Minutes April 2017 SRG General Meeting

Date:              April 5, 2017

Location:        Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Bill Clendenin, Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann

Officers and Directors Absent: Gary Toribio

Aldermen Present:        Ken Ortmann, Jack Coatar, Alderman Elect Dan Guenther    

Board and General Meeting Minutes

    March General Membership and meeting minutes were available for review. Neil Putz motioned to approve the minutes and Alison Jost-Weber seconded. The March General Membership meeting minutes were approved. The Treasurer’s Report was available for review. Luann Denten motioned to approved the minutes and Wade Weistreich seconded. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

New Business

Soulard Star Awards (Luann Denten)

    Ken Ortmann was presented the Soulard Star award for his many years of service, outside of his elected position, to Soulard.

Sweet Divine (Jason Siebert)

    Sweet Divine will be reopening and applying for a liquor license to serve wine and boozy coffee. They hope to have all the fire damage repaired and reopen between late May and early June.


    Elections for the open SRG Officer and Director positions will be held at the SRG General Meeting on April 5, 2017.  

    Billy motioned, and Luann seconded, to elect the slate on general vote. The slate was elected by unanimous yay vote.

Gary Toribio and Mike Ziemann we recognized for their years of service.

Police Report (Officer Min)

    1 assault at the Social House, 1 stolen auto, 2 burglaries, 2 hold-ups, 16 larcenies (7 carbreak-ins), 1 sex offense from 2 years ago, 10 summonses issued (5 for drinking), 1 stolen golf cart, and 2 property damage reports,

    Officer Min reminded residents to not leave personal belongings unattended in bars.

    Officer Min reminded residents to not leave personal belongings unwatched in social settings.  

Committee Reports

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

    April 22 is the big clean-up at Pontiac Park. Saint Louis University sends 25-30 volunteers. 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. Generally

    May 23, Tuesday, 6-9, is the Beautification Fundraiser at Molly’s. The Beautification Committee has consistently raised $10,000 at this fundraiser and last year exceeded that amounted goal!

    May 25, Purina is sending 100 volunteers. Soulard Station, Auboussie,

    June 24, 9-3, tickets on sale at the end of this month.
Communication (Jeremy Mehrle)

    No report given.

Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

    Nadine’s wants to replace windows with vinyl windows. This is a VERY preliminary conversation.
    Sweet Divine wants to replace the 30 year old replacement windows. They are working closely with PRT to ensure the correct windows are installed.

    700 Allen Street, the BP Station, wants to add a carwash to their existing structure. They also want to add an apartment available to rent and, potentially, more commercial spaces. Need to put garage doors that look historically accurate. The exit will be on Allen and the entrance will be in the alley.

    Victor and Barton

    127 units and 119 off street parking. The facades were changed again and they no longer meet the historical requirements.

Fundraising (Rick Dungey)

    New Belgium Beer, out of Colorado, is expanding their music and beer festival to Saint Louis on Market Plaza. The space has contracted. The logistics are being coordinated and details will be given as they are available. This is a ticketed event.

    The date of the event will be Saturday, June 10, 2017. The event is called Tour de Fat (a nod to Fat Tire).

    The call for volunteers is now but the sign-up system is not yet accessible. Similar events put on by this organization have required non profits partners have needed around 100 volunteers.

Membership (Julie Price)

    The annual Soulard Community Party & membership drive will be held at Howard’s on May 3, from 6:30 - 9:30 and is an open bar.

    Please double check the roster and database to ensure that all your information is correct. The Directory will be printed in June.

    The membership committee has been meeting regularly.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

    The signage project is going to be the cornerstone project of the Residential Promotions for the coming year. Cultural Resources has approved using the signs on Cherokee street as a model example. More details to follow!
    Merchandise will be available online working with Left Hand Productions. A small amount will be kept at Left Hand’s Offices, if you want to walk-in and purchased. Cathy Weldon at The Porch will be selling jewelry and wine glasses.

    Spring (may 7) and Fall Potlucks will be held in Pontiac Square Park. Res Promo provides the meat, bring a side dish and bring a game.

Safety (Jim Ricks/Scott Plackemeier)

    The Safety Walk was cancelled due to weather. Alderman Jack Coatar will be sponsoring a safety walk, date to be announced and details to follow.

    The SSBD has been contracting with a secondary security company, GCI, for a period of time. The safety committee will be meeting with the SSBD to put together a comprehensive security plan.

MGI (Billy Tomber)

    No report given.

Partner Organizations

Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

    Friday Fish Fry(s) dates are all follows: April 7th and April 14th from 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

    There is NO third Friday happy hour at the Legion in March. Third Friday happy hours will resume April 21, 2017.

    The Mouse Races were held March 4, 7:00 p.m. at St. Vincent De Paul! $25 for adults (in advance) and $30 at the door. We thanked Father Ed Murphy at St. Vincent De Paul. Special thanks the Women’s Auxillary for a successful event!

    The Legion collects warn and tattered flags from various locations throughout the City. There is a disposal ceremony on flag day.

Soulard Business Association (Dan Shields)

    Soulard Sample Sunday is June 4. Trolley’s and a lot of the bars are participating. Tickets can be purchased at any of the participating restaurants.


    Motion to adjourn made by Billy Tomber and seconded by Judith Howard, the meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m.