the occupancy is calculated by the City based on square footage.

Jered stated that everything  is on hold until the Board of Adjustments hearing. Do to the amount of time and number of questions still remaining, Wade ended the Q&A in order to move to the next agenda item.   He suggested that a separate meeting be held at the Soulard Station to allow a public forum to continue the discussion.  The membership and Mr. Gallagher seemed to find that to be acceptable proposition.


 Board and General Meeting Minutes


Stephen Shuman moved to approve the March General meeting minutes. Scott Plackemeier seconded. The minutes were approved. 


Treasurer's Report


            There is currently $97,000 in our accounts. He stated that accounts have been moved to the AB Credit Union and he is currently finishing taxes now.


Jim Rick moved to approve the Treasurer’s report. Leah Sutphen seconded. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Police Report:   Sherdon Douglas                       

            Officer Douglas has returned from a leave due to her son’s recovery from an automobile accident.


There were 15 crimes in February

-5 robberies. One at 800 Geyer. There has been 3 suspects apprehended. The cameras at Molly’s played a role. Another robbery happened at South 13th & Pestalozzi including a theft from a vehicle and an assault. A citizen of Soulard helped and a suspect has been apprehended. There was a robbery on 1200 Victor street, where a woman was assaulted and her purse was stolen. Another robbery happened on South 12th Street and Barton. The victim was intoxicated and robbed. There was a robbery on the 1000 block of Russell The victim and the suspect work at Harpos. There was a verbal dispute and a threat with a gun. The suspect stole the witness’ phone and was later caught.

            -1 domestic assault at 2300 South 12th Street

            -6 larcenies. 2 were from people and 3 were from buildings.

-3 vehicle auto theft including a golf cart at 2300 South 10th street and two vehicles on 1300 Gravois and Emmet & 10th Street.          

-3 arrests were made from 5 robberies. Cameras played a role in these arrests.


There was a question raised about CAD reports that are generated by the Police. Officer Douglas stated that the Police no longer distribute those reports. She reports on what is given to her by her boss.

Old Business

Mom Howard Program

            Jennifer Jones-Howard was introduced. Mom Howard passed away on February 2nd, 2017 and her legacy was to donate funds to install cameras in Soulard. Judith Howard installed cameras for six weeks, and the SRG’s mission is to complete the installations. Jennifer stated that any future cameras are not part of the original Mom Howard project.

            Jennifer stated that they prioritized to people who were violated or broken into. There was one camera left that has been given to a veteran who was broken into. Jennifer shared that the family is now done. There have been 60 families and 4 businesses receive cameras and many Soulardians have paid it forward. The original plan for 10 camera systems has turned into 60 cameras due to donations and people paying it forward. Arlos donated rechargeable batteries. Sweet Divine and Riley’s are an example of businesses who were given cameras. Jennifer stated that all future questions should be directed to the SRG.

The SRG matched the Mom Howard donation and still has cameras available.

Suggestion Box Results (Wade Weistreich)

             There was a request to put the STAR awards nomination on the website and that is now in the works. There was  a request to start the meetings on time. There is also a donation of old Soulard memorabilia that is in the works.

New Business

Chad Graham Retiring (Wade Weistreich)

Chad Graham is retiring in June after being our Registered Agent for many years. The SRG thanks Chadfor all of his years of service!

Bill Clendenin will be taking over the position.

Survey (Venessa Kobrin)

Venessa Kobrin stated that the Survey has been posted on Facebook, Nextdoor and online for four days and that she has received over 400 responses. She shared that the survey will stay live for two more weeks and that a detailed analysis of the results will be presented soon.

Bylaws Working Group (Venessa Kobrin)

            Venessa Kobrin announced that a bylaws working group will be created. She stated that it will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. No meeting place or time was given. She stated that a draft will be created and presented in a public format and that the goal is to present amendments to the by-laws by September.

Meeting location for June and August Meeting. No July meeting due to holiday

            Venessa stated that 97% of respondents to the survey responded unfavorably regarding the meeting space, accessibility, ability to hear, and/or the meeting format in general. Over 400 responses have been received since the survey went live on 3/29.

        For those reasons, the SRG meetings in June and August will be moved to the American Legion.

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier/Sergio Sevillano)

Jim Rick presented a resident support document regarding an ongoing case.

            Scott shared that the Safety Walk will be late spring. Most likely late May.

Beautification (Richard Eaton)  

Richard recognized Brenda Switzer who donated the Little Free Library for Pontiac Park.

He shared that last Wednesday Connie Suydam taught the proper pruning of rose bushes and that all bushes at Pontiac Park received care. 

Marilyn Morris took care of the pruning at Memorial Garden at Soulard Market Park.

April 21st is a Beautification work day at Pontiac Park at 9:00 AM.

Thursday, May 24th is the Beautification Fundraiser and Molly’s. It will be $20 for free food. All money from beverages purchased will be returned to the Beautification committee.

Luann Denten spoke about the Garden Tour. The Garden Tour will be June 30th. The slate of gardens is full and the artist slate is full. We need musicians for the tour.

Thank you to Jeanne Kirby for your personal efforts to supply breakfast to the tour.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

            Please visit the Etsy site for the Soulard Merchandise or visit Left Hand on Broadway. There is new merchandise and styles! Thank you to Beth Hoops for all her hard work in helping get this effort accomplished.

            Luann is looking forward to Bastille Day and the Parade on July 14th.

            Please make your nominations for Soulard Royalty! There are simple rules:

                        -You must be a resident of Soulard

                        -It is $5 per nomination

-You can nominate online or to any member of the Residential Promotion Committee

            Luann has received the final invoices for the Vices and Virtues. She is thrilled to report over an $11,000 profit to the SRG.

            Luann would like to thank everyone for all the support and good wishes regarding her new grand babies, J.J and Georgia Grace.

Communications (Jeremy Mehrle)

            No report

Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

The 42nd Parlor Tour was a big success. Thank you to all volunteers.  We made $24,000 with expenses of $8,200 meaning profits to the SRG of $16,000.

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)  

            Jay mentioned two issues, one being Henry’s and the other being the new signage at the Preservation Hall. The PRT/Code and Zoning Committee will be sending a draft of the letter in regards to the signage at the Preservation Hall.

            The Soulard Preservation Hall is now home to two businesses, Moonbase Market and a satellite bar for Earth Bound.

Paul Kjorle presented a “1400 Russel” bag for Jay and complemented Jay for his patience and service.

There were questions in regards to Twisted Ranch’s painting on the north side of their building, which violates historic code.

A question was raised in regards to the three townhouses on 10th Street because their brick is brown, not red and issues with their doors. There was an example given, mentioning 10th & Emmet.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

            The Cheer Station for the GO! Marathon will be at 7:30 AM. THere will be more information to follow. They will be located at the old Howard’s location, now 9th Street Deli.

            There will be more information to come in regards to the Concert Series.

Membership (Julie Price)

            Julie passed around the sign up for socials. There are two spots open for June and December.

            The May Membership meeting will be a party at the Lynch Street Tavern from 6-9. There will be a taco and slider bar and all food and drinks are on the SRG. Please bring your friends! We will have welcome bags and live music.

            The bowling event was very fun!

            Julie shared that Allstate is doing a $1,000 grant that Julie is working on for the SRG.

            Soulard at the Ballpark will be on Wednesday, April 4th for the Cardinals vs. Mets game. They will be recognizing the Officer of the Year.  The SRG will offset ticket costs for new members with a buy one get one.

