SRG Board Meeting Minutes
March 30, 2016

Soulard Station – 1911 S. 12th Street

Present: Mike Ziemann, Luann Denten, Beth Bennett, Sean Cochran, Jackie Parker, Bill Clendenin, Jeremy Mehrle, Gary Toribio, Alicia Stellhorn 

Absent: Steve Parker 

Guests: Tony Range, George Grove, Billy Tomber 

President Mike Ziemann called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.  

Tony Range & George Grove spoke in favor of proposal presented by Sean Cochran to turn the care of the Soulard Station Gardens over to a professional landscaping company under the supervision/guidance of Tony & George. Three estimates were presented.

According to proposal, Station is “booked” for weekends of entire growing season creating the issue that they cannot work on grounds then—the three companies presented could come during the week. 

Trash pickup is a huge problem weekly problem; weekly maintenance is required—especially due to the bookings @ the Station. 

Tony & George are stepping away due to the level of work & time constraints. 

The Board thanked George & Tony for their work and proposal. 

Discussion of maintenance of Station grounds included landscaping company’s option, or to return care of same to the Beautification Committee under the direction of Chairman, Richard Eaton. 

Sean Cochran motioned that the Board hire Top Care Landscaping to plant and maintain the Station grounds for one year for $6,220. 

Alicia Stellhorn seconded. Motion failed. 

Luann Denten motioned that Richard Eaton, Chairman of Beautification, be offered the option to plant and maintain the Station Gardens, with the Beautification 

Jeremy Mehrle seconded. Motion passed. 

Billy Tomber appeared to discuss the Board member seat on the MGI board which will expire June 30. Billy Tomber is seeking to retain this seat due to the possible “state of flux” at MGI. Billy proposes that consistency is critical at this time. 

Board policy has been to limit positions on MGI board to two, three-year terms. 

Sean Cochran motioned that in this specific instance, the Board make an exception to allow Billy to stay on for one more term. (Subject to approval of President-Elect Bill Clendenin in June.) 

Alicia Stellhorn seconded. Motion passed. 

Board thanked President Mike Ziemann and Board members Jeremy Mehrle and Sean Cochran for their service. Discussed impending election and the transition 

Alicia Stellhorn’s term goes to the end of the fiscal year — June 30, 2016. 

Alicia reports the balance to be $62,912.14 with $10,000 of same pledged to the Security Camera Project. Discussion clarifying same. 

Bill Clendenin provided an update on the Soulard camera project. He and Alderman Jack Coatar met with City and SLMPD representatives to coordinate the first phase of the project. 

Currently, up to 10 locations for cameras are under consideration, with the Soulard groups looking to fund five to seven of the locations in this phase. Per Alderman Coatar, the City would look to install LPR (license plate recognition) cameras in the vicinity of the neighborhood, using 7th Ward capital improvement 

In addition to the Mardi Gras Foundation’s grant, the SRG, the Soulard Business Association and the Soulard Special Business District are contributing to this effort. 

Alicia Stellhorn motioned that the SRG provide up to $10,000 additional dollars for Soulard neighborhood cameras if needed to support this current phase of the camera project. This is in addition to the $10,000 previously committed. 

Luann Denten seconded. Motion passed. 

The Police Officer Appreciation Luncheon will be held April 7 at the Chase Park Luann Denten motioned that the Board purchase a table in support and attend. 

Board to offer any extra seats to the members of the SRG Safety Committee. 

Beth Bennett seconded. Motion passed. 

Elections to be held @ next SRG meeting (April 6, 2016).  Each prospective Board member will be asked to offer the membership a 60-second “descriptor” of their own qualifications for the position.  The candidates for President Elect to be given three minutes each. 

Officer Tony Miller, long-term friend of Soulard, is currently fighting cancer. Jackie Parker motioned that the SRG donate $1,000 to Officer Millers’ Go-Fund-Me

Alicia Stellhorn seconded. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

MGI –  reported by Gary Toribio

Tim Lorson has not committed to a contract. MGI Parade was problematic — both in timing and quality.

Beautification – Hosting social after April 6 SRG meeting — hoping to showcase Bandstand at Soulard Market Park. 

Communication – No Report 

Code & Zoning – Discussion of potential re-do of building next to Polar Wave.

Fundraising – Go! Cheerstation is April 10 located at 9th Street by Good Luck Bar. SRG to receive $750 stipend for same. 

Membership – Membership drive in May; looking at new events. 

Residential Promotion – Will sell merchandise at Membership drive. Re-formatting Bastille 

Celebration— Parade to be Saturday, July 16. Friday, July 15, will be a fashion show & dance @ South Broadway Athletic Club — “Marie’s Last Dance”.

See Camera report. The Safety Walk is immediately after the April General Meeting.

Renaissance – Deadline is May 13 — Garden Tour Edition.

Soulard Station – See above.

Outgoing President Mike Ziemann thanked all for the support throughout this past Alicia Stellhorn motioned the meeting adjourn at 9:58 p.m. 

Sean Cochran seconded. Motion passed.