Minutes February 2017 SRG General Meeting

Date:             March 1, 2017

Location:        Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Bill Clendenin, Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann

Officers and Directors Absent: Gary Toribio

Aldermen Present:        Ken Ortmann and Jack Coatar

Committeeman Present:     Marty Joe Murray, Jr.

Other Officials:        Alderwoman Cara Spencer


Judith McDaniel, present, was acknowledged as one of the five founding members of the
Soulard Restoration Group.

Board and General Meeting Minutes

    February General Membership meeting minutes were available for review. Macy Meyer motioned to approve the minutes and Neil Putz seconded. The February General Membership meeting minutes were approved.

New Business

Proposition S (Cara Spencer)

    This proposition is being put forward in the hope of controlling and containing payday loans. 11% of Missourians take out payday loans and Missouri has the most lax payday loan rules in the country.

    A permitting fee would be added that would be used to set up an office that could provide oversight for the payday loan industry in the state of Missouri. This proposition also calls for plain language for forms that are required in the process of taking out a payday loan.

    A question was asked if this would lessen the fees that are paid by the consumers of payday loans. The answer was no, this would not specifically lower fees paid by consumers utilizing payday loans.

Tishaura Jones  (Debbie Johnson)

    Spoke on behalf of Tishaura Jones, who is a candidate in the Democratic Mayoral Primary.

Juvenile Crime Forum Recap (Dave Simmons)

    Dave Simmons provided some takeaways from the juvenile crime forum. A large amount of local crime is being committed by juveniles. There is a way to reach out, as a community, to children under the age of 17 who have committed crimes. If you are on a committee where there are tasks that are age appropriate to youth completing or assisting, contact Dave or anyone on the safety committee. There is a contact that can arrange the logistics of having these kids become a part of the neighborhood while completing their community service. This organization attends to the transport to and from the task as well as direct supervision throughout the task.


Elections for the open SRG Officer and Director positions will be held at the SRG General Meeting on April 5, 2017.  

Here are the current candidates:

Secretary: Venessa Kobrin
Treasurer: Christopher Schwarz
Director (2 positions): Steve Shuman

Police Report (Officer Min)

    February: 4 assaults (2 related to mardi gras), 2 stolen autos (one has a suspect), 2 burglaries, 1 robbery, 14 larcenies (4 car breakins/1 related to Mardi Gras), 7 property damage reports (1 related to Mardi Gras), 5 disturbances (3 related to Mardi Gras), 8 incidents reports (3 related to Mardi Gras), and 1 injury report.

    22 arrest reports on Mardi Gras, the majority were minors in possession.

    33 reportable incidents related to Mardi Gras, including the arrests.

    Officer Min had no specific updates on the shooting at 7th and Broadway.

    Officer Min reminded residents to not leave personal belongings on the top of bars.

Committee Reports

Beautification (Luann Denten)

    Richard Eaton is still recovering from his recent surgery. He will be resuming his post as Beautification Chair next week.

    The Garden Tour will be June 24, 2017. There will be an artist and a musician in each garden. The pieces are then donated to the SRG and compose an art auction that takes place in September.
Communication (Billy Tomber)

    No report given.

Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

    Ongoing Projects:

     At 1400 Russell, the earth is being turned. The Whistler Building at 7th and Barton is still ongoing. The new owners are waiting for the tenants to vacate the building, at which time they will continue to move forward. The Soulard Hilton, 2330-2332 S 12th Street, is working through parking issues. Previously the developer was requesting a variance to extend three garages onto the Lami Sidewalk. The developer is now seeking an easement or land purchase from the next-door neighbor to allow the garages to be built, while avoiding the sidewalk. Upon completion, the property will be comprised of 6 units aboveground and one basement unit. The properties are expected to sell for around $300,000 and have 2 bedrooms.

    New Projects:

    At 1603-09 South 9th Street, the owner wants to develop residential units and the Alderman prefers to develop commercial units. The committee has not yet made a decision to write a support letter. Updates will be given as information is available.

    700 Allen Street, the BP Station, wants to add a carwash to their existing structure. They also want to add an apartment available to rent and, potentially, more commercial spaces.

    Potential Future Projects:

    2325 Menard, there is a small vacant lot with 2-3 large trees. The lot has been vacant since the 70’s when the original structure burned down.

    1001-09 Russell, there is loose talk of a mixed used infill, commercial first floor and 2-3 floors of residential spaces.

    912-14-16 Geyer, there is potential development of 4 -6 units of infill apartments next-door to the coffee garden. Very preliminary drawings have been seen.
    At the 1800 block of Menard, a triangle of land was given to the dog park association. They are talking to a person who would like to purchase a portion and build an infill 2-family home on the property.

    A question was asked regarding the current parking requirements for new builds within Soulard: The requirement is one parking off street per residential unit new build.

Fundraising (Rick Dungey)

    New Belgium Beer, out of Colorado, is expanding their music and beer festival to Saint Louis on Market Plaza. The space has contracted. The logistics are being coordinated and details will be given as they are available. This is a ticketed event.

    The date of the event will be Saturday, June 10, 2017. The event is called Tour de Fat (a nod to Fat Tire).

    The call for volunteers is now but the sign-up system is not yet accessible. Similar events put on by this organization have required non profits partners have needed around 100 volunteers.

    Mike Ziemann asked an accounting question regarding the Bastille Day events in July of 2016. A discussion followed regarding this item.

Membership (Julie Price)

    The SRG Board approved a $50 stipend for residents who host a social. Please see Julie Price or any of the membership committee to volunteer to host a social.  

    The membership committee has been meeting regularly.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

    The signage project is going to be the cornerstone project of the Residential Promotions for the coming year. More details to follow!

Safety (Jim Ricks/Scott Plackemeier)

    Jim Ricks circulated a neighborhood impact statement for an upcoming sentencing here in relation to a crime committed in December.

    The upcoming SSBD meeting will be taking place Monday, March 13, 6:30 p.m. at the Soulard Station.

MGI (Billy Tomber)

    The trash crew is still out (314)771-5110, Thursday, March 9 at 6:00 p.m. is the MGI Mardi Forum that is open to the public.

Partner Organizations

Legion Report (Christopher Schwarz)

    Friday Fish Fry(s) dates are all follows: March 3rd and March 24th, April 7th and April 14th from 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    There is NO third Friday happy hour at the Legion in March. Third Friday happy hours will resume April 21, 2017.

    The Mouse Races are being held March 4, 7:00 p.m. at St. Vincent De Paul! $25 for adults (in advance) and $30 at the door.

    More information available at www.soulardamericanlegion.org


    Motion to adjourn made by Chris Schwarz and seconded by Jim Rick, the meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.