             The social is at Ron and Diane Seabaughs.

Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

No report

Partner Organizations

Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

Thank you from the American Legion. The fish fries sold out 3 of four times.

Happy hours will begin on the 3rd Friday of the month starting in April

Soulard Business Association (Tom Gullickson)

No report

Mardi Gras Inc.:  Gary Toribio, Billy Tomber, Michael Pastore

No report

Presentation of the new Board of Directors

            Scott Plackemeier - President-Elect

            Christopher Schwarz - Treasurer

            LeRoy Fitzwater- Director

            Neil Putz - Director

            Lisa Marlinghouse -Secretary


Motion to adjourn was made by Richard Eaton and seconded Julie Dinkelman. The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM





March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

March 2018 SRG Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes Written by Secretary Taylor Bodine

Date:                                      March 21st, 2018

Location:                               Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber, Taylor Bodine, Stephen Shuman, Bill Clendenin     

Officers and Directors Absent:   none

Guests Present: Julie Price

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Wade Weistreich

Guests Presentations

 Julie Price: Allstate Insurance Possible Donation Program

Jim and Julie Price applied to Allstate’s giving program that donates to a philanthropy that the agency owner volunteers at least four hours of their time to. Any agent can donate $1,000 dollars to a philanthropy. Julie is proposing to her multiple contacts that they donate to the SRG as well. Julie shared with the board that she anticipates a donation of up to $11,000 for the SRG. She requested that if she is able to gain the donation, that the money be used towards the Mom Howard camera program, or any other camera program for the neighborhood. Julie will submit all of the information to Allstate either tomorrow or by April 1st. Wade will be contacted to verify that the volunteer information is correct.

Old Business

Mom Howard Camera

Wade got a good deal on camera systems and has purchased more equipment, utilizing the $1,000 donation from the Price’s Crawfish Boil. Judith reached out to him yesterday and they are hoping to get together this weekend. He has contacted a few people on the list to ensure that they have not previously received cameras, or purchased them themselves. Wade will continue to work on the list and will begin the process of writing a disclaimer for the cameras. Christopher is going to revise the disclaimer he received from Judith and cater it to be used by the SRG moving forward.

Board Elections

We have at least one neighbor running for each open position this year. Since there are multiple people running for the same position, we will have a ballot vote.

We are in need of a new Registered Agent. Bill Clendenin volunteered.

The Board would like to thank Chad Graham for his many years of service to the SRG as our Registered Agent.


Venessa noted that the earliest the survey will go live is on Monday, March 26th.

New Business

Transition Dinner

There are conflicts with the original date of April 18th. The meeting date was moved to April 15th. Venessa will send more information via email.

Board Retreat

Several board members suggested activities that might be fun including the STL Escape Room, moonlight picnic, and others. Venessa will look into the options and plan the event. More details to come via email.

Soulard Station

Neil has created a draft of the charter for the Board’s review. This is an opportunity to build a committee from the ground up, and set the standard for other committees to follow. Neil would like to establish these standards before beginning to recruit the committee.

Suggested edits from the Board were as follows:

 -To allow the board to establish the “direction” or “mission” of the Soulard Station to give the committee a clear goal.

            -Suggested that the committee chairman and the Board shall be in constant contact.

-To note that the scope of the use of the Soulard Station will remain up to the Board’s discretion.

            -To note that every decision made must be done in the best interest of the SRG.

-To include more specifics about the costs of the Soulard Station and what the committee is responsible for achieving.

It was mentioned that the Board would like this document prepared and finalized by the April Board meeting, allowing time before the Ad Hoc committee meets and makes their goals for the budget meeting in June. This does not mean that the committee must be formed by that point. Neil will make revisions and send the document out to the board via email for edits and approvals.


CRO has been exploring what other cities around the country do to accommodate old and new. It does not appear that our historic district and code are at risk but we will continue to monitor this. Benton Park, Lafayette and Fox Park have already begun implementing this new way. Ultimately, the decision is made by the Board of Preservation. We do not believe that this will not impact our neighborhood.

Changes to the SRG Meeting Location

Venessa proposed moving the SRG meeting location after seeking out feedback from members over the course of several general meetings several issues with the current space were noted. These included issues with ability to hear due to echos and the PA system and the lack of a visual system. The Legion allows a smaller space with built in speaker system, as well as a large television that can be used to display the agenda and talking points during the meeting. The Legion has its own parking lot with adequate space and is also ADA compliant, which the current space is not. Venessa proposed to move the June and August SRG meetings to the Legion as a test run. They are also a partner of the SRG and have the potential to hold socials after meetings if needed.

Venessa will work with membership and the Communications Committee to ensure the membership is aware of the change in venue.

The June and August SRG General Meeting will be held at the Legion at 7PM.

Minutes Archive

Wade asked the Board to continue to work on their minutes and email their notes to him.

Treasurer’s Report

We are still in process of moving funds. We are beginning to write checks from our new bank now and are currently working on our taxes. Chris will have committee budgets/formats by April 1st. We will hear the actual budgets and goal during the May Board meeting. If you have anything outstanding, please get it to Chris since the end of the fiscal year is approaching. The net income is not actually negative, since checks are currently being transferred.

Committee Reports

Soulard Station: Neil Putz

A1 Roofing was supposed to come and fix the roof, but no bill has been sent, only an estimate. It was noted to start taking a look at the possibilities of a budget for a storage set in the back. Venessa mentioned that Spectrum will be cancelled for the Station once Bill Clendenin confirms new arrangements have been made.

PRT/Code and Zoning: Beth Bennett

The owner of Henry’s has bought the building next door and is scheduling a meeting with the PRT to discuss expansion.

The Preservation Hall’s signage was updated but not approved due to how large they are. They will meet to discuss again. Wade mentioned that he believes the Board should be involved with the decision.

The owners of the potential  warehouse on Shenandoah and Menard will be meeting with their architect soon and then will meet with PRT.

Twisted Ranch has opened at a new location and painted on the north side of their building, which is against coding. Beth will discuss this with the PRT.

Beautification: Beth Bennett

A STL marketing firm volunteered and helped the Station this week. Beth said they were wonderful. The SLU group will be coming in April and Purina will be coming in May.

The Molly’s fundraiser date is TBD but will be a Thursday in May.

The Garden Tour is ready to go! We are going to try to get golf carts and shuttles donated. The tour will start and finish at the Station on June 30th.

Stephen Shuman brought up the communications box on Emmett Street. Beth noted that it is AT&T’s fiber lines and that they have been approved by the City. 

Communications/Renaissance: Billy Tomber and Venessa Kobrin

The master calendar is posted and Jeremy and Venessa have been adding dates. To add a date, please send Venessa copy, a date and a photo. That is also used for the Blaster so please submit!

Venessa reminded the board that she would like to begin tracking the businesses in Soulard that have donated to the SRG. All donations need to be submitted prior to 4/30 in preparation for the Budget meeting in May.

Venessa has determined that her SRG project during her Presidency will be rewriting the SRG bylaws. She has identified dates for a working group to meet: May 10th, June 14th, July 12th, and August 19th. A working draft of the proposed changes to the SRG bylaws will be will be released to the public on July 13th , With proposed changes incorporated by August 19th. They will then be presented to the SRG General Membership during the September General for a vote. Only members in good standing (dues paid) will be able to vote on the proposed SRG Bylaws. Then the board will approve the new Bylaws. The Bylaws Working Group mission, information, and meeting dates group will be posted on Nextdoor, the SRG blaster, Facebook and our website.

