Minutes June 2016 SRG Board Meeting

Date: June 15, 2016

Location: Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.  

Officers in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Jackie Parker, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Alicia Stellhorn, Wade Weistreich

Officers Absent: Christopher Schwarz (Treasurer-Elect), Gary Toribio, Mike Ziemann

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

Old Business


New Business

1. South Broadway Athletic Club (SBAC)

            Evan Bolesta spoke regarding the work that the SBAC board is doing on the SBAC.

Their goal is to make the club more inclusive for the neighborhood and more than just “wrestling events.” Improvements to the building, previously on the verge of foreclosure, are planned for the purpose of restoring a historical building in addition to creating a meeting place that is more a character of the neighborhood. The club has scheduled many events with groups within the community, including the Bastille Weekend celebrations and the Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball. A resource available to the SBAC, as a non-for-profit organization, is the Mardi Gras Foundation Community Grants program. Previous members of the Mardi Gras Foundation have offered guidance and support in the grant application process,  and the SBAC Board is seeking a support letter from the SRG to accompany the grant proposal. 

Board Discussion:

            The SRG Board is not submitting an application for grant monies from MGF, therefore there is not a conflict in offering a letter of support for the SBAC. For a long time the membership of the club was a Soulard base membership and the spot became a place for “old-timers” and no longer oriented toward the neighborhood itself. In the last year a push has been made to increase the membership to the SBAC from the neighbors. The SRG is not specifically applying for any MGF grants this year and is supportive of the SBAC applying for an MGF grant. The SBAC is an asset to the neighbors, the neighborhood, the SRG and the community at-large. 

 There are also plans to approach Lisa Otke regarding other programs in the community that would be available to assist in funding the rehab of the building. A question was asked if the building is currently ADA and there is at least one entrance that is ADA accessible. There is also an ADA accessible entrance to the raised platform running along the interior edge of the building. 

            There are only so many spots left in the neighborhood with this much space and the SBAC is the largest event space in Soulard. 

Motion: Venessa Kobrin motions that the SRG provide a letter of support to accompany the SBAC grant application for funds from Mardi Gras Foundation.

Second: Scott Plackemeier

Passed: 9 (in favor) - 0 (opposed).

2.  Home Security Systems/Neighborhood Rates

            Ron Stevens has suggested that the SRG work with one or more camera companies to encourage residents to install home camera systems.  He believes that certain camera companies may be willing to offer discounted neighborhood rates. The idea is to have several households take part in the program to increase the overall amount of cameras and security in the neighborhood. (This would involve cameras and security systems at private residences and is a completely separate project than the neighborhood camera system that is being developed in cooperation with the SLMPD and the City of St. Louis.)

            Board Discussion:  The Board wants to explore this idea further and it was agreed that this would be matter for discussion at the next Safety Committee meeting.  

3.  New Projects

             a. Marker Project

                        The Residential Promotions Committee is proposing a historical signage                  project. The purpose would be the following: 

1)  create a walking tour of Soulard highlighting the history of the


2)  recognize historical sites within Soulard, 

3)  create a uniform standard for content and display of signage and                        4) attract visitors to Soulard. 

                        Cultural Resources prefers that the plaques are put on the house or on a                pedestal in the yard of the house and set back from the fence. Our concept is to get the           best, weather proof, readable presentation that we can come up with that are comparable            to a sample sign (16”x24”) presented at the meeting, and using the Soulard emblem,     developing an approved formula for what will be put on the sign. The selection of the               buildings for inclusion in the program would be finalized by the SRG Board with input            from general membership. 

                        The signage program would also be available to residents who would like               to personally pay to have a plaque placed in their yard, provided that the selection of             houses for inclusion would be subject to the same review procedures as with the other            buildings in order to maintain the quality of the overall project.  Residents would be       required to maintain the same signage formula as those installed by the SRG. 

                        No specific choices have been made at this time as Residential Promotion wanted              to bring the concept to the board. Uniform materials, verbiage and selection of sites               for installation would be required. This is a project previously suggested by Jay      Gibbs. This scope of the project was much larger than previously anticipated. This          project will require oversight to ensure uniformity and to maintain the quality of the      plaques and the overall project. 

                        A phase two could be a “Soulard” application which would offer audio                tours in connection with the markers. 

