Soulard Restoration Group

Executive Board Meeting – December 19, 2012

Ι) Call To Order

Sean 7pm

ΙΙ) Guests



Solar Panels-Mr. Gibbs presented the Board with the proposed historical standards regarding solar panels. The C&Z (Code and Zoning) Committee recommends that the SRG Board adopt the more lenient option from the city.
Proposed Sandwich Shop: The proposal has been withdrawn.


Solar Panels: The Board votes to accept the C&Z recommendation and adopt the Solar Panels guidelines as proposed.

Check Guidelines: Board adopts new check reimbursement guidelines. New guidelines say requests must be submitted within 30 days after an event and 60 days after a non-event purchase for reimbursement. “Pop-up” expenses over $200 must be approved by an Executive Board Member. Expenses over $500 must be approved by whole Board.

Soulard Station Loan: Board votes to authorize $6,000 payment towards balance on Soulard Station loan to D. Woods.
Operation Brightside: Voted to authorize a $500 donation to organization. Mr. Pastore made motion. Mr. Tomber seconded.

Sound System: Voted to purchase a two-speaker portable sound system to use for events. Expense will not be greater than $1,400. Mr. Tomber made motion. Mr. Brockschmitt seconded.


Mobile Website: B. Tomber reads the Communications Committee’s proposal to lend the domain to MobileMeGlobal for one year for the propose of having a mobile portal for Soulard. SRG retains sole ownership of the domain and may terminate agreement at any time. Full proposal is available upon request. Motion is made by Mr. Tomber and Seconded by Ms. Jones. Proposal passes.

Pastore wished to commend, for the record, the tremendous work done by ComCom in ironing out the details for the mobile landing page.

Tap N Run: Board passes a motion made by Mr. Tomber to write a letter in support of having this event in Soulard. Letter will be sent to Alderwoman Young and any other interested parties. Ms. Weissgerber seconded the motion.

Renting Storage Space from MGI: This was tabled until specific terms are obtained.
Billy Tomber motioned to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Pastore seconded. There were no objections. Meeting

adjourned 9:15p