April 25th is the deadline for the Renaissance.

Residential Promotions: Luann Denten

Luann requested additional money for an event that involves inviting Soulard historians and the general public to a reception at the Station to evaluate the historic signage. Chris stated that that could be funded through the historic signage budget and does not need to be approved as long as it’s within that budget.

Luann asked Chris is he had received a returned check from Weinhardt Party Rentals. Chris said he has not but that he would double check.

The Bastille Parade will be on July 14th.

Parlor Tour: Neil Putz

An after action review was held a few weeks ago, we have several homes signed up already. There is one final expense from this past year that he will be giving to Chris soon.

Chris noted that you do not have to have checks sent to the Station. You can have them sent to the committee member’s house, if you wish to.

Fundraising: Christopher Schwarz

Smarti Gras was a great success. We raised over $3,400 and had 14 tables and lots of great volunteers. He noted that more money was raised on raffle tickets than if we had done a silent auction. The date for next year will be January 19th.

We are discussing multiple spots for the GO! Marathon Cheer Station. This includes either hosting at a specific location of renting a portable restroom if that does not work out.

The will be five concerts held this year as part of the concert series. The September date will be subject to change so we do not conflict with Lou Fest. Our series will kick off on Mother’s Day. We are working on sponsorships and Jack Coatar is talking to the Parks Department to work on our fees. The budget may need to be adjusted – Chris will keep us updated. Overall, everything is looking good and the SBA has been a great help.

The volunteer shirts were presented to the board. You must have three shifts completed to earn the shirt, with up to one shift from last year that can count towards the shirt.

Brightside is asking for a donation from the SRG.

Chris moved to donate up to $250 to Brightside, as approved by Richard Eaton.

Billy Tomber seconded.

Yay: 10

Nay: 0

Motion passed.


There was a miscommunication so there was no police officer present for the last general meeting. We do have a backup now for future meetings. The safety walk is till TBD. They are discussing a May date.


On Wednesday, May 2nd from 6-9PM there will be a membership drive. Venessa requested further information to add to the calendar.

Dave Perry and Debbie Cope have joined the committee.

Chris, Venessa, and Scott attended the Membership Committee’s Bowling event on behalf of the Board. Chris mentioned that the bowling event was wonderful and it was great to see so many new faces.   

Holiday Decorating: Venessa Kobrin

There is not as much room at MGI’s storage as we had anticipates so some items had to be thrown out. We do have totes that everything will be organized in at MGI. Luann asked if there was any room for a throne and Venessa responded that she would follow up. Bandstand

is not as secure as the MGI storage secured and not a long- term storage solution since it is a shared space. Beth mentioned putting money into the Bandstand.  and Venessa noted that she is working with Cathy Weldon and Tom Gullickson of the SBA to secure grants for a stage addition and having the restrooms renovated. SBA is taking the lead on this project.


Motion to adjourn made by Venessa and seconded by Scott. The meeting was adjourned at 9:39 p.m.





March 2018 General Meeting Minutes

March 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Date:                         March 7th, 2018

Location:                  Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

Minutes taken by: Secretary Taylor Bodine


The meeting was called to order at 7:09 P.M. by President Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Scott Plackemeier, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber,  Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Taylor Bodine

Officers and Directors Absent:  Neil Putz, Luann Denten. Bill Clendenin, Stephen Shuman

Aldermen Present:                   Alderman Dan Guenther and Alderman Jack Coatar

Committeeman Present:             None

Other Officials:                             None

Guest Presentations

Metropolitan Community Church: Pastor Katie Hotze-Wilton

The Metropolitan Community Church is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 24th at Pontiac Park. There will be fun prizes, giveaways, and a visit from the Easter Bunny. This event is free and everyone is welcome. In June, they will also be hosting a Family Day Carnival.


Soulard Farmers Market: Ted Greenfield

The Farmers Market is looking to expand their appeal to vendors by being open on Sundays. At their busiest, they are only filling 80% of their spots. Vendors are moving on, retiring, etc. and the market needs the business. The SRG Members were asked to raise their hands if they opposed to the Farmers Market being open on Sundays: no one opposed.


A question was asked about whether or not the master plan to renovate is still happening. They do not currently have the funds for that projects, but it is still a “plan”.

 Board and General Meeting Minutes

Lisa Marlinghaus requested to amend the Treasury Report from the February General Meeting to read the following:

“How does the SRG determine how money is spent?” Christopher Schwarz answered the question by clarifying that the operating expenses for the SRG are roughly $85,000. This includes funds for events, administration, and projects within the neighborhood as requested by Committees and approved by the Board. This process takes place at the June budgeting meeting. Christopher recommended that members who have ideas or desires as to how SRG money is spent in the neighborhood, approach or join committees as those are the people actually executing projects.”


Julie D. moved to approve the February Meeting minutes. Jim Rick seconded. The minutes were approved.


Treasurer's Report


To date, we have made over $62,000 and we we have spent about  $52,000. We are ahead just short of $10,000. We are in the middle of moving our account from Carrollton to AB Credit Union.

Police Report (Sherdon Douglas)                          

No report given. Officer Douglas is on leave.

Old Business

Suggestion Box Results (Wade Weistreich)

There have been a total of three suggestions. One was left in the suggestion box, and two were submitted online. They have been addressed - thank you for submitting suggestions!

Board Elections

Lisa Marlinghaus was nominated for the position of Secretary, and has accepted. Christopher Schwarz was nominated for the position of Treasurer, and has accepted. LeRoy Fitzwater was nominated for the position of Director, and has accepted. 

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, April 2nd. Veronica Putz will create the ballots. Elections will be held at the April General Membership meeting, April 4th.

Moonbase Market/Earthbound (Wade Weistreich)

Members of the Board met with the owners of the Moonbase Market and Earthbound. They do plan on staying open 7 days a week, as presented during the February General Meeting. If you have questions or concerns please talk to us. At this time, the SRG has not been asked for a formal letter of support for them.

New Business

MGI – post Mardi Gras Meeting

The post Mardi Gras meeting was last Thursday. A few of the board members attended and do not have a report. The events went smoothly.

Julie Price mentioned concern over the quality of events that led up to Mardi Gras. She attended the Wine Tasting event and shared that there were barely any Soulard residents, not a lot of people dressed up and there were safety concerns with no water being offered while alcoholic beverages were being served and multiple people fell because of the slippery floors. She felt as if no money was put into the event, and that the $50 she spent on her ticket was not worth it. Billy Tomber addressed that MGI has already discussed this issue and that she was not the only one that felt that way. The loss of the Cruzan Rum sponsorship created a struggle for funding this year. They are going to rebrand everything for next year and improve the event.

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier/Sergio Sevillano)

The Safety Committee will work on creating better communication with Officer Douglas.

The next Safety meeting will be held on March 26th. During the last SSBD meeting, it was brought up that there have been a large amount of guns stolen from cars within the neighborhood. That is problematic because it is not only stolen property, but also stolen guns that are likely to be used for other crimes. They will be following up on this issue.

The Safety Walk date is still TBD. It will be on a seperate night instead of in between the SRG meeting and the social as it has been in the past. If you would like to participate, you will simply walk the neighborhood and point out any potential safety issues that you see.

A concerned resident of 13th & Sidney Street asked what was being done in regards to the shooting/car chase that occurred this past week on 13th Street. He had anticipated to talk Officer Douglas. Alderman Jack Coatar stated that he was not aware of this situation, and would speak to the resident about this after the meeting.

