Soulard Restoration Group

General Membership Meeting – September 4 , 2013

Ι) INTRODUCTIONS- President Weissgerber called to order. Welcomed Alderman Ortman


Treasurer’s Report and Minutes from August approved.


Guests: Caroline Davis: U.S. Green Building Council-Hosting an ECO Bike Ride on Oct 20th

volunteers needed.

Commemorative Bricks at Soulard Station are available for purchase.

Soulard Concert: Sep 14. Soulard Art Fair Sep 20-21

Captain Deeba: Overall crime is down. More arrests very recently though. Be sure you know your area and surroundings. Beware of people trying to pass themselves off as homeless. They may seem like they are picking though trash, but they are actually planning to commit crime. Alderman Ortman is very supportive of local police and vocal about needing cops on the ground. St. Louis needs more like him.




Beautification: Oct 4th Art Auction at Soulard Station

Code & Zoning/Plan Review Team (PRT): Infill proposed at 2629 S. 11th

on homes don’t need permits. Call Cultural Resources if you have questions. 314-622-3400

Communications: New Renaissance deadline Sep 12. Submissions for website needed.

Fundraising: Social House is donating proceeds from their upcoming golf tournament again. $750 was

donated to SRG last year.

Membership: Working on Roster. Social will be at 2622 S. 12th

Residential Promotion: Soulard Art Fair Sep 21-22 Soulard Market Park. Grand Cru cigar shop now open.

Safety: Fall Safety Walk will happen after November General meeting

Oktoberfest – No report

Mardi Gras- LouFest Volunteers still needed

Soulard Special Business Tax District – No report

Soulard Station: Opening orders for commemorative bricks. Email if you would like

House Tour: Houses are needed for the tour.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Ryan Brockschmitt

: Art Auction at Soulard Station