June 19 Board Meeting (Budget Meeting)

Notes written by Beth Hoops

Board Members in Attendance: Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Taylor Bodine, Dave Perry, John Durnell, Marilyn Morris, Billy Tomber, Christopher Schwarz, Beth Hoops


Discussion of Project Proposal (PRT) – Jay Gibbs

  • Discussing vacant lot at 9th and Soulard by iTap (plus 901 Soulard house, also purchased)

  • Same group building 1001 Russell looking to develop this lot.

  • 3 different versions - mixed use building (1st floor commercial; 3-4 floors total, including potential 4th floor restaurant w/ rooftop)

  • 3 potential issues, per Jay: parking density, 4th story, iconic NOLA-style balcony

    • If 4th floor restaurant, valet service would be hired (utilizing city lot by Soulard Market Lofts / Pieces)

  • Taylor Bodine asked Jay Gibbs (and PRT) for advice on ‘something great in the neighborhood’ vs honoring neighborhood’s strict building and historical codes

  • Neil Putz discussed finding old examples of similar iron work, visual examples

  • Group decided to hold an additional meeting (in the next few weeks) for the purpose of discussing this project – w/ PRT committee and Board members invited; developer offered to also attend. Date TBD


CID – Lisa Otke

  • As of last week, CID petitions turned in (51% turned in)

  • Hearing upcoming on July 2 at 10am

  • Lisa Otke requested letter of support from SRG Board

  • CID would go toward non-safety improvements (SBD already makes money for safety) – i.e. historic lighting, beautification, etc.

  • CID will have a 7 member board. One member will be a SRG appointee (Lisa offered names of SRG members already interested; up to SRG Board to appoint someone). Appointee will need to go through a background check and must be a Missouri resident (residing in the CID district). Will either be a 2 or 4 year term.

    • If questions, email lisa.otke@gmail.com

  • Board discussed potential names: John Durnell, Bill Clendenin

  • Christopher Schwarz nominated John Durnell; Billy Tomber seconded; Board voted unanimously.


Treasurer Report – Christopher Schwarz reviewed 2018/2019 profit and loss report


Old/New Business –

  • Scott Plackemeier sent SRG letters of support for Nice Ice and Eclectic Taste

  • MGI Board appointment – Scott Plackemeier announced re-appointment of Billy Tomber to MGI Board

  • Scott Plackemeier appointed Taylor Bodine to the Board as Director

  • Chris Schwarz motioned to dissolve the decorating “twinkle lights” ad-hoc committee; Billy seconded. Board unanimously approved.

  • John Durnell mentioned Soulard Station landscape lighting attempted theft; inquired about insurance, getting an electrician to re-install. Scott Plackemeier to follow up with Jim Price about insurance claim. John Durnell getting electrician quotes (connecting with Tracy Laxton / Station Committee). Once bids received, police report to be filed.


Budget Presentations:


PRT – presented by Christopher Schwartz

  • Group discussion about updating historic standards

Station Committee – presented by Tracy Laxton

  • Tracy Laxton passed out new slides with updated goals and budget

  • Goals include refreshing interior / exterior of Station, securing the building, promoting membership of SRG through rental of station to SRG members only, developing communication / booking / utilization process for Station, and increasing membership of the Station Committee

  • Tracy Laxton discussed pros and cons of to rent or not to rent the Station and reviewed expense, as well as projected income, estimates

  • Tracy Laxton, after questions about what the Station may cost without renting it to SRG members, said maintenance, repair and cleaning of the building would still be $23,530 (not including beautification / grounds maintenance)

  • Tracy Laxton reiterated Station Committee recommendation of renting to voting SRG members

  • Board discussion on ‘what is the purpose of Soulard Station?’

  • Christopher Schwarz moved to approve non-rental budget. Billy Tomber seconded. Board approved.

  • Billy Tomber recommended tabling addition discussion about the purpose of the building until July Board meeting.

  • John Durnell recommended talking to Marybeth Wallace about getting city appraiser to determine the worth of the building.

Beautification Committee – presented by Richard Eaton

  • Richard Eaton provided some CPA contact info and recommended non-for-profit audit

  • Goals include maintaining green spaces and pots, installing watering system at Soulard Station, make improvements to Pontiac Square Park (electrical, water service, addtl trash containers, 10th/Shenandoah park entrance), and producing successful Art in the Garden Tour, as well as Molly’s fundraiser (moving to the fall)

  • After discussion, Beautification budget amended to $18,000 (net loss -$4,500)

Safety – (no representative present)

Membership – presented by Julie Price

  • Goals include increasing membership (in particular by visiting new apartment complexes), honoring those who contribute to SRG, and planning special events to engage active / current members (new ideas)

  • Membership budget submitted at $10,450 (net loss -$6,250)

Residential Promotion – presented by Luann Denten

  • Christopher Schwarz noted that the budget approved last year for the Historical Signage Tour was not all spent; there is $9000 already approved that will roll over (Res Promo requested no additional funding for signage beyond the 9000 roll over).

  • Goals include continuing Res Promo and fun events (improving existing events) and finalizing phase 1 of the Historical Signage tour (total of 28 signs) to include brochure and online version

  • Christopher Schwarz made a suggestion that SRG members get a special ticket price (effort to maintain neighborhood feel, SRG connection); Luann said she would discuss with committee

  • After discussion, Res Promo budget amended to $26,100 (net loss -$2,600)

Communication – presented by Beth Hoops and Billy Tomber

  • Goals include digitizing Renaissance, surveying membership on how they get their news, and being more consistent with social media

  • Beth Hoops noted that the $425 (approx) per issue previously paid directly to the editor-in-chief will now be going to the SRG instead, creating an approx $1600 income for Communication Committee

  • After discussion, Communication budget amended to $2,030 (net loss -430)

Parlour Tour – Christopher Schwarz on behalf of Jeanne Kirby

  • Goals include maintaining the quality and integrity of the tour while attempting to increase sponsorship and developing a Soulard Ghost Sign brochure for self-guided exploration

  • Parlour Tour budget submitted at $11,736 (net profit $11,454)

Fundraising – Christopher Schwarz

  • Goals include recruiting committee members, developing merchandise program, continuing volunteer shirt program, bringing back wreath sales with new provider and growing Soulard Concert Series (with goal of creating a Soulard Blues Festival)

  • Fundraising budget submitted at $23,850 (net profit $16,900)

Executive Board –

  • Board reviewed 2018 goals

  • Board to discuss and decide upon 2019 goals at the July Board meeting

Christopher Schwarz motioned the Board allow a continuation of approved funds for ongoing projects (Soulard Concert Series, etc.) and to continue to pay utilities, expected bills, etc. until General Membership approves 2019/2020 budget. Billy Tomber seconded. All board approved.

Billy Tomber motioned to adjourn meeting; Taylor Bodine seconded.