Alderman Coatar also noted that there has been an $8,000 increase in the Officers’ salaries and there are classes being taken to further train Soulard’s Officers. Unfortunately, our retention rate is not great due to higher salaries in the counties and because the counties want experienced officers from the city. He stated that we are still short officers, per protocol. He said that he will be getting us a full report on this incident and that there should be an Officer at every one of the SRG General meetings.

Beautification (Richard Eaton)  

If you are interested in joining, we will be having a Beautification brunch at 1PM this coming Sunday at 1842 S. 9th street. There are quite a few areas of Beautification that volunteers can join!

We have volunteers from Greek Life at SLU coming to help with Pontiac Park. We also have another group coming to help with the Soulard Station on the 16th at 1PM. Pontiac park will be a special interest of ours this summer!

Residential Promotion (Wade Westreich)

The Garden Tour and Bastille Day are coming up!

Communications (Venessa Kobrin)

The calendar is getting updated

The Survey will be distributed in two formats. There will be an online version found on Soulard.Org, via email, Facebook and Nextdoor. There will also be hard copies. We are asking that as many residents as possible fill this out. There will be incentives offered for completion. We need the data in order to make changes, and this is a great way to clearly express your opinions.

The next issue of the Renaissance will be the Garden Tour. Deadline will be Mid-May. The last issue was full of content from neighbors and it was great! If you have articles, please send to


Please send movie suggestions for Movies in the Park to So far, Harry Potter has been nominated.

Parlour Tour (Julie Price)

The Parlor Tour was sold out this year and gross sales were $18,000. The sponsorships this year allowed us to have less expenses. Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen!

There will be a reception in a few months that will explain what it takes to have your house on the tour. This is not an obligation, feel free to come if you are interested. More details TBA.

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)  

Jay attended the walkthrough of Moonbase Market with some of the board. It was unanimous that the signs on the building were too big. They will be bringing a revised design to the committee.

There were questions raised about the retail space being built on 1000 Russell having both siding and brick. Other concerns were raised about the PRT/Code and Zoning committee being brought up to date in a timely manner. Jay noted that everything he receives will be brought to the committee.

The concern with the container for construction on the corner of Menard and Shenandoah blocking the stop sign will be addressed. Wade and Alderman Jack Coatar are working on either getting it moved or getting a temporary stop sign on the other side of the container.

Another question was asked in regards to the Hilton’s garage. Jay noted that we do not require garages to look like a historic building, and that rules/codes for garages are very minimal. The garage that the Hilton has built does not violate any of our current rules or codes.

Jay noted that he has not heard from Orlando in a while when questions were asked about his street facing garage plans.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

Trivia night was a success. Over 150 people attended and we made a little over $3,400.  Expenses should be fairly minimal. Thank you to the volunteers and the sponsors!!

There is a meeting coming up to discuss the Concert Series and other matters on Monday the 12th at 2358 South 12th street. There will be drinks and finger foods.

The 2018 Concert Series Dates are:

May 12th, June 10th, July 21st, August 11th, September 8th.

The September 8th concert may be changing. If you have any band suggestions or connections, please let us know!

Volunteer shirts will be distributed to volunteers who have completed three shifts. They will be royal blue and heather grey baseball t shirts. Up to one shift from last year can be used for this year. Talk to your committee head if you have questions.

We will be cheering on the GO! Marathon on April 8th this year with a cheer station on the 2nd mile marker. There will be a sign up on the blaster, Facebook event made, and will mention this again during the April meeting. More information TBA but we anticipate that we will need volunteers there around 7AM.

Membership (Julie Price)

We have our very first special event in a few years. We will be bowling this Saturday at Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood. There is a sign up sheet in the back for the shuttle from Molly’s. The first round will leave around 6:45 PM and return for the second round around 7:30PM. When everyone is ready to return the shuttle will take us back. There will be bowling, darts, pool and a  cash bar. There is a Facebook event made if you need more details.

The Membership Drive is coming up. It will be at Lynch Street Tavern from 6-9PM in place of the May General Membership meeting on May 2nd. This is all inclusive as long as your dues are paid. There will be door prizes, koozies and celebrations!

If you are on the Parlor or Garden tour this year, you receive a free membership for a year!

We have openings for socials in August, November and December. 

Pat and Anita Walker are hosting the social this evening! They are located at  2300 South 13th Street.

The SRG has 287 current members and our goal is to gain 50 more.

Julie is also part of the Central Patrol Business Association. The SRG gave $500 towards the goal to give police officers 100 dollar bonuses. This year they will be having a “Night at the Ballpark” on April 25th at 6PM. Tickets are $30 and the police officers will be honored before the game, with the Officer of the Year throwing the first pitch. Please contact Julie for more questions and thank you to the SRG for your support.

Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

No report

Partner Organizations

Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

The Legions has 9 new members! Mardi Gras was great and they even sold out of their biscuits and gravy.

The first two fish fries have sold out. The next one will be a shrimp boil and there are only two more left!

The fence around the Legion is needing to be replaced. They are looking for 13 feet of cast iron loop spear. If anyone has any connections for those supplies please let Bill know. One of the planters on the 11th Street side was turned over in the alley. There was a white vehicle spotted on a camera, but no license place. 

Heavy rain caused roof damage and several interior tiles needed to be replaced. Donations are welcomed to help with that cost and the cost of new flooring that is needed.

The brick building in the back will finally be completed in the back!

Soulard Business Association (Tom Gullickson)

No report

Mardi Gras Inc. (Gary Toribio, Billy Tomber, Michael Pastore)

No report


Motion to adjourn was made by Venessa Kobrin and seconded Margie Koors. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM




February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Secretary Taylor Bodine.

Date:               February 21st, 2018

Location:       Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Taylor Bodine, Venessa Kobrin, Beth Bennett, Billy Tomber, Bill Clendenin, Scott Plackemeier, Wade Weistreich, Chris Schwarz

Officers and Directors Absent: Luaan Denten, Stephen Shuman, Neil Putz        

Guests Present: Jane Carriker and Stephen Hale

The meeting was called to order at 7:18 PM by President Wade Weistreich

Guest Presentations

Moonbase Market: Jane Carriker and Stephen Hale:

Jane and Stephen attended the informational meeting for Moonbase that was held before the board meeting. They shared with the board that they would be personally impacted by lack of parking if Moonbase Market operates at full capacity. They voiced their concerns to the board about the lack of parking if Moonbase begins operating with a liquor license in conjunction with Earthbound Brewery. Jane stated that according to the city, they are required to have 100 parking spots available  but currently only have an agreement with Molly’s/1860’s parking lot across the street for 17 spots. They also have a verbal agreement with Hub Furniture to use their lot on 7th street, but that is three blocks away and currently for sale. Stephen said that he would sign off on the liquor license if they guaranteed them parking spots, due to the fact that their properties do not allow for off street parking to be built. It was noted that any communication they have received from Kelly and Associates has stated that they will only be open for special events and on weekends, but all other information they have seen and what was presented at the SRG February general meeting states they will be open seven days a week. The owner of Moonbase has been open to hearing various solutions, but there are still concerns. Aside from the parking issues, Jane and Stephen do not oppose to the business.

Old Business

Meeting minute and archive:  

The board is still working on the minutes archive. Wade reminded everyone to send him their notes. He will compile them into one spreadsheet and have Venessa post it to the shared SRG Google Drive.

