Minutes June 2018 SRG General Meeting

Date:                           June 6, 2017

Location:                    American Legion Hall Post 422

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Venessa Kobrin, Lisa Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent:  Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater

Aldermen Present:                      Jack Coatar, Dan Guenther

Guest Present:                            Mayor Lyda Krewson   

New Business

Flag day celebration - June 15 in conjunction with Third Friday Happy Hour

Pride Happy Hour -  June 22 Pride Happy Hour see Luann Denten

Garden Tour - June 30 - more to come in announcements

Volunteer Shirt Presentations  (Venessa Kobrin)

Those in attendance were the following:

    Veronica Putz

    Eric Marlinghaus

    Marilyn Morris

    Margi Koors

    Julie Price

    Beth Hoops

    Guy Weber

    Alison Weber

    Beth Bennett

Those not in attendance to receive shirts (will receive them at the next general meeting):

    Joe Denten

    Luann Denten

    Julie Dinkleman

    Linda Kurdi

SRG Appointee to MGI Board of Directors (Venessa Kobrin)

Recognize Nancy Lambert

Police Report

(Major Warnecke, Lieutenant Colonel Jones and Detective Barry Bowles, City’s Finest Representative)

Floor to Lt Jones commander of Central Patrol

  • Handles the incidents of the Soulard area

  • Introduced Mayor Krewson who is here to support the alderman and police department

  • Introduced Commander of investigator services Major Warneke

  • Introduced  Detective Berry Bowles - Soulard investigation is his; handling Soulard cases

Floor to Detective Bowles

  • He receives information on all robberies

  • Seeing a pattern of robberies between 12 AM- 4 AM in morning, along Russell after bars are closing

    • Victims are typically incapacitated and don’t remember much

    • Robberies are happening at gunpoint

    • Victims are usually by themselves or in pairs   

    • Crimes are happening in areas which are not well lit

      • The Safety Committee is aware of the areas of concern

      • The Committee organized a safety walk 2 weeks ago

      • Information has been forwarded to the City and they will take care of the areas noted

    • 2 robberies, which happened by BP at 7th and Russell, have been cleared up

    • Department has connected 2 more robberies to the suspects arrested

    • Suspect it is a team

    • Working along with FBI agents as well

    • Information will be updated on Nextdoor

  • 2 perpetrators have been connect to 2 robberies

    • Purse snatchings

    • One was at gunpoint

    • Perpetrators are out on $200K bond

  • A question was asked regarding how many cases they are working on over a period of time. The officer stated that over the past few weeks they have been working on a total of 7 cases and they are noticing a pattern.  They believe at least two groups are involved

  • A member of the audience stated he knows the owner of Bastille and stated the owner owns the buildings on that specific block from Bastille down to Dukes.  This individual stated he understood that the owner told an officer investigating the crime the name of the individual who he believed committed the crime and the owner was met with a shrug shoulder. The officer said the more information she has the better she can do her job and asked to meet the individual after the meeting to discuss the information he has. She stated she  would like to know the names of the officers with which the owner spoke. She continued that in her leadership role she teaches her officers how to deal with and talk to those with possible information on a crime. She stated she will talk to the owner of the Bastille.

Floor to Major Warneke

  • A member of the audience directed a question to Major Warneke and Mayor Krewson. The individual stated statistics show if areas limit ingress and egress crime goes down and asked if these efforts are in play. Major Warneke stated that if officers are trying to get to a victim, from the police perspective, it is sometimes difficult to get to them in a timely manner.  Mayor Krewson stated that previously she was the Alderman in the CWE and it is very hard to measure. She continued to say that there is still plenty of crime in the area. She believes many crimes are crimes of opportunity and when there are areas where people are carrying items, there is a crime of opportunity. She stated that in CWE they are trying to open the streets.  Mayor Krewson stated this police department will make these arrests. She continued to say the perpetrators are likely a few people and are repeat offenders.

  • Warneke stated that from 11AM to 3:00 extra patrols are taking place.  This includes foot patrols


  • Casey Fernandez - a previous victim of crime - takes the floor

    • She stated that it is great to invest money into a city to make it pretty, but crime needs to be addressed.

    • Had issues returning prescribed medication to the police department

    • She works venues in the City and often leaves events late

    • Stated we all need to work together; residents and officers


  • Full officer panel discussed the following with those in attendance:

    • The night of May 29, Peyton was murdered

    • Department was aware of the situation in the neighborhood

    • No motive; do not know of one at this time

    • If someone knows there are issues with the Bastille, the police department  needs to know

    • They will pursue every lead

    • The department has items to help, but it takes time

    • The 2 arrests from robberies are from east side.  The department is looking at avenues to possibly link them to the homicide

    • In light of the robberies, the department has prioritized scientific work

    • They need the community’s help

    • Crime stoppers is a valuable tool.  There will be an award.

    • If there is a possibility to increase the award, crime stoppers can assist

    • Detectives have spoken with the owner of the Bastille

    • No video of value has been found at this time.  They have reached out to the community requesting any video available.

    • They cannot jeopardize the investigation, so they cannot release all information

    • Major Case Squad is not being used because the department has the resources in the City.  They are large enough and big enough to handle the case. They support the Major Case Squad.

    • An individual asked how many patrols there are in the neighborhood.  An officer responded, there is a patrol car assigned to the neighborhood, running 6-9 patrols.  She continued to say there should be an officer every hour on the Soulard beat.

