Minutes August 2017 SRG Board Meeting

Date:                           August 16, 2017

Location:                    Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th Street


The meeting was called to order at 6:39 p.m. by President- Elect Venessa Kobrin


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Bill Clendenin, Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Melissa Irlbeck-Whitson, Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber,


Officers and Directors Absent: Wade Weistreich

Old Business

Launch STL:  We were not chosen for the program.

Pet waste/ Cigarette disposal containers will cost between $50 and $75 each.

New Business

Mardi Gras Float: (Venessa Kobrin) There is the possibility of a Mardi Gras float being available to the SRG and membership for the Mardi Gras Parade. Venessa inquired about interest. There is interest.  Stephen will talk to the membership committee.

Pizzeoli: Motion: Christopher Schwarz motions to approve and sign the request by Pizzeoli to extend their liquor license to be open for lunch and dinner 7 days per week.

Second: Luann Denten.  The motion passed.

Treasurer Report

Reviewed and discussed.

Committee Reports

Beautification (Beth Bennett)

Premed students helped clean up Pontiac Park.  Last week, the committee worked on Soulard Market Park.

The committee has applied for two grants from MO Botanical Gardens to improve the Sydney Street Triangle   

Communication (Venessa Kobrin)

We are hosting two movie nights in Pontiac Park on September 23 and October 7.  The movies have not been selected yet.

Events are listed on soulard.org in chronological order. The most current event is at the top. Once an event passes, it is removed and the next moves up.

Code and Zoning/PRT

No report given

Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz)

 Upcoming events include: Q in the Lou(Sept 29- Oct 1), Wreath Sales and Octoberfest (Oct 13-15).

Membership (Stephen Shuman)

Stephen will see if the committee is interested in a Mardi Gras float.

Parlour Tour (Neil Putz)

September 14, the committee will hold a recruitment dinner.  Five homes have already committed to be on the tour, including 1 unit from the rehab on 12th.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

Left Hand is up and running at 1556 South Broadway.

The Pot luck dinners in Pontiac are being cancelled.

Friday, October 27 is the decorated golf cart parade.

16x24 stainless steel, laser engraved signs have been approved by the committee.  25 sites have been identified and research is underway.  An example was brought for review by the board and all were very happy with the end result.  Luann has met with cultural resourses and will present the project on August 28 to the Board of Preservation.

Safety (Scott Plackemeier)

Officer Minn has retired.  Our new liaison will be Officer Douglas.

The Foliage walk was held on July 24.  92 areas of foliage coverage were identified and reported.

Soulard Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

Donations have been received and will be stored under the bandstand.

Soulard Station (Neil Putz)

Luann has made a lovely set of curtains which has been installed in the Soulard Station.

Jay Morris gave an estimate to repair leaks.

Estimate has been obtained to repair roof by the original roofer $175.

Estimate to repair stucco, wash and repaint is $1,800.


No report        


            Motion to adjourn made by Neil Putz and seconded by Stephen Shuman, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.