Minutes April 2018 SRG Board Meeting


Date:        April 15, 2017

Location:    Pizzeoli

Minutes Recorded by:    Lisa Marlinghaus

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Stephen Shuman, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber

Guests Present:  Bill Clendenin

Old Business

Jered Gallagher

  • Mr. Gallagher has withdrawn his appeal with the BoA. He has stated an intent to file an new appeal with the Board of Public Service. Once the date of his hearing is known, the information will be shared with the SRG membership to a) appear at the hearing or b) submit a letter to the Board of Public Service. Date for hearing has not yet been set. Venessa will send out a notice to the Board when the date is known. Jack Coatar has been notified as well.

  • We will work with Mr. Gallagher to set-up an Open House/Public Meeting to allow residents the opportunity to ask questions regarding his plan for the site.

  • Soulard residents remain concerned and involved in this project.


Bylaws Working Group


  • The current Bylaws lay out procedures for Amendments to the Bylaws. The amendments have to be submitted to voting members for two (2) monthly meeting PRIOR to the meeting at which voting is conducted. Vote will take place in November. August board meeting is when the revisions will come to the board for voting.

  • Any paid member of the SRG and a resident of Soulard can take part in these meetings.

  • Meetings will be 7-9.  Location is to be determined. Those interested are emailing Venessa.  Interest has outgrown Soulard Station.

  • Given the current meeting schedule, the vote would be delayed until the November general meeting.

  • The Board will receive, and vote on, the proposed amendments at the August Board meeting.

  • It was suggested that we should publish who is in the working group.  Suggested it could be considered cliquish or exclusive.

  • Email notification will go out to every paid member.

New Business


  • First and foremost, we are neighbors. Second, we are volunteers.

  • What happens at Board meetings, stays at Board meeting.

  • Be aware that you are a representative of the Board and your words and actions represent the Board.

  • We don’t have to like, but we need to be respectful to and of each other.

  • Be aware of the projects that fellow Board members are undertaking, and be supportive.

  • Show up when you can. Take a break when you need to. Always ask for help.

  • No one Board member is more important than another.

  • We were elected by the membership and represent the membership and the neighbors, to include BOTH homeowners and renters.

  • Above all else, be kind both in action and words.


Google Drive


  • New Google drive has been setup for the Board.

  • It will transition to the next Board president.

  • Anything needed can be found on the drive.

  • Need Google drive app to edit on your phone.




  • Alison Weber is becoming committee chair for holiday decorating

  • Otherwise no changes

  • It was suggested that the liaisons directives be added to the by-laws


Budget Meeting Due-Outs


  • April 30: Donation Lists Due from May 2017 through present

  • May 6: Committee Budgets and Measurable Goals Due to the Treasurer

    • Liaisons help your Chairs as much as you can!

    • Look back to last year’s goals. How did you do?

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier)

  • Membership Meeting/Drive to take place May 2 at 6PM at Lynch Street Tavern

  • Determining date for walk that works with Jack Coatar’s schedule. Jack has offered to buy the first round of drinks for volunteers.


Membership  (Stephen Shuman)

  • Membership Meeting/Drive to take place May 2 at 6PM at Lynch Street Tavern

  • Meet and greet only

  • Beth will upload flyer to Google drive

  • Flyers will be distributed and emailed

  • Beth will help Julie at the existing membership table


Beautification  (Beth Bennett)

  • A week from Saturday, SLU is coming to work in Pontiac Park

    • Beth stated there is not a current need for more people - no need for TomTom invite

  • Beautification Fundraiser is scheduled to take place May 24th at Molly’s    

  • Superhero Pub Crawl - SRG is to receive a $2k check; it will be sent directly to Richard

  • Garden Tour (Luann Denten update) Nine gardens included; artists musicians are set up in all but three gardens; will start at Soulard Station; borrowing shuttling equipment; Garden Tour and Parlour Tour are going to cross-promote by having a display of Parlour Tour at Garden Tour and a display of Garden Tour at Parlour Tour


Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

  • Merchandising - Planning photoshoot

  • Historical Signage - Five new members joining; working on historical writing; Beth working with audio version to put on Soulard.org

  • Bastille Day - Working on permits and reaching out to Joya; working with ComCom on flyer and royalty button nomination button

  • Lion Sculptures in Pontiac Park - Plan to work with Beautification to do a dedication of the lion sculptures in the park

  • Young Family Event - Starting preparations for a young family event to encourage networking among families; will be held in Pontiac Park on a Sunday afternoon

  • Vices and Virtues - Luann stated profit of approximately $11K

  • Luann stated the Young Professionals SBA group are looking for active volunteer events and would like to assist the SRG with any events when volunteers are needed


Parlour Tour (Neil Putz)

  • Conducted follow up meeting for lessons learned

    • There was a disconnect with busses and delays with some groups walking instead of waiting for the bus

    • Lining up homes for the December event

    • Current plan is to have homes finalized by Labor Day

    • Committee is working on a ghost sign tour and asking for notification of sign sightings; notify Neil when a ghost sign has been located and he will perform historical research and put together information for a self guided tour of the signage


Soulard Station  (Neil Putz)

  • Need a committee; looking for new members

  • Neil stated he has introduced a draft of a Charter

  • After the Charter is approved  he plans to solicit the community to serve

  • Neil stated he wants to establish the committee to bring Soulard Station to a predetermined level of operation. The Board should set the level and support the committee to attain or maintain that level.

  • Neil will place the Charter draft on the Google docs drive

  • The Charter  will assist in putting together and implementing a budget for the committee


PRT/Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett)

  • The two  new buildings on the corner of Menard and Shenandoah are Randy Middeke projects; he has submitted a design - not yet reviewed

  • Brick for side of Victor project - no update

  • Twisted Ranch signage - Jay reporting; Beth will follow up


Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

  • Alison Weber taking over as Chair


Communications (Venessa Kobrin)

  • Renaissance Deadline is 4/25 for the June Issue (post meeting note: deadline extended to May 4)

  • Issue will focus on stories about Soulard of the past and Soulard of the present

    • Above the fold will be stories about and images of Soulard in the past

    • Below the fold will be stories about and images of Soulard in the present

  • A specific highlight of the issue will be a historical piece on the community garden

  • The issue will also contain information on the Soulard Garden Tour

    • Luann stated she is working on interviewing garden owners and may have difficulty meeting the 4/25 deadline

  • The first Movies in the Park is scheduled for May 19th; movie will be Harry Potter; the Membership committee did not choose to pick up the photography event so it will be combined with the first Movie in the Park


Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

  • Soulard Concert Series - Chris stated there was a decent showing at the Go! Cheer Station

  • Soulard Concert Series

    • Concerts will be held in May, June, July and August

    • There was a conflict in September - stage not available

    • The City is not waving the stage fee of $1,600

    • Currently reaching out to possible bands, those include Patty and the Hitmen, Falling Fences, St. Louis Blues Museum Combo Jam and The Pedestrians

    • Luann stated the Young Professionals SBA group are looking for active volunteer events and would like to assist the SRG with any events when volunteers are needed


Treasurer (Chris Schwarz)

  • Chris stated he will send last year’s budgets to the committee Chairs for reference

  • Chris needs information from Lisa and Scott for signature card updates


Motion to adjourn was made by Stephen Shuman and seconded by Neil Putz. The meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.