Suggestion Box: The first official virtual suggestion was submitted! It was in regards to the Renaissance not being online anymore/in the blaster. This was addressed at the general meeting and will be included moving forward. They will be published online 3-4 weeks after hard copies are distributed.

Survey: The board will distribute a survey to ensure that every member of the SRG has the opportunity to have their voice heard. An incentive will be offered to increase participation in the survey. The next board will decide whether the survey needs to be done on a 6 month or once a year basis. Venessa will send a link to the survey to the board for finals approval, and then post the survey at the SRG general meeting on March 7th with a deadline of April 3rd at midnight. During the transition dinner for the board the survey results will be discussed.

Mom Howard Camera:  Wade is continuing to work on this project.

New Business

Board Elections: Lisa Marlinghaus was nominated to run for an open position and has accepted.

Mardi Gras - Post Event: Mardi Gras was a success and clean up went well. The 21 NFP Bars did poorly  - mostly attributed to the cold weather. Billy noted that he believes the parade is one of the best we’ve had and that there were no big security concerns. There we some issues at the Soulard Market that have been addressed. March 1st is the public forum at 6:00 PM.

Areas to dedicate funds:

The board brainstormed a few ideas to dedicate funds to within the neighborhood and concluded that there were options that needed to be identified and focused on. It was brought up to possibly add a question about the funds on the survey.

MoonBase Market Parking:

The board is concerned with the parking issues for residents as well as the misrepresentation of what has been presented as the business plan to the neighborhood vs. how they are actually operating. Wade will reach out to the owner, Stuart, and the Board of Adjustments and offer to schedule a meeting with the board to discuss these issues and the impact they will have on Soulard residents. 

Treasurer’s Report

We are currently $14,000 ahead - this includes the $20,000 that has been transferred to the AB Credit Union. The Station’s budget looks good as well. The V&V expenses are almost set, as well as the Parlour Tour.

This is the first year that the SRG will be solely responsible for the Soulard Concert Series. Because this is a free community event the costs will need to be offset with sponsorships. The costs of hosting the concert series are high but, historically, the SBA covered all costs via sponsorships.

Motion: Venessa motioned that we move to pay for the Soulard Station Fence expenses overage.

Second: Billy

Yay: 8

The motion passed.

Chris mentioned that the utilities for the Station are running high vs. projection and we may need to prepare to allot more money for those expenses. The wifi is limited to only being used at the board, committee, and guest meetings. The specific utility running high is the Spectrum bill which includes cable and internet. We’ve waited to disconnect in hopes of partnering with the camera project WiFi. Bill C. will address the issue with the camera project group with a firm answering so that Spectrum can be completely disconnected, or an internet-only solution.

Committee Reports

Soulard Station: (Neil Putz)

There has been one roofer who quotes us at $400 to recaulk all the way around the Station. This does not address the soft spot above the door. The front door needs to be replaced because when it rains, the water comes straight through the front. Venessa will start with Jay and go down through bids from there to get that issue fixed.

We have a draft charter for the SS committee. It would be a board-down situation. Venessa will send out a draft charter to the board for the their thoughts.

Venessa proposed that we cut the Spectrum wifi and cable. Chris will cancel the Spectrum account, pending an update form Bill C. regarding sharing internet with the camera project.

Possibility for next year is to have an orange fence around the Station during Mardi Gras. Wade mentioned the possibility of a camera system during Mardi Gras as well.

Bricks - need minimum of 10 in an order. Used for past Presidents as well. There was some discussion of how many we should order and who should receive them.

PRT/Code and Zoning: (Beth Bennett)

The signs for the Preservation Hall have not been well received and do not fit with the neighborhood.

Beautification: (Beth Bennett)
They will be meeting to discuss the street pots. The grasses that were planted last year did not work out so they will be trying something else.

Communications/Renaissance: (Venessa Kobrin and Billy Tomber)

The last issue of the Renaissance was very successful. The next issue will be the June Garden tour issue. The Bylaws state we should have five issues in a year.

Parlor Tour: (Neil Putz)

Having the recap meeting in March and there are two outstanding sponsorships.

Residential Promotions: (Luann Denten)

Continuing to work on the historical signage.

V&V was a great event. We are still waiting on final numbers.

Fundraising: (Christopher Schwartz)

Smarti Gras is coming up on Saturday. Taylor gave the iPad/Square equipment to Chris.

The volunteer t-shirt graphic presented.  They will maintain a roster of volunteers.

Chris requested that the board allocates up to $1,500 for the purchase of the shirts.

Motion: Venessa motioned that the board approve the $1,500 for the volunteer t shirts

Second: Scott seconded

Yay: 8

The motion was passed.

Safety: (Scott Plackemeier)

No report; everything is going well.

Membership: (Stephen Shuman)

They will be having a bowling night at Saratoga Lanes. There will be more information after their Monday meeting.

Holiday Decorating: (Venessa Kobrin)

Venessa has the okay to move things over to MGI storage. Not a single thing was stolen or taken from our inventory. Thank you to Beth for helping!


Motion to adjourn made by Venessa and seconded by Scott Plackemeier. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.









February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Luann Denten

Date:                 February 7th, 2018

Location:           Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 P.M. by President Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Scott Plackemeier, Bill Clendenin, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber, Stephen Shuman, Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Luann Denten

Officers and Directors Absent:  Taylor Bodine and Neil Putz

Committeeman Present:    None

Other Officials:                   None

Guest Presentation

Mardi Gras Inc (Gary Toribio)

    You cannot park in red zones from 3AM February 10th - 2AM February 11th. You may park in the yellow zones if you have a parking permit. For questions contact the Mardi Gras office:  314-771-5110. You can also call this number for non-emergency issues during Mardi Gras. If there is an emergency situation please call 911.

On Thursday, March 8th there will be a Mardi Gras Forum.

Moonbase Market (Justin Strohm and Stuart Keating)

Moonbase Market is open from 5PM-12AM every day. Includes video and tabletop game operator and is located on 1929 South 9th Street (Preservation Hall). This includes experimental cocktails and Earthbound Beer.

There are 17 parking spots at the parking lot across the street. They have an agreement with Hub Furniture to use their parking lot. There were concerns from residents in regards to parking. There were also questions in regards to “resident parking”.

Earthbound Beer/Brewery and Tap Room is 11,000 square feet and distributes kegs and is beginning cans this week. There are now 9 employees. They will have food, cocktails, and special beers. They have a catering license for special events and are working on liquor license. They hope to open in March. They will operate from 4PM-1:30 AM on weekdays, 12PM-1:30AM on Saturdays and 12PM-12AM on Sundays.

Meeting Minutes

The January board meeting minutes were available for review. Billy Tomber moved to approve. Scott Plackemeier seconded. The minutes were passed.

There was a request to include the board meeting minutes in the SRG Blaster moving forward.

The section on “conduct” was presented. Stephen Shuman moved to approve. Jeremy Mehrle seconded. The section was passed.

Treasury Report

Our banking move from Carollton Bank to A-B Credit Union. Committees will go over budget with the board at the May budget meeting. There was a question of how are we to spend money to maintain our non-profit status. Christopher stated that we spend roughly $120,000 per year.

There was a question in regards to our mission statement and what we are doing to achieve it.

Billy Tomber moved to approve the Treasury Report. Jeremy Mehrle seconded. The Treasury Report was approved.

