Soulard Restoration Group

General Membership Meeting – February 6, 2013

I)              INTRODUCTIONS- President Cochran not present. Jill Weissgerber in charge of meeting.


Treasurer’s Report from January approved

General Membership Minutes from January approved


STL Mayor Francis Slay speaks on city issues. In the last six years, crime has dropped by twice the national average.  Slay’s #1 priority is reducing crime. “Armed Offender Docket” to be created to put the violent criminals behind bars. Education and mental health funding are also high on the priority list for the Mayor.


District Captain Deeba spoke on his recent promotion and police business in Soulard. Urged citizens to not leave things visible in cars. Voiced his opinion that judges need to be harder on criminals. Urged residents to hold the private company policing their neighborhood responsible.


Tim Lorson, Directer of Mardi Gras Inc, spoke about Grand Parade Day. Assured residents that there is a plan in place to have trashed picked up beginning that night.  Reminded residents that you can’t decide to be a business for the day and charge cover to your party. Spoke about how important it is for people to follow the rules.


Officer Miller gave recent crime stats for the neighborhood. Two recent robberies around the 1100 block of Allen were most likely committed by same thug.  Urged residents to call 911 if they see something suspicious. Shared the website for residents to check out.


The Beautification Committee sold raffle tickets to win a king cake. Cake donated by Luann Denton.


Board Elections will be held in April. Interested in a Board position? Contact a current Board member.


IV)           NEW BUSINESS:

V)                   OLD BUSINESS:



Beautification:  April 13 is Blitz Day with Operation Brightside. Volunteers will be working on cleaning up Pontiac Park and Market Park.

Code & Zoning/Plan Review Team (PRT):  The owner of the local Subway shop is buying the lot at 7thand Geyer. They have general plans for a new location there, but they need to be tweaked to abide by neighborhood standards. 1017-19 Geyer. Owner wants to put a convenience store in. Block is zoned commercial.

Communications: Planning to expand website to showcase residents more.

Fundraising:  Raised $6,600 at Smarty Gras. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Membership: Sign up to host a social. Tonight’s social at Soulard Station

Residential Promotion: No report

Safety: March Safety Walk will be held right after March General meeting.

Oktoberfest – No report

Soulard Special Business Tax District – No report

Soulard Station:


Respectfully Submitted,


Ryan Brockschmitt