7:00p.m. Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Soulard Station, 1911 S 12th St

In attendance: Taylor Bodine, Billy Tomber, Marilyn Morris, Scott Plackemeier, Beth Hoops, John Durnell, Dave Perry


Minutes by Beth Hoops


Guest speakers

  • Teresa Parker, Luann Denten, Michele Northington presented a new event called “Mardi Gras Costume Carnival” (Sept 28) and asked SRG to donate money / help sponsor for marketing costs, etc. Taylor motioned to donate $500 on behalf of SRG to support the event; Billy seconded. Unanimous Board approval.


Old Business

  • Budget discussion – goal is for general membership to approve budget at Sept meeting. Yet to do is safety budget (Scott proposed $1000) and board goals / budget.

    • Scott to loop with Christopher Schwartz on budget finalization; budget to be posted to website and alert sent to members (Billy to double check mailchimp list with membership)

  • Group discussed Board goals:

    • Timely minutes (always posted within 2 weeks)

    • Determination of Station goals / future of Soulard Station

    • Development of ad hoc committee to review bylaws (and eventually make reco to Board)

    • Host at least one social event with SBA (and other neighborhood organizations, i.e. CID)

  • Historic Signage Program – Taylor voiced concern on lack of communication from Board to Res Promo on August motion. Beth provided update that Neil Putz has been working on text edits. He has shared with Beth and she has offered to read behind before presentation to the Board. Additionally, John Durnell, as well as Taylor, offered to meet with Res Promo / installer on reviewing installation process checklist.


New Business

  • Board brainstormed “fun” ideas for gen membership meetings including attendance raffles (Soulard merch for attendees) – Dave Perry to touch base with membership. Plus, increased posting of general membership meeting recaps / photos. Music playing pre-meeting. Possibly re-opening Legion bar pre-meeting.

  • Board agreed to purchase a wireless mic for Gen Membership meetings (Billy to reco).

  • SRG items found at MGI warehouse – SRG has been storing materials at MGI for free for years (the SRG Board appreciates their generosity in providing storage). A group from SRG went through materials and sorted, organized, etc. Whatever SRG doesn’t want to keep needs to be out by Labor Day. Board reviewed inventory list. Parlour Tour posters to be flagged for Neal Thompson; Billy offered idea of posters being displayed in the Station. Scott noted boxes of old SRG financials found; he’ll offer for membership viewing for tbd # days before eventually shredding.

  • 9th and Soulard project update – Scott updated that project seems to be moving forward (with half 4th floor design). Billy brought up concern about employee parking for commercial space. This led into larger discussion about Soulard parking overall and future need to discuss parking issues throughout North Soulard.

  • 12th and Ann project update – boutique hotel project seems currently dead for that space

  • National Night Out (Oct 1) – Scott to send blurb to ComCom to pub in Blaster / on Facebook; process requires applying to city (if approved, can ask for $100 party grant from SRG). After applications in, Scott / Billy will share full list of planned block events for ComCom sharing.


Committee Reports

  • Soulard Station (Marilyn) – checklist developed for use of Station (air / fan settings, table set-up, clean-up protocols, how to close up building, etc.); will be distributed to every committee. Door to be painted. Considering cabinet replacement for kitchen, as well as sun shades for building windows. Roof work planned. Billy updated SSBD to do tree trimming and recommended looking at low hanging power line on property.

  • PRT – no additional update

  • Beautification (John) – looking at sometime before Oktoberfest for Beautification fundraiser

  • ComCom (Billy) – Renaissance deadline upcoming. Billy commented on success of new co-editors on getting content, as well as coordinating with other neighborhood organizations.

  • Parlour Tour (Beth) – Parlour Tour planning is underway. Committee is currently focused on recruiting homeowners. If you know anyone interested in learning more, reach out to Jeanne Kirby or Veronica Putz.

  • Res Promo (Taylor) – Upcoming events include Halloween Decorated Golf Cart Parade (Oct 25) and Santa Comes to Soulard (Dec 13)

  • Safety – no additional update

  • Membership (Dave) – Committee is recruiting new members and Julie complimented for “running a tight ship”

  • Fundraising (Billy) – Another successful Soulard Concert Series this past Saturday. Final concert is next Friday, Aug 30 (Patti and the Hitmen); special patron of the Series to be honored. Planning starting for next year. Oktoberfest is Oct 11-12; Billy to send email looking for beer booth volunteers.


Marilyn motioned to adjourn. Billy seconded.