Feb. 4, 2015

Location: Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall, South 8th Street and Allen Avenue

Meeting started at 7:01 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Nancy Kelly, Beth Bennett , Sean Cochran, Luann Denten, Jeremy Mehrle, Jackie Parker, Steve Parker, Michael Pastore, Jill Weissgerber, Mike Ziemann

Absent: Alicia Stellhorn

Aldermen in attendance: Ken Ortmann

New members:
Six people introduced themselves.

Secretary’s Minutes
Minutes from Jan. 7 General Meeting and Jan.  21 Board Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Report was approved.

Police report by Officer Brian Min:
·         In January, there were 10 auto thefts, four burglaries and one robbery.

·         Two of the burglaries were “cleaned up” with the arrest of Sean Johnson.

·         Seven of the 10 auto thefts involved vehicles that were stolen while warming up. Officer Min suggests people use an anti-theft device, like The Club, while warming up cars.

Wade Weistreich and Mike Ziemann asked about lack of police enforcement of taxis not using designated taxi stand locations. Officer Min said to call 911 if the taxis are causing a “public nuisance.”  Nancy Kelly suggested writing letters and emails and making phone calls to the Taxi Commission saying the taxis are creating dangerous conditions and that police should enforce the commission’s rules.

Bill Clendenin circulated Neighborhood Impact Statement petitions related to two criminal cases.

Guest Speaker:
Tim Lorson, executive director of Mardi Gras Inc. 

·         Fliers will be put on door knobs informing affected homeowners about road closures for the Run for Your Beads 5K on Saturday, Feb. 7.   Road closures will be staggered as the race progresses, with the entire event only taking about 45 minutes.  Illegally parked cars that would affect the race will be “relocated.”

·          Drivers can obtain two parking passes (or more with proof of additional vehicles) at the Mardi    Gras offices.

·         Cars parked in the White Zone will be ticketed and towed.  Cars parked in the Yellow Zone with a pink parking pass are OK.

·         Streets stay closed until Sunday 2 a.m. to facilitate cleanup.

·         Call 771-5110 if trash hasn’t been picked up.

·         No cans, bottles, coolers or backpacks allowed.

·         People can get a free 12-pack of Bud Light at the Mardi Gras office if they hang a Bud Light Mardi Gras poster in a window of their home.

·         Free Monster energy drinks also are available at the Mardi Gras office.

·         Call 771-5110 if R&R has placed a port-a-potty where it shouldn’t be.

·         There will be 320 more port-a-potties than last year.

·         A post-Mardi Gras forum will be held at 6 p.m. March 5 at the MGI offices, 2200 Dolman St.

·         Mardi Gras Inc. has spent more than $300,000 in neighborhood projects.

·         Police Command Station on Grand Parade Day will be at Lafayette School, 9th and Ann.

·         Call 911 for true police emergencies. Call 771-5110 for other problems.

Old Business:

Judith Howard introduced herself. She was born in Old Town neighborhood of Alexandria, Va. She has been an SRG member since 1994 and has restored four houses in the neighborhood: At 9th and Emmett, 10th and Lami, 13th and Shenandoah and 12th and Sidney.  She is now restoring the old Hi-Way bar at 13th and Lynch, which has been vacant for five years, as Howards. She described herself as being “as picky as anyone” when it comes to restoration stands. She has owned the building for 15 weeks and construction started eight weeks ago.

She offered to take anyone interested on a walk-through of Howards at 5 p.m. Feb. 5. That will be followed by an information session at the American Legion post where she will discuss the business side of the project. She invited everyone to share their opinions with her.

She said there would be some disruption of the sidewalk and street while new gas, water and sewer lines were being installed. She said is keenly aware that it’s a residential area and that additional sound-blocking material would be used on the building’s north side. “Folk-coustic” music will be played at Howards.

She said she was consulting the SRG and Safety Committee about lighting and security cameras. She said Alderman Ortmann was serving as a “therapist/guidance counselor.”

New Business:
SRG Booth at Mardi Gras

Sean Cochran said SRG would have a booth at Soulard Station to host a party and offer beer sales. Admission is $30. SRG members can sponsor 10 friends. He explained the volunteer shifts.

SRG 2015-2016 Officer and Board Elections

Nancy Kelly noted that nominations are sought for the Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect offices and three Board members with two-year terms.

American Legion

Eric Marlinghaus said there would be at least two fish fries this season.

He said the recent Mouse Races sold out and raised more than $6,300. He noted the success of the Am-Bucs challenge that debuted at the races. Once money is raised for five, AmBucs will kick in another five.

He said the Legion would like to sponsor a Social after an upcoming SRG General Meeting.

Committee Reports:

·         Luann Denten thanked those who attended the Vices & Virtues ball on Jan. 31. She said it sold out and is already being sold for next year.

Residential Promotion:
·         The historic afghan of Soulard landmarks was displayed. It is being sold for $40.

·         Entry Marker project is progressing. Nine signs will be erected, all of a single design done by Linda Kurdi. Luann Denten said she would be meeting with Alderman Ortmann to try to find funds for more signs.

·         Local Hour will be at Pizzeoli on Thursday Feb. 26.

·         Jackie Parker said the Renaissance would be distributed this Thursday and Friday. She said a .pdf is available on Soulard.com. Anyone who wants to be on the Blaster email list should sign up.

Code & Zoning:
·         Jay Gibbs said he has approved the façade plans for Howards on behalf of the committee.

·         Gibbs said work is progressing on rehabbing the Polar Wave Building on 9th St.  Plans are to turn it into 43 apartments.

·         Jill Weissgerber said the next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday Feb. 19 at Soulard Station.

·         Bill Clendenin said the next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday Feb. 23 at Soulard Station.

·         Rick Dungey reported that Trivia Night had a slight reduction in tables, at 26, but that increased silent auction sales helped raise between $7,000 and $8,000. He thanked Jackie Parker for managing the event.

Nancy Kelly gave special thanks to Luann Denten for the success of the Vices & Virtues ball.

Tonight’s Social:
Jay and Karla Gibbs are hosting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.