Prepared August 8, 2019 by Beth Hoops

Based on Notes by: Beth Hoops

In attendance: Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Taylor Bodine, Marilyn Morris, Beth Hoops, John Durnell, Billy Tomber


Jim Rick – spoke with Board about SRG Signage Project signs on the topic of grammar, spelling, sentence structure. Asked Board to look into the issue and come up with a solution. Jim also shared concerns about overall signage process (how signage project was approved, funded, etc.).

  • Marilyn noted signage ceremony to review signage material; addressed tone of emails from Jim Rick

  • Taylor asked goal of discussion: overall process to move forward was determined

  • Billy noted asking about previous request to see demonstration, mounted sign (in March), which he didn’t remember ever seeing. Determined there was a miscommunication.

  • Luann noted the multiple occasions of which Res Promo presented the signage project (signage reception and board meetings)

  • John thanked Jim Rick for addressing issues directly to the board via email

  • Beth noted Luann provided write-ups and a progress report, as provided, which would be given for Board review at executive session


Luann Denten – Luann said emergency Res Promo meeting on Monday night, July 15, to review signage verbiage and noted errors found, as well as not found. She said in attendance was herself, Luke, Rick, Jenny, Anna, etc. She walked the Board through their findings and suggestions. Board requested she leave her notes / edit suggestions with the Board so they could review during executive session. She requested ability for Res Promo to continue project after receiving feedback from the Board.

  • Billy requested the Communication Committee also review the current signage write-ups. Luann noted Res Promo would be happy to receive their feedback.

  • Christopher questioned whether Board should take over project or leave it with Residential Promotion. Recommended someone from / for the Board if committee can’t be trusted. Asked that whatever is decided be announced to membership at the next General Membership meeting.

  • Christopher suggested Res Promo possibly host meetings not at Luann’s house; Luann noted Res Promo had four meetings last week, including a sewing and sign making meeting, and that the Board shouldn’t be dictating where committee meetings can / should be held.

  • Neil noted / suggested that the Board liaison to Res Promo play a part in the Signage Project moving forward.


Luann Denten – suggested Board reviews Roberts Rules of Order and decorum between SRG members


At 7:56, a motion was made to go into Executive Session. At 8:46, a motion was made to leave executive session.


Christopher made the following motion. Billy seconded. Board unanimously approved.


In regard to the Historical Signage Project, the Board, in accordance with Res Promo’s openness, directs Neil Putz to review all signs for grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, as well as serve as the final reviewer for signage copy. Neil will then make a recommendation to the Board – for Board approval – before final copy is returned to Res Promo and further engraving and installation continues.


Christopher made the following motion. Billy seconded. Board unanimously approved.


In regard to the Historical Signage Project, an announcement will be made to general membership that the Board approves of the concept and believes in Residential Promotion to execute the project as proposed.


Old Business:

Christopher discussed edits to slides from June Board budget meeting; Board had already reviewed via email

Christopher re-engaged the Board on Board-specific budget (and any special projects the Board might be interested in).

Board discussed goals for 2019/2020, including conducting a SRG financial audit.


Christopher motioned to approve the budget, as presented, with verbally discussed edits and changes included. Neil seconded. Board approved unanimously.

Christopher to send finalized budget to ComCom in advance to share with general membership


New Business:

Board liaisons decided

  • Soulard Station – Marilyn

  • Communication – Billy

  • Membership – Dave

  • Beautification – John

  • PRT – John

  • Fundraising – Billy

  • Res Promo – Taylor

  • Parlour Tour – Beth

  • Safety – Dave


Open Board Positions

  • Megan Gooch resigned as Secretary; position now open

  • Scott and Christopher meeting with potential new Treasurer candidate (possibly next week)

  • Billy motioned that the current Treasurer be allowed to continue to serve as Treasure, at the request of the president, and also as a Committee chair, until a Treasurer replacement can be appointed and approved. John seconded. Board approved unanimously.

Minutes Discussion

  • Neil recommended that minutes check be done, all minutes posted online, and updated minutes announced to general membership

  • Scott to assign Board members previous meeting minutes to review (from time he is president); Neil to follow up with past president about other past minutes. Goal: fill in 2019 as best as possible


Station Repair

Christopher moved for $2500 be set aside for Station Committee to repair the roof. Neil seconded. Board unanimously approved.


Liaison Reports:

  • Station (Marilyn) – door replaced, roof budget approved to repair leak

  • PRT – Scott noted Jay would like additional meeting with 9th and Soulard developers; Board will also be invited

  • Res Promo – Board thanked the committee for an amazing Bastille Day event

  • Membership – no report

  • Safety – planning for Neighborhood Night Out, per Scott

  • Parlour Tour – Neil noted the planning of a kickoff / recruitment event

  • Fundraising (Chris) – Concert Series coming up this weekend; tbd on Naked Bike Ride watch break. Volunteer shirt development underway.

  • Beautification (John) – Brochure shared about Sidney Street Raingarden

  • Communication – Beth noted fall “The Renaissance” work underway; ComCom ongoing project researching tech ideas for dues collection, to present ideas to Membership


Christopher motioned that the Board acknowledge Cathy and Keith Weldon (and the Porch) for all their support of Soulard over the years. Approve $100 for Board to buy flowers. Billy seconded. Board unanimously approved.


Billy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Neil seconded. Board unanimously approved.