    • An individual stated that over the weekend a separate shooting took place and asked if there was any indication that the 2 incidents are related. An officer responded the officers had a meeting about coordination and communication and found no connection at this time.

    • An officer stated there could be 6-9 officers in the neighborhood at any given time.

    • An individual asked if an officer is out of service making arrest, is there a method for backup at that time.  An officer responded, if there is an event, a system is in place to cover when officers are out of service and support units are put in place.

    • An individual asked about CAD reports and receiving a copy of these reports.  Discussion took place and it was decided to address in further detail after the meeting.

    • An individual asked if Harpo’s closing had a connection to the crime.  An officer responded, they were not aware of the reason for the close.

    • An individual asked if there were arrests in second shooting.  It was stated that the department knows who it is, but the individual is at large.

    • An individual asked how many police cars are on the street.  The officer stated it varies, it is approximately 10-14, not including supervisors.  She continued that there are around 10 per district.

    • An individual asked how perpetrators get out of jail.  She stated they are repeat offenders and people can make bond.  It could be time served or probation. People do get out and the department does look at violent offenders.

    • An officer stated there are families they know of that are repeat violent offenders and they are watching patterns.  They continued and stated the Chief is aware.

    • Jack Coatar stated he is in hourly communication with the Chief and he will make sure the neighborhood is aware of case numbers and arrests.

    • An officer stated that since the arrested of 2 perpetrators, there have not been any robberies.  They continued on to say that one individual is 24 and one is 36

    • Regarding Peyton’s murder, it was asked if anything was taken.  The officer stated they do know and will not say.

    • An individual asked if the officers could tell us what happened in the second shooting.  It was stated that a person on a bike was pushing and shoving the people in the Bastille.  That person left the bar and came back with an air pistol. A bouncer at Joanie’s intervened. They continued on to say that a lot of times weapons look real, but are not.  They stated the individual was charged as having a weapon.

    • An individual stated that is is rumored that Peyton was shot in retaliation for a previous interaction and asked if there was any truth to the rumor. An officer stated that that is not information they have and asked to speak with the audience member after the meeting.  They stated they would like to have that information.

    • Terry Hoffman stated patrols have been increased and will continue indefinitely.

    • Private security - City’s Finest, Captain Deeba, stated he is in daily communication with Captain Cousins and Luke Reynolds from the Special Taxing District.  He is working with them for best times for patrols. They have bikes and Jeeps on patrols. Since the robberies they have instructed PCS to increase patrols as well.

    • An individual asked if there is FBI involvement.  It was stated that they are on board on certain investigations.

    • An individual referencing the RFT stated in the article is says Peyton identified the person in a previous crime and asked how the department doesn’t have that information. An officer stated they don’t know where RFT got that information, but will look into it.  They will follow up on the information. They stated all information needs to be vetted.

    • An individual in the audience asked again about the CAD report, which is a monthly compilation of crimes in Soulard.  They stated an officer told them they can no longer hand out a copy of the CAD report. They went on to state the last officer read the CAD report at a previous meeting and when asked for a hardcopy to put in newsletter, the officer said they cannot hand it out, but added the same information can be gathered downtown.  It was decided to continue the conversation after the meeting adjourned.

Floor to Venessa Kobrin

  • After the meeting, the officers will remain to continue conversations

  • At this time there are 2 items of business to move to floor

  • On the floor is the budget - sent out to membership 10 days ago

    • Discuss, motion to approve, or table until July


  • Scott Plackemeier motioned to table the budget discussion to July 11th and Charlene seconded. The motion passed with a majority of present general membership.

Residential Promotion (Wade Weistreich)

  • The 2018 Soulard “Art in the Garden” Tour will be Saturday, June 30 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tours will begin and conclude at the Soulard Station at 1911 S. 12th Street. The tour benefits the Beautification Committee of the Soulard Restoration Group. Tickets are $15 per person when purchased in advance online at www.soulard.org. Tickets may also be purchased for $18 per person the day of the tour at the Soulard Station.

  • Bastille Day is Saturday, July 14.  Group will be gathering at Grizzly Bear before the event begins. Don’t forget to nominate Soulard royalty.

  • Historical signage committee will be  scheduling a meeting soon.


  • Social - Venessa stated that the Legion will remain open and the officers will remain for further discussion.  After individuals have completed their discussions with the officers, she then encouraged everyone to head to the Bastille for Peyton’s memorial.


           Motion to adjourn made by Jim Rick and seconded by Neil Putz, the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.


Additional Committee notes carried over from Agenda for reference:

  • Safety Committee (Scott Plackemeier & Sergio Sevillano) -  Next Meeting: Monday, June 25th, 7:00 PM at Soulard Station.

  • Soulard Station Committee  (Neil Putz) - The Soulard Station Committee is actively seeking volunteers! Please reach out to Neil Putz at station@soulard.org

  • Communication Committee (Jeremy Merhle) - The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Octoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018. All submission go to editor@soulard.org.

  • Membership  Committee  (Julie Price)

    • The Membership Committee is always accepting Star Award Nominations, which can be submitted to membership@soulard.org

    • Please let the Membership Committee know if you have a new neighbor! They will send out a Soulard welcome bag for that household.

    • Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 26th, 7:00 PM at Soulard Station.