Minutes April 2019 SRG General Meeting

April 3, 2019

American Legion Hall Post 422


The meeting was called to order at 7:09 by President Scott Plackemeier.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Neil Putz, Luanne Denten, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Scott Plackemeier, Billy Tomber, Stephen Schuman


Officers and Directors Absent: Beth Bennett, John Durnell


Aldermen Present: Dan Guenther, Jack Coatar, Marty Murray 

New Member Introduction

Welcome new members/guests!


Floor Nominations/Elections

  • Motion: Billy Tomber

    •  Accept slate by acclamation

  • Second: Luanne Denten


Police Report (Officer Sherdon Douglas)

  • Discussion: 21 Total Crimes


Treasurer’s Report (Christopher Schwarz)

  • Discussion: Organization’s Fiscal Health, Budget Process

  • Motion: Billy Tomber

  • Second: Stephen Schuman

  • Motion passes


Soulard Station (Tracey Laxton)

  • Discussion: Door Replacement, Roof Repair, Additional Upkeep, Rental of Station

  • No vote taken 


Safety (Sergio Sevillano)

  • Discussion: Safety Walk May 7th 7-7:30 at 1860s

  • No vote taken


Membership (Julie Price)

  • Discussion: Membership Drive May 1 at Mad Art 6-9pm, thanks to Kathy Barky for hosting social, STAR Awards tonight

  • No vote taken


Beautification (Richard Eaton)

  • Discussion: Sidney Triangle, Pontiac Square Park Work, Casilly Bench Dedication

  • No vote taken


Residential Promotions (Luanne Denten)

  • Discussion: Casilly Bench Dedication with Beautification

  • No vote taken


Communications (Beth Hoops)

  • Discussion: Renaissance

  • No vote taken


Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

  • Discussion: Parlour Tour, Thanks to volunteers, homeowners and committee members

  • No vote taken


Code and Zoning (Scott Plackemeier for Jay Gibbs)

  • Discussion: New Construction STAR Awards, Twisted Ranch

  • No vote taken


Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz)

  • Discussion: Summer Concert Series, Movie Nights, Volunteer Shirt, Committee Meeting 

  • No vote taken

Legion (Christopher Schwarz)

  • Discussion: Fish Fry, Happy Hour, Polling Place

  • No vote taken

  • Bill no longer allowed to drive at night,



  • No updates



  • Discussion: Public Forum April 11 at 6pm in MGI Office

  • No vote taken


STAR Awards

  • Recipients: 

    • John Wallace and Neil Thompson

    • Tracey Laxton

    • Michael Pastore

  • Congratulations to all recipients! Thank you for your service to the neighborhood and the organization!


Motion to adjourn by Gary Toribo, seconded by Billy Tomber. 

Adjourned at 8:26pm.