            Motion:  Venessa Kobrin motions that an exploratory committee is formed for the               purpose of ascertaining the expense of both signage and installation of historical           markers, as well as potential historical neighborhood locations and the historicalinformation for each potential locations for the purpose of creating a formula for             future use. 

            Second: Luann Denten

             Passed: 8 (in favor) - 1 (opposed)

            b. Reserve Fund

                        SRG currently has about $63,000 in liquid resources. 2The Board discussed the     appropriate amount of a reserve fund to be maintained during the current term of the   Board. It was agreed that during the current Board term, a reserve of $15,000 will be             maintained. 

            Motion: Venessa Kobrin motions that a reserve fund be established and maintain                a balance of $15,000 for emergent situations (not yet defined) in the                          neighborhood. 

             Second: Neil Putz

             Passed: 9 (in favor) - 0 (opposed)


            c. Neighborhood Leadership Academy

            Motion: Alicia Stellhorn motions the Venessa, Christopher and Wade, time-                         permitting, attend the Neighborhood Leadership Academy. 

            Second: Luann Denten

             Passed: 9 (in favor) - 0 (opposed)

            d. Review Procedure for Large Projects

                        Based on the experiences of the 7th and Victor project, the Board discussed the   appropriate procedure to be used for large development projects, such as the apartment            development proposed at 1400 Russell. 

                        The Board decided that the following procedure will be used for any project          involving eight (8) or more residential units (“Large Projects”): 

1.                  The Plan Review Team (“PRT”) will retain responsibility for conducting                             the initial review of the Large Project.  The PRT will invite the Board to                                 any meetings with the developers of a Large Project. The PRT’s review                                    will include design, density, and parking matters.  

2.                  The PRT will vote on the Large Project.  

3.                  If the PRT approves the Large Project, an open house will be held at                                   Soulard Station so that Soulard residents (not just SRG members) can                                  view the renderings and discuss the project one-on-one with the                                      developers. The open house will be announced via the Blaster and                                    through social media.  

4.                  After the open house, there will be a period of time in which residents can                                       submit comments to the Board.

5.                  The Board will then vote whether to accept the recommendation of the                              PRT or to reject the recommendation of the PRT.   

                        For projects that are less than eight residential units, the PRT will continue to be   the SRG’s official review mechanism and any decisions of the PRT will continue to be           deemed the official determination of the SRG for all purposes.  

             e. Insurance

                        Venessa will reach out to Jim Price for copies of all current insurance policies,        and policies for the last five years, related to Soulard Station and the SRG. She will bring         copies to the next meeting. 

            f. July BBQ

                        The SRG Board BBQ will be hosted by Luann Denten at her home on                 July 23, 2016. This will be a potluck and BYOB event, and it was made clear that no          reimbursements will be sought from SRG funds. 

Committee Reports

1.  Communications and Fundraising (Jackie Parker): 

                        No report from communication but thanks to all who delivered the Renaissance.   There was lots of good advertising and spots to advance upcoming events to include the        Garden Tour and the Bastille Day Celebration.         


                        It was made clear that the Blaster is the central repository for all Soulard                information, to include any meetings or events. 

2.  Beautification (Luann Denten): 

                        The Beautification Fundraiser made $10,008. The Garden Tour preview was last   Saturday and was extremely successful. The Garden Tour is June 25, 2016. There have         not been pre-sale tickets in the passed, so this is a new process. There have been several            clean-up days at the Soulard Station in preparation for the Garden Tour. 

3.  Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett):

                        Covered in the large-scale development discussion.

4.  Membership (Beth Bennett): 

                         The new member social was successful. 

5.  Residential Promotions (Luann Denten): 

                        Currently working on the sign project already covered and working on the Bastille          Day Celebration. The Bastille Day Celebration is two parts: Marie’s Last Dance on        Friday night and the Gathering of the Mob on Saturday. 

6.  Safety (Scott Plackemeier): 

                        Nothing to report. 

7.  MGI (Jackie Parker and Gary Toribio): 

                        Report given during executive session. 


8.  Parlor Tour (Mike Ziemann): 

                         The liaison was not present to make a report. 

9.  Soulard Station (Neil Putz): 

                        Neil is working to enhance synergy and communication. There are three separate   areas that are being addressed to increase the functionality and success of the Soulard     Station. Neil is serving as the broker between the various parties involved. 


Venessa Kobrin motioned to adjourn, Neil Putz seconded and the meeting adjourned at 10:32 p.m.