Minutes December 2018 SRG General Meeting

Date:  December 5, 2018

Location:  American Legion Hall, Post 422

Minutes Recorded by:  Neil Putz

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President-Elect Scott Plackemeier

Officers and Directors in Attendance:  Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Beth Bennett, Billy Tomber, Eric Marlinghaus 

Officers and Directors Absent:  Venessa Kobrin, Luann Denten, Stephen Shuman 

Aldermen Present: Dan Guenther

New Members:  Larry introduced himself as a new resident (2216 S 11th St).  Welcome, Larry!

Board and General Meeting Minutes

Due to logistics issues, printed agenda and minutes from the November Board and General meetings were not available.  

New Business

Gene Slay’s Boys and Girls Club (Jeremy Kane):  Gene Slay’s will conduct a competitive bar crawl to raise money for the Boys and girls Club.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, December 15, from 2 – 6 pm.  Sign-up is available online, and tickets cost $30, of which $10 goes to the Club itself.

Old Business


Reports: Committees

Parlour Tour (Neil Putz & Billy Tomber):  The 43rd Annual Soulard Holiday Parlour Tour was an overwhelming success, thanks to the homeowners, strong community volunteer support, and an excellent organizing committee.  For the first time in history, all tickets were sold out before the event began.  Ticket sales exceeded $20,000, and sponsorship donations exceeded $6,200.  Exact numbers are still being tabulated.

Membership (Julie Price): The committee is still seeking volunteer sign-ups to host the 2019 post-meeting social events.  Also, the committee is always looking for new volunteers to join the committee.  Our current SRG membership is 383, and tonight’s post-meeting