Police Report (Officer Sherdon Douglas)

Officer Douglas was not in attendance tonight, but sent a report.

1 burglary

17 larcenies

7 vehicles thefts

0 robberies

0 assaults

Old Business

Mom Howard Camera Program

We have $1,000 to purchase residential cameras. Wade is asking Judith to “de-brief” looking at SRG supporting residential camera.

Survey and Suggestion Box

The Blaster now has a questions/comments section. We will have an actual suggestion box at the SRG meeting as well.
New Business

Board Elections

President Elect - open

2 Director Positions - open

Treasury - open

Secretary - open

Nominations open tonight.

Luann nominated Scott Plackemeier for President Elect. Billy Tomber nominated Chris Schwarz for Treasurer. Wade Weistreich nominated Taylor Bodine for Secretary.

Paul Kjorlie nominated Brenda and John Haas for directors. The nominations were declined.

Nominations will be open until the day before the election. Veronica will make the ballot.

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier and Sergio Sevillano)

The City’s Finest is now on duty. They have made 19 arrests since September which is many more than the previous contractor. We will now have multiple bike officers.

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

The Butterfly Garden will be moving from the Market Park to Pontiac Park and planting will increase. A wrought iron fence increased all the way to the right pole. St. Louis University Greek LIfe is coming to volunteer.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

We are proud to announce that the Soulard Merchandise is online! You can visit us on Etsy.

The Vices and Virtues Mardis Gras Ball was an amazing event. Congratulations to our newly crowned Queen and King - Leah and Eric Sutphen. Thank you to our outgoing Royalty - Mandi and Brandon Rogalski. Please nominate for next year’s Royalty for $5! This year’s V&V was the fourth year and has always meant to be an event by Soulard for Soulard. We have made money every year and we are projecting a great return again this year - the silent auction was $2,600, the tables sold out, and we had several new sponsorships. Thanks to all who attended!

Please join us on February 13th - Fat Tuesday - for our neighborhood New Orleans Style 2nd Line Stroll. We will meet at D’s Place at 5PM. Wear your best Mardi Gras attire!

Please watch for information regarding the signage project

Communications (Jeremy Mehrle)

No Report

Parlor Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

No report

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

The current historic standards were approved in 1991. There were questions in regards to new garages in the neighborhood being brick. There was a question in regard to a 10th Street house facing Pontiac Park.

The proposed building on Russell is planning to start in February, and is in the permit process.

Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz)

February 24th is our 5th Annual Smartygras at the Franklin Room! Doors open at 6PM. Tables are $225. There will be beer, wine and prizes.

There are volunteer t shirts you can earn this year by working three events or three shifts. They are limited and will be redesigned yearly.

There will be five concerts this year May-September.

We need volunteers to help and we need committee members.

Membership (Julie Price)

Leah and Beth are resigning from the committee - thank you for your contributions!

We are recruiting for new members!

The social will be at Chris and Venessa’s.

We are looking at doing a bowling event on March 24th at Saratoga Lanes.

There will be a Membership Drive on May 3rd. Location is TBD. There are Star Directories and Soulard magnets available.

The last Star Award of the Year is presented to Veronica Putz!

Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

No Report

Partner Organizations

The Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

We will have Mardi Gras at the Legion beginning at 7:30 AM on Saturday with biscuits and gravy, $1 hotdogs, bloody marys, beer and hurricanes. We have been doing this for 18 years.

Fish Frys are coming up! February 16th, March 2nd, and March 30th.

There will be a Shrimp Boil March 16th from 5-8, or until the shrimp is gone.

Soulard Business (Tom Gullickson)

No report

Soulard Sushi is coming to the neighborhood in October or November and will be located at 1009 Russell.


Motion to adjourn was made by Scott Plackemeier  and seconded Jim Rick.







January 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes January 2018 SRG Board Meeting

Minutes taken by Secretary Taylor Bodine

Date:                January 17th, 2018

Location:          Soulard Station

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz,Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber, Taylor Bodine, Stephen Shuman, Bill Clendenin

Officers and Directors Absent: Venessa Kobrin

Guests Present: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by Wade Weistreich

Old Business

Market Park Agreement: (Wade Weistreich)

Wade and Tom have signed

Meeting Minute Archive (Wade Weistreich)

Wade has found around 50 sets of past minutes dated back to 2012. There is a large section of 2013 missing, and as the notes progress they are written with more detail. They have been divided and the board will be assigned sections to read through and look for past procedures, policies, or good ideas to benefit the SRG.

Survey and Suggestion Box: (Wade Weistreich)

Wade has purchased a survey box that will be used at general meetings. Chris and Wade will prepare the survey to go out by the next SRG general meeting.

Mom Howard Camera

Wade has received the list from Venessa and will begin calling, buying and installing cameras. Wade suggested that if a neighbor does not want to “pay it forward” that he move on to the next person on the list until another neighbor is willing to pay it forward. That way there are more cameras in neighborhood. It was noted that Wade will be installing the cameras, but that Safety Committee is responsible for keeping documentation of who has cameras and who is on the list to receive one.

New Business

Board Elections

The nomination information has been posted on Facebook and Nextdoor and in the next issue of the Renaissance. We encourage nominations and participation from all eligible SRG members. There will be a call for nominations at the February general meeting.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Inc. will present again at the general meeting in February. In past years, we have surrounded the Soulard Station with plastic netting and trash cans. The possibility of doing that this year was discussed. The large trailer on 13th Street may be an issue. Scott P. will follow up on this. Wade mentioned that every year the pre-planning and post Mardi Gras event becomes smoother and more efficient. Bill C. asked about golf carts allowed in red zones and Billy T. confirmed that they are absolutely not allowed unless they are authorized.

Conduct at Meetings

The board discussed Robert’s Rules of Order in regards to membership and conduct at both Board and General SRG meetings. It was noted that we do follow the Robert’s Rules of Order and all meetings of the SRG are to be conducted following those rules. Wade will cover the following at the February General Meeting:

- No member is to speak until being called upon by the President or presenting speaker.

- Only one person at a time is to be given the floor.

- Interruptions or speaking out of tern are grounds for removal from the meeting and/or suspension from future meetings, or possible removal of membership from the SRG.

- Any future violations will be held to these standards.

- A member must have prior approval to add an item to the agenda, or make an announcement. Approval will be at the discretion of the President.

Treasurer’s Report

Christopher Shwarz confirmed that we have received a $6,059 check from the SBA for Octoberfest. There was discussion on whether the $1,000 donation for the Mom Howard cameras should be allocated to the Safety Committee or the Board. It was decided that it should be moved as a charitable contribution to the board and will be a topic at the next Safety Committee meeting. Christopher reported that our total income is $52,000 and our expenses are on track. The outstanding $20,000 check is not money that has been spent. It is the money that was transferred to open the new bank account at the AB Employee Credit Union. The debit card for our account will hopefully be here by the end of the week and Christopher will transfer the rest of the money to the new bank account. We have received an extension on our taxes, and are looking into outside tax professionals. Overall, we are in good shape and all committees are spending according to their budget.

Motion: Billy T. moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report.

Second: Neil Putz

The motion passed as follows: Yay (10) Nay (0) Abstain (0)

Committee Reports

Soulard Station: (Neil Putz)

Beth Bennett will be resigning from the ad hoc committee. Moving forward it will include Venessa and Neil. Beth will see through the roofing project. She has met with two seperate roofers and is waiting to receive their bids.

