Oct. 7, 2015 

Location: Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 1919 S. 7th St.

The meeting was called to order by President-Elect Bill Clendenin at 7 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Bill Clendenin, Sean Cochran, Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, 

Jackie Parker, Steve Parker, Gary Toribio

Board members absent: Jeremy Mehrle, Alicia Stellhorn, Mike Ziemann 

Elected officials in attendance: Alderman Jack Coatar, Alderman Ken Ortmann. 

Secretary’s Minutes:

Printed copies of the minutes from the Sept. 2 General Membership Meeting and the Sept. 16 

Board Meeting were unavailable. Consideration of the minutes was delayed until the Nov. 4 

General Membership Meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report: 

Treasurer’s Report was approved.

New Members

Two new members introduced themselves. 

Police Report:

Capt. Shawn Dace and Maj. Michael Sack introduced themselves. Capt. Dace was assigned as 

Third District commander on Oct. 5. He previously was commander of the Public Housing Unit. 

Maj. Sack is the new commander of the Central Patrol Division. He previously headed the 

Crimes Against Persons and Property unit.

Officer Brian Min:

Officer Min said July crimes included:

 Four assaults (but only one was really in the neighborhood.)

 Nine stolen autos (One was a domestic issue. One involved a pizza delivery in which the 

car was left running.)

 Four burglaries (two residential, one business, one garage.)

 One robbery (victim was intoxicated, approached from behind and knocked to the 


 17 larcenies

 17 thefts (one victim had been drinking, passed out on front steps and his wallet and cell 

phone were stolen.)

Officer Min said GCI Security wrote several summonses for quality of life issues, including a 

summons against the Historic Crossroads bar, 2201 S. 7th St., for having no commercial 

dumpster. (A neighbor had complained on Nextdoor Soulard that garbage was being burned in a 

fire pit outside the bar.)

Maj. Sack said there has been an upsurge of tires being stolen off cars since early July. “Please 

call if you see someone changing a tire and not putting one back on.” Maj. Sack also said people 

using Craig’s List had been robbed when meeting prospective “buyers.’ He suggested scheduling 

any transaction in a public place, such as a library or police station. “If they change the location, 

don’t go.”

Paul Kjorlie complained that television stations recently reported some crimes had occurred in 

Soulard when they actually were in neighboring areas. 

Guest speaker: 

Haliday Douglas, director of the St. Louis Public Schools Office of Talent Strategy and 

Management, introduced himself and described his duties, including updating the school 

district’s strategic plan. He noted that teachers have gone seven years without a raise. He brought 

copies of the 2016-17 Magnet School Guide for members to take. Douglas said the district has 

many volunteer opportunities (www.stlvolunteer.org/slps). He welcomed calls on his private cell 

phone, 314-762-8794. Richard Eaton congratulated the school district for Kennard Classical 

Junior Academy, 5031 Potomac St., being honored as a National Blue Ribbon School.

Old Business:

Parlour Tour Update:

Six or seven houses plus the Mad Art Gallery, 2727 S. 12 St., will be on the 2015 tour. The tour 

started in 1976, so this is its 40th year.


A volunteer sign-up sheet was circulated. About half of the needed 75 slots have been filled. 

Volunteers get free food and beer. The SRG Beer Booth will be in a better location than last year 

for the Oct. 9-11 event.

Soulard Security Cameras:

Bill Clendenin said that the Mardi Gras Foundation had granted $23,000 for the security camera 

system. He thanked those who wrote letters supporting the grant application. Jackie Parker 

thanked Clendenin and Soulard Business Association President Dan Shields for shepherding the 

application to success.

New Business:

Soulard Royalty: 

Luann Denten said that a lottery system was used to choose the royalty for the 2016 Vices & 

Virtues Mardi Gras Ball on Jan. 16. Out of more than 50 entries, Alan Ziegler was selected.

Rescheduled SRG Board Meeting:

The meeting date has been changed to Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Gene Slay’s Boys’ Club:

Lisa Otke noted that Gene Slay’s Boys’ Club, 2524 S. 11th St., has started accepting girls and will 

change its name to reflect that.

