SRG Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016 at Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by President Mike Ziemann.

Members present: Mike Ziemann, Beth Bennett, Sean Cochran, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Jeremy Mehrle, Jackie Parker, Steve Parker, Alicia Stellhorn, Gary Toribio

Members absent: None

Guests: None

Treasurer’s Report: 

Treasurer Stellhorn reported that revenue figures were in for the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K fundraiser ($1,500) and the Q in the Lou fundraiser ($1,677). She said that misleading information was being circulated about the SRG’s total assets. The total assets figure of $212,349.93 that shows on the Balance Sheet would only apply if the SRG were to sell Soulard Station and the property it sits upon, fixed assets of about $152,000. 

Luann Denten read a letter from Beautification Committee Chairman Richard Eaton in which he expressed concern that a payment of $1,045 to Gateway Greening for plaques on planters had been taken from the committee’s budget. Eaton noted that the Board had indicated at its December meeting that the expense would not be charged to Beautification.  Treasurer Stellhorn explained that the expense had been put in Quickbooks for accounting purposes only, and that the Beautification budget had not actually been charged.  However, to avoid the confusion that this created she reappropriated the cost as a Station expense.

Old Business:

Spending Priorities:

The Board decided to wait until its February meeting to further discuss proposals for spending surplus SRG funds.

New Business:

Board Elections:

Two director positions and three Board officer (president-elect, treasurer and secretary) need to be filled in the April election. Those openings will again be announced at the Feb. 3 General Membership Meeting, and Jackie Parker said she would include the information in the weekly Blaster and on Nextdoor Soulard. Nominations will be accepted at the March General Membership Meeting and can be made until the ballot is printed for the April meeting.

Luann Denten noted that the SRG bylaws speak of a nominating committee. Board members agreed that the entire Board actually serves as a de facto nominating committee, Mardi Gras at Soulard Station:

No SRG event will be held at the station on Grand Parade Day. After new Board members are seated, the new Board can discuss whether to hold a fundraiser or SRG party for Mardi Gras next year.

Mayor Francis Slay Appearance at the February General Membership Meeting: 

Mayor Slay has asked to address the General Membership about retaining the City Earnings Tax. (*Note: Mayor Slay will attend the March 3 meeting.)

Sts. Peter and Paul Reimbursement:
The Board agreed to budget $600 annually as payment to Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 1919 S. 7th St., for use of its hall for monthly SRG General Membership Meetings.

Nonprofit Donation Requests:
The Board agreed that as a rule, it prefers that requests for donations to nonprofits come directly from the nonprofits and be made to the nonprofits rather than from an umbrella group soliciting on behalf of nonprofits.

February and March Board Meetings:

The February Board Meeting will be held Feb. 24 because of a conflict on the Feb. 17 regular meeting date. The March Board Meeting date may also need to be changed.

German Heritage Street Signs
The German American Heritage Society of St. Louis is seeking to erect an honorary sign “renaming” a block of South 7th Street in Soulard (between Barton and Lami streets) as Bismarck Street. Alderman Jack Coatar forwarded the request to the SRG Board. The Board tabled discussion to allow a presentation from the Heritage Society.

Committee Reports:

Nothing beyond Richard Eaton’s letter, which was read during the Treasurer’s Report.

No report.

Code and Zoning:
The committee will hear a request for two signs at the Lafayette School apartments. One would be on the South 7th Street side and the other would be on the door.

Smarty Gras Trivia Night will be Feb. 20. Volunteers are needed and tables are available.

Membership:                                                                                                                                                  The committee hopes to increase the number of events it holds this year. Another paint party is planned and a terrarium-building workshop is under consideration.  The committee also may hold a wrestling night event at the Broadway Athletic Club, 2301 S. 7th St. Emails will be sent to people who haven’t already renewed their memberships prior to the Membership Meeting event in May.

Residential Promotion:                                                                                                                               New Soulard Star sterling silver earrings and necklaces have arrived and will be available for purchase. Prices were discussed. A new order for Soulard flags has been placed. 

Luann Denten said she had been asked whether bicycle races that once were part of the Bastille Days celebration might return.  It was suggested she speak with Matt LaBerta of LaBerta and Sons Cycles, 1007 Russell Blvd., and Ann Chance, St. Louis Special Events Program Executive, about the logistics and history of such an event.

Some neighborhood parties are being planned for Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras Inc. will not hold a downtown parade on Fat Tuesday this year. One event will start about 5 p.m. at D’s Place, 900 Barton St.; another will start at 6:30 p.m. at the Soulard Art Gallery, 2028 S. 12th St.; another will start at 7 p.m. at Nadine’s Gin Joint, 1931 S. 12th St. 


Three proposals for installing the first security cameras are being reviewed.  It is expected that a contractor will be selected in February.  After the selection of the contractor, it is anticipated that camera committee members will meet again with representatives of the Street Department and the Real Time Crime Center. The plans for the first security cameras will be refined, and actual installation could begin as soon as late February/early March.

Mardi Gras Inc.

No Fat Tuesday parade this year. The number of Krewes in the Grand Parade is down from last year, with 66 having registered as of December compared to 81 the previous December.

Soulard Social House, 1551 S. 7th St., will have a party station next to its property after it was denied permission to use the lot by Soulard Coffee Garden, 910 Geyer Ave.

Ten percent of net profits from all MGI events will be set aside for neighborhood causes.


The current edition is already available online and should be distributed by Friday. The deadline for the Garden Tour edition is May 13.

Gary Toribio noted that STL Programs had donated the Parlour Tour programs in appreciation of our having the firm print the Renaissance. Treasurer Stellhorn added that the Parlour Tour cleared $11,896 this year.

Soulard Station:

No report.


The meeting adjourned at 9:33 p.m.