Neil would like to begin developing a committee to take care of the operation and maintenance of the Station. This includes maintaining the calendar and scheduling, enforcing agreements for events, preparation and clean up for events, management of minor and major repairs, and other miscellaneous tasks. There will be announcements made soon about further development of this committee at the next meeting. Luann suggested including information in the next blaster so members are aware of this new committee coming soon.

Billy T. reminded Neil that the volunteers for the Pet Parade typically use the Soulard Station as a checkpoint. Neil had not heard about this, so Billy will confirm. 

Christopher Schwarz requested that the Station committee looks at ways to save money on its internet bill.

Coding and Zoning: (Beth Bennett)
The owners of Star’s Design Group bought a building on Gravois to use for their business. Originally, they were intending to rebuild on the site of their building that burned down on the corner of Menard and Shenandoah. The plans had been approved by the SRG and the city.

The parking signs that have caused previous issues have been taken down. They will be building in the alley to park their cars.

Beautification: (Beth Bennett)

It will be $80 a foot to add to the fence. We have not measured because of the cold weather. More will be done on this project when it is a little warmer.

Communications/Renaissance: (Billy Tomber)

The Renaissance is done and the tentative release date is Wednesday the 24th. The board mentioned they would like to see it released sooner. The website is up to date but the suggestion box still needs to be added.

Parlour Tour: (Neil Putz)

There are still signs being collected from the tour.

Residential Promotions: (Luann Denten)

Preparations for the ball are in full force. The Lemp Grand Hall venue is bigger and nicer than we have ever had before. There will be free shuttles from Duke’s and Molly’s. Merchandise is going live on our Etsy store as soon as we have the debit card. Beth Bennett has chosen to step down from the committee,  but will still be actively helping at events. 

Fundraising: (Christopher Schwarz)

The check for Oktoberfest was smaller than we anticipated by almost $2,000. We still made money but not as much as we anticipated. We will adjust moving forward, but will still participate. The resales are still being closed. Tour de Fat was cancelled but we already put in permits and stage requests so we will be doing another concert during that time instead. Smardi Gras is approaching on February 24th. We will be looking for volunteers soon. The volunteer t-shirts will require three points and up to one waiverable in order to receive. The points will be monitored and approved by the committee chairs. The design is till in progress and money/costs will be noted at the next meeting and this project will be presented at a general meeting when the completed.

Safety: (Scott Plackemeier)

The new neighborhood security efforts have led to 20 arrests since September. They have a jeep and a bike that patrols. Overall, we are happy with the company.

Membership: (Stephen Shuman)

There was no meeting this month

Holiday Decorating: (Christopher Schwarz)

The decorations will be removed on Sunday. Thank you notes have been written to everyone that donated. Special thanks for Beth Bennett.


Motion made by Stephen Shuman and seconded by Luann. The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 PM.




January 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes January 2018 SRG General Meeting

Date:                          January 3, 2018

Location:                   Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 P.M. by President Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Scott Plackemeier, Taylor Bodine, Bill Clendenin, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber

Officers and Directors Absent:  Stephen Shuman, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Luann Denten

 Aldermen Present:                          9th Ward Alderman Dan Guenther

Committeeman Present:                None

Other Officials:                                  Officer Sherdon Douglas

 Guest Presentation

Mardi Gras Inc: Tim Lorson

        Informational packets will be delivered to Soulard residents at their door. It will include parade routes, your parking information and more. If you do not get your parking pass, come to the Mardi Gras office wit proof of residency and proof of the number of cars that you own. For parking, you cannot park in red zones from 3AM February 10th - 2AM February 11th. You may park in the yellow zones if you have a parking permit.For questions contact the Mardi Gras office:  314-771-5110

Treasury Report

       Christopher Schwarz is out of town. No treasury report or board meeting minutes for approval as they are still out for edit.

Police Report  (Officer Sherdon Douglas)

-21 total crimes this month

-1 reported rape: Occurred on 12-2-17 at 1:45 PM at a park area behind the gas station at Gravois and Russell. The Police have investigated this incident, but the victim knew the rapist and is not cooperating. This has become an inactive case.

-2 robberies: both  were committed in the early morning between midnight and 2:30 AM.

1)    Occured at 700 and Allen. A man arrived home and was approached by a male. His car was taken. The investigation is still ongoing with some leads.

2)    A double robbery occurred at the 1700 block of South 8th street. The victims were home and opened their door after someone knocked, believing it to be their friends. Suspects robbed them and then left. On their way out they saw another group and robbed them as well. They were last seen traveling south on Broadway. There are good leads in this case as well.

  -13 larsonies:

-8 vehicles had items stolen and have no current suspects. 2 vehicles had no items stolen.

-Imo’s pizza driver had pizza stolen during a delivery

-Tires were stolen from a company on Broadway Street. The suspect was arrested on scene.

-There was a wallet accidentally left on the counter at D’s bar and was stolen.

-Larcenies are happening during the weekdays in the afternoon to the late evening on  Monday, Thursday or Tuesday. Electronics are being stolen. Remember to be smart and do not leave valuables in your car. 

-There were 4 stolen vehicles. 3 were not residents of Soulard.  All 4 have been recovered. Times and trends were sporadic.

-1 aggravated assault: Suspects were driving a dark grey or black Toyota. Victim saw 2 males driving slowly at the 1000 block of Barton Street at 5:20 AM. Victim began running and they cornered him with a gun and robbed him. There were no injuries.

-They have increased patrol in areas where the crimes occurred.  Officer Douglas goes to the area every time there is a crime and patrols the area.

-The Detectives assigned to these cases will be at next month’s meeting to give us more details.

Old Business

Parlour Tour recap: Jeanne Kirby

      Both tours were sold out this year. Income and expenses will be announced at the next meeting when Christopher is back.

 Donation: Wade Weistreich

      A $1,000 donation has been made by Jim and Julie Price from the Crab Boil to continue with the Mom Howard camera program. Wade will be managing that initiative.

      ***At the conclusion of ‘old business’ Paul Kjorlie stood up and began to speak.  He referenced handouts he distributed prior to the meeting containing a segment from the by-laws regarding membership voting.  Wade told him that if he wanted to present at a meeting he needed to be on the agenda.  Wade reminded Paul that this isn’t the first time he has been told this and additionally he has invited Paul on several occasions to reach out to him or another board if he wants to discuss SRG related matters not on the agenda.  Paul tried to continue despite being told to stop disrupting the meeting until finally several members were able to convince him to sit down.

New Business

SSBD Forum update (Bill Clendenin)

     A forum will be held this Monday at 7PM at South Broadway Athletic Club on 7th Street

Harassment of Neighbors (Wade Weistreich)

     Wade recently learned that a resident of Soulard had trash thrown in their yard as well as other forms of harassment committed against them including “shaming” on  This was due to “no parking” signs that the city had approved for a golf cart.  Alderman Jack Coater and Wade were addressing the situation with the city since the curb cut violated the historical code.  Wade wanted to remind everyone that the way the residents were harassed and intimidated was unacceptable and that it is his sincere hope that no members of the SRG were involved in any way.

Survey (Wade Weistreich)

There will be a digital comment box on the website and sent out with the blaster from now on to make it easier for members to provide feedback, ask questions or make suggestions. The President and President-elect will both receive the feedback and present to the board or respond if they deem necessary. A physical comment box will be at all SRG general meetings and will be taken home by Wade. There will also be an annual survey sent to all SRG members and passed to the next board in February.

SRG Committee Reports:

Safety (Scott Plackemeier and Sergio Sevillano)

Nothing new to add. If you are free on Monday please attend the forum at South Broadway

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

No report

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

No report

Communications (Jeremy Mehrle)

No report

Parlor Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

No report

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

-It’s winter so there are not many current projects or current construction.

-Update on the potential building being built on the corner of Menard and Lami/2325 Menard Street: Jay has sent plans to the committee. Their comments have been collected and sent to the architect and the owner.

Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz)

Smarti Gras: February 24th.

Meeting next week at some point

Look at recording

Membership (Julie Price)

No report. Additional Star Awards will be presented tonight.

Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

No Report

Partner Organizations


The Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

-The Mouse Races will be held on Saturday, January 13th at 7PM at St. Vincent De Paul. Doors will open at 6:30PM. Children under 17 can attend for free. Adults can purchase tickets at for $25 in advance or at the door for $30. Your ticket includes beer, wine, soda, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, a silent auctions, games and much more. This family friendly event will benefit Veterans.

-There will be 4 Fish Fry’s this year. More details to come!

Soulard Business (Tom Gullickson)

No report

Mardi Gras Inc (Billy Tomber)

Everyone is welcome to Twelfth night!

Star Award Presentations

Marilyn Morris and Nancy Lambert were presented Star Awards. Congratulations!


Motion to adjourn Billy T. was made by and seconded Margie Korlos. The meeting was adjourned at 8:19 P.M.








December 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes December 2017 SRG Board Meeting

Date:                                      December 18th, 2017

Location:                               Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber, Taylor Bodine, Stephen Shuman

Officers and Directors Absent: Bill Clendenin       

Guests Present: None

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 PM by President Wade Weistreich

Old Business

Market Park Agreement: (Wade Weistreich)

          Tom and Wade will be signing the agreement soon.


Parlor Tour Recap: (Neil Putz)

-The 2017 Parlor Tour was great!

-850 people went through the homes and over $13,000 in revenue is anticipated.

-Home owners that volunteered were enthusiastic and engaged.

-There were minor logistical issue because of the space between houses. By the end of the first day, it had been resolved.

-A few guests were wanting to walk to the next house, causing a ripple effect with bus times and locations, figuring out where everyone was and where the busses were needed, etc. This will be discussed for next year’s tour route.

Motion: Billy Tomber motioned to grant 2015, 2016 and 2017 Soulard Parlor Tour host homes full 2018 SRG membership and any host moving forward in future years.

Second: Luann Denten

Amendment: LuAnn suggested extending that to the 2015, 2016, 2017 and future Garden Tour hosts who have not previously received a free membership

Second: Billy Tomber

The motion passed as follows: Yay (9) Nay (0) Abstain (1)


 Volunteer T-shirts: (Christopher Schwarz)

-There is an SRG volunteer t-shirt design in the works!

-Members will receive “points” for volunteering at SRG events. After a certain amount of points are earned, they will receive the volunteer t-shirt. The shirts are anticipated to be completed by Smarti Gras.


Documents for Review: (Wade Weistreich)

Wade is continuing to gather and organize meeting minutes to begin compiling rulings, operating procedures and any other useful information for future boards.

New Business

SRG responsible for Socials

Recent issues with SRG sponsored events were discussed to explore ideas on how to possibly prevent future issues. The Membership Committee will discuss this topic as well and we will continue to engage in an ongoing conversation about this issue.

Ways to better engage membership

  1. The board has decided to implement a digital comment box via the website and SRG blaster to make it even easier for members to provide feedback, ask questions, or make suggestions. There will also be a physical suggestion box at every SRG General Meeting.We highly encourage members to reach out directly to any of the 11 board members if there are any concerns needing a faster response.
  2. The comment from the online suggestions box will be sent to the President and the President-elect. Suggestions in the physical box will be collected by the President at the end of the meeting.
  3. The board will be putting together an online survey for members. Chris Schwarz will be leading this effort and hopes to have it finalized by February.

Mom Howard Money

-Jim and Julie Price donated $1,000 from money collected at their crab boil, which will be used to provide funding for the purchase of additional Arlo cameras for residents of Soulard.

-Wade will manage the purchase and installation of the cameras. Venessa is to provide the list created by Judith Howard to Wade in order to continue where she left off.

Treasurer’s Report

          Christopher Schwarz was happy to report that finances are looking positive. We are still in the process of moving other accounts besides the operating reserves from Carollton Bank to the AB Credit Union. A $20,000 deposit was made to start that account. It was noted that our insurance bill has been paid and that we are not spending as much money as we did last year on the Soulard Station. More money is anticipated to come in from Oktoberfest. It was noted that the income from the Parlor Tour is actually about $22, 697.54 with all extras added in except the ticket sales.

Committee Reports

Soulard Station: (Neil Putz)

-Two of the three maintenance issues have been completed.

-More bids may be needed for the roof. Beth Bennett and Neil will get together and sort out the bids and begin to take action.

-Beth is going to get final numbers on how much it will cost to extend the fence and present to the board for completion.


PRT/Code and Zoning: (Beth Bennett)

-Beth reported that the committee did not approve the two street facing garages that were requested to be built on Lami.

-Discussion occurred regarding ReMax putting in LED screens on their windows when past businesses have not been allowed to do so. The Committee will discuss.

-Nothing has moved forward regarding the parking sign on Emmet. Wade will follow up with this issue.

Beautification: (Beth Bennett)

The committee had the year end meeting and it went well. Nothing will be moving forward for the next couple of months.

Communications/Renaissance: (Vennessa Kobrin and Billy Tomber)

-The deadline for the Renaissance is January 5th. They are working on “then and now” articles.

-The website and minutes are up to date.

Parlor: (Neil Putz)

Two homes have already been lined up for next year.

Residential Promotions: (Luann Denten)

-Santa Comes to Soulard was wonderful. There were 70+ children and adults in attendance.

-There will be an Etsy store for new merchandise – launch date TBD.

-The Vices and Virtues Ball is moving to the Soulard Historic District to the Lemp Grand Hall. 

-16-18 tables have already been sold. There will be no more table sales from now on and seating will become heritage style. If you have it this year, you’ll have it next year.

-Molly’s and Duke’s have committed to providing shuttles for the event.

-There will be parking across from the venue with a parking attendant.

-There will be two bars and a large outdoor rooftop deck.

Fundraising: (Christopher Schwartz)

-We are working on the t-shirts previously mentioned.

 -Smardi Gras is coming up on February 24th, 2018. Sales will be live on December 19th. Emails will go out to past buyers on Wednesday the 20th.

-Committee members will not know questions or answers in advance. Only the question crew will have that insight. This will allow committee members to participate if they wish.

-Tour de Fat : Date in June TBD

-Soulard Concert Series: Dates are on the calendar. It will occur the second Saturday during May through September. Park permits and stage permits have been placed but not approved yet.  

-Wreath sales for next year are being re-evaluated to ensure the effort put in is matched with the proper donation prices.

Safety: (Scott Plackemeier)

-No meeting this month because the last Monday falls on Christmas.

-The committee discussed getting gift cards as an incentive to make arrests and closing cases to our liaison officer.

Membership: (Stephen Shuman)

Three of the Star award recipients were not present at the December General Meeting, so they will be awarded at January General Membership meeting.

Holiday Decorating: (Venessa Kobrin)

The lights are up!


Motion to adjourn made by Billy T. and seconded by Scott Plackemeier. The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 p.m.