Committee Reports:

American Legion Post 422 Report:

Mr. Bill Wirtel reported that:

 Sgt. Ed Bielik, veteran of World War II and Korea, was one of 22 area veterans on the 

Greater St. Louis Honor Flight to Washington on Tuesday, Sept. 29. Upon  his return to 

Lambert International Airport, he was welcomed home by Auxiliary and Legion 

members and his family. His sponsor and escort was former Legion Post Commander 

Erin Slawinski.

 Two female and two male disabled veterans were presented Ambucs trykes on Sept. 26. 

Three more will be presented in October, bringing the total to 16.

 The Third Friday Family Happy Hour Sept. 18 was a success, with music provided by 

Officer Brian Min, retired Officer “Elvis” Ruzika and David Dee.

 Jessica Tipton will provide the music at the Oct. 15 Third Friday Family Happy Hour. 

The event runs from 5 to 8 p.m. and includes a chili cook-off.

 The parking lot paving will be completed on Friday, Oct. 9.

Soulard Business Association Report:

SBA President Dan Shields said SBA Board members would be among those joining Mardi Gras 

Inc. in cleaning the small triangle garden at S. 9th and Sidney streets on Oct. 18.

Julie Price said the SBA would conduct voting on the Mardi Gras poster at its booth at 

Oktoberfest Oct. 9-11. The winning entry gets $1,000. Votes can be cast at the booth or online.

Mardi Gras Inc. Report:

Billy Tomber said the revenue report on Q in the Lou is still to come. Twelfth Night on Jan.6 is 

the next big MGI event. The theme for the upcoming Mardi Gras is “all things sports.” 

Beautification Report:

Richard Eaton said a second coat of stain was applied today to the gazebo in Aboussie Park. He 

thanked those who helped. 

Eaton said $2,300 was raised at the art auction.

He thanked John Durnell for cleaning up the memory garden behind the bandstand at Soulard 

Market Park. 

John Durnell thanked Alderman Jack Coatar and former Alderman Phyllis Young for getting the 

iron fence installed at the Soulard Market Park bandstand, and said it already has discouraged 

vagrants from gathering there.

Communications Report:

The deadline for the Parlour Tour edition of the Renaissance is Nov. 5.

Code and Zoning Report:

Jay Gibbs reported that the boarding house at 2330 S. 12th St. nicknamed “the Soulard Hilton” 

will be renovated into 13 one-bedroom apartments. The boarding house currently has 31 units. It 

has operated as a boarding house since it was built in 1896. He said he believed it would have 

three off-street parking spaces with the rest on the street.

Fundraising report:

Rick Dungey thanked volunteers who worked at Q in the Lou Sept. 25-27. 

Dungey said that the minimum order  in the holiday wreath fundraising effort is 40. He reminded 

SRG members that many had pledged to order them and said that only 33 orders had been 

placed. (Seven more pledges were made at tonight’s meeting, reaching the minimum of 40.) He 

said the wreaths probably will be distributed Saturday, Nov. 28. Dungey said that someone on 

Nextdoor Soulard had suggested that business owners buy undecorated wreaths and decorate in 

their business’ theme. He challenged business owners to do so. The deadline to order wreaths is 

Oct. 31.

Membership Report:

Tonight’s social is being hosted by Cathy Weldon at The Porch, 1700 S. 9th St.

New membership rosters are available tonight on the back table.

Residential Promotion Report:

The next Local Hour will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22 at Fleur de Lilies, 1031 Lynch St.

The Creepy Cart Crawl golf cart and walking parade and trunk or treat will be Friday, Oct. 30. It 

will start at American Legion Post #422, 2601 S. 11th St. Registration begins at 5 p.m. and the 

slow-moving parade will begin at 6 p.m. Residents along the parade route will be notified and 

will be encouraged to give candy to children in the parade. 

She said the entry marker sign pole should be shipped by the end of October.

Safety Report:

Bill Clendenin reminded members that the Fall Safety Walk follows tonight’s meeting. He said 

participants should be especially mindful of street lights that are out, alley lights that are out and 



The meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.