Sept. 2, 2015

Location: Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 1919 S. 7th St.

Meeting was called to order by President Mike Ziemann at 7:09 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Mike Ziemann, Beth Bennett, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Jeremy Mehrle, Jackie Parker, Steve Parker, Gary Toribio

Board members absent: Sean Cochran, Alicia Stellhorn

Elected officials in attendance: Alderman Jack Coatar

SRG Board resignation:

Ziemann announced that Past President Nancy Kelly had resigned from the Board, citing inflexible vacation, family and travel commitments through December.

Tonight’s Social:

The social after tonight’s meeting will be at American Legion Post 422, 2601 S. 11th St.

New Members:

Four new members introduced themselves. 

Chad Allen and Jim Hayden, owners of Twisted RAnCh restaurant, 1730 S. 8th St., introduced themselves and said they were excited to be part of the neighborhood. Local Hour on Thursday, 

Sept. 24 will be at Twisted RAnCH.

Secretary’s Minutes:

Minutes from the Aug. 5 SRG General Membership Meeting and the Aug. 12 SRG Board Meeting were submitted and approved by the membership.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Police Report:

Safety Committee Chairman Bill Clendenin presented the police report in the absence of officer Brian Min, who is vacationing. 

Clendenin said August crimes included:  

 Six armed robberies

 Four burglaries

 Six auto thefts

 11 larcenies

(A report giving a monthly crime statistics breakdown dating back to 2009 was placed on each table before the meeting started.) 

Clendenin noted that the six armed robberies in August were more than the total for the first seven months of 2015 combined. He said police had cleared at least four of the cases. Ziemann asked Clendenin to give the Safety Committee report while he had the floor.

Safety Committee Report:

Clendenin circulated a victim impact statement in the case against the defendant in several business burglaries, including Riley’s Florist, 1705 S. 7th St. Clendenin explained that residents’ signatures shouldn’t include names or specific addresses but should be general. For example: A resident of the Hundred block of Street Name.

The Fall Safety Walk will follow the Oct. 7 General Membership Meeting.

Star Awards Presentation:

Beautification Committee members Richard Eaton, Luann Denten, John Durnell, Luke Reynolds, 

Leah Sutphen and Mary Beth Wallace were summoned to the front of the room by Membership Committee Chairman Jill Weissgerber. 

Luke Reynolds was then presented a Star Award, with Eaton noting that Reynolds had made a complete donation of bar sales, plus provided free food and music and the venue for the annual Beautification Committee Fundraiser at Molly’s, 816 Geyer Ave. Durnell said that more than $45,000 had been raised in the five fundraisers held there. 

Joe Denten was presented a Star Award by Wade Weistreich, who said it had been difficult to keep Denten’s award a secret because “the person who is receiving the award also makes the awards.” Weistreich noted that Denten also made the medallions for the Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball and did the engravings on the Soulard wine glasses that are sold by the Residential Promotion Committee.

Wade Weistreich was then presented a Star Award by Luann Denten, who called him a “consummate volunteer.” She noted his work on the Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball, including wearing a costume for a television appearance, and on the Soulard Garden Tour.

Jill Weissgerber was presented a Star Award by Luann Denten, who said the nomination had been made by the entire SRG Board. She noted Weissgerber had made a three-year commitment to being on the SRG Board when she served as president (including being president-elect and past president). Before that, Weissgerber had been chairman of the Membership Committee and resumed that position after her presidency. Denten said that Weissgerber had been the youngest SRG president ever. “Jill volunteers for everything and does it with a smile on her face,” Denten said.

Old Business:


New Business:

The 1860’s Saloon, 1860 S. 9th St., will hold a fundraising golf tournament on Saturday Oct. 19, with all proceeds going to the Soulard Safety Committee.

The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k on Sunday Dec. 13 will have minimal impact on the neighborhood, President Ziemann said, noting that it will be held in the early morning (the race starts at 7:30 a.m.) and involve few neighborhood streets (the race route goes south on South Broadway, south on South 7th Street to Dorcas Street, then back north on South 7th to Lafayette Avenue, where it heads west to South Tucker Boulevard.) He said the SRG would have a cheer station and pass out hot chocolate. 

Alderman Jack Coatar said he had written a letter to the city Excise Division calling for Cuz’ Bar and Grill, 1530 S. 7th Street, to not be allowed to renew its 3 a.m. liquor license. He said that Cuz’ had inadvertently allowed the license to expire. Coatar and Ziemann both noted that a fatal shooting occurred outside Cuz’ in July after an altercation inside. Coatar said that Cuz’ would still have a 1:30 a.m. liquor license. He said that most severe crimes at liquor establishments occur after 2 a.m.  He added, “Frankly, I am interested in seeing that bar go away.” He cited homicides there and called it a “nuisance to the community.”

Ziemann said that residents should call the Citizens Service Bureau if they are in need of spraying for mosquito control. Paul Kjorlie disagreed, but Ziemann said he had made inquiries and that’s what he was told.

Legion Report by Mr. Bill Wirtel:

Ed Bielik, a World World II Marine and member of American Legion Post 422 will be among 25 area veterans taking part in the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight on Tuesday, Sept. 29. Bielik’s sponsor and escort will be Erin Slawinski, past post commander. Mr. Bill invited the membership to be present at Lambert International Airport when Bielik returns from a busy day in Washington, including viewing the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. 

They are scheduled to return just before 8 p.m. Sept. 29 at the East Terminal aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 3125.

Four more Ambucs tricycles have been given to disabled veterans.

Officer Brian Min will provide the music at the Third Friday of the Month Happy Hour on Sept. 18.

Work outside the Legion Post continues: The sidewalk is finished, concrete is poured but the asphalt work still needs to be done.

SBA Report:

Dan Shields, SBA president and owner of D’s Place, 900 Barton St., said the .10k Challenge and Pub Crawl (which was held Sept. 5) would involve closing part of Geyer Avenue for a half hour to an hour. He said the event would benefit Gene Slay’s Boys’ Club of St. Louis, 2524 S. 11th St. 

Shields said Alderman Coatar has the full support of the SBA regarding the Cuz’ Bar & Grill situation.

Mardi Gras Inc. Report: 

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday falls on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016.

Billy Tomber outlined the makeup of the Mardi Gras Inc. Board.

Tomber said that volunteer opportunities at the “Q in the Lou” BBQ festival being produced by MGI would be discussed during the Fundraising Committee report.

Soulard Parlour Tour Report:

Miriam Press gave an update on this year’s Soulard Parlour Tour, the 40th, which will be held Dec. 5-6. She invited people who are interested in being part of the tour (not necessarily this year’s) to contact a committee member. She said the committee’s goal in selecting stops is to have a mix of old and new structures with both the north and south sides of the neighborhood represented.

Beautification Report:

Richard Eaton said the Weed Warriors will be working in Aboussie Park (on south 13th Street between Sidney and Lynch Streets) from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 12. The city Parks Department is being asked to truck in soil to be spread around the gazebo that’s being built there as an Eagle Scout project.

Paul Kjorlie noted that the Aug. 12 SRG Board Meeting Minutes reported a proposal to relocate the Terra Madonna sculpture to Pontiac Square Park. He asked if the name implied a religious connection and was told no.

An auction of art that was produced during “Art in the Garden” June 27, 2015, will be held from 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 2 at Soulard Station. Proceeds will go to the Beautification Committee. Artists will be present and light refreshments will be available.

Communications Committee: 

The Renaissance deadline is 5 p.m. Sept. 4. Delivery is scheduled for the week of September 


The Soulard Directory is being updated and current information is welcomed.

Code and Zoning Committee:

The committee voted against supporting a tax abatement request for a proposed renovation of a 16-unit rental property around the corner from Hammerstone’s. Committee Chairman Jay Gibbs said the committee is fine with granting tax credits but generally is opposed to abatements.

Plans have been submitted for renovation of a single-family home, the lone house on the block in the 2700 block of South 9th Street near the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

Gibbs said he has received reports of work being done without proper permits near Gravois Avenue, Allen Avenue and Allen Market Lane, where vacant church buildings and the Old Lucas School House are located.  He reminded members to call the city Citizen’s Bureau or the police if they see work being done without proper permits on display; do not call him.

Dave Perry asked about a garage being torn down at Henry’s Bar, 1916 S. 9th St. Gibbs said he wasn’t certain but speculated that it was part of an expansion. Gibbs noted that the business’ name had been painted on a fence and that an iron fence was put up and wondered if permits had been pulled.

Nominations are being sought for Star Awards to be given in the spring for new construction and significant renovation work.

Membership Committee: 

Jill Weissgerber said an updated membership roster should be ready by the Oct. 7 SRG General Membership Meeting. 

The Membership Committee will meet at 7 p.m. Sept. 10 at Soulard Station.

Residential Promotion:

Luann Denten showed a photo of the entry marker signs and said that the 14-foot poles to hold them reportedly have arrived. She said there would be a reception so that people can view a full-scale model.

Denten displayed the new Soulard flag, which was delivered today (Sept. 2).  It is two-sided and being sold for $40. 

She said there would be a decorated golf cart parade on Friday, Oct. 30, with prizes for the best carts. 

Soulard merchandise will soon be available online.

Fundraising Committee:

Rick Dungey outlined the SRG 2015 Christmas Wreath Fundraiser. He said the supplier, Korson’s Tree Farms in Sidney, Michigan, has won Reserve Grand Champion in the National Christmas Tree Association contest and would be providing a tree for the vice president’s residence in Washington. He said this fundraiser gives people a chance to say that their wreath came from the same company that supplied the vice president’s tree. Two sizes will be available: 24-inch for $20 and 28-inch for $30. The wreaths may be ordered bare or decorated, but the cost is the same either way. All sales will be made online through the SRG website, Orders probably will be distributed starting Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving. For any wreaths to be sold, at least 40 wreaths overall must be ordered. Deadline for sales is Oct. 31. 

Dungey asked for volunteers for the downtown “Q in the Lou” BBQ festival Sept. 25-27. SRG will have a fundraising beer booth and volunteers are being sought for four-hour shifts. He encouraged people to work multiple shifts.

Volunteers are also being sought for Oktoberfest, which is Oct. 9-11.  Paul Kjorlie asked if there was a contractual problem between the SRG and Oktoberfest organizers. Dungey said there had been some confusion last year about reimbursement for beer sales to those with VIP tickets but that the issue has been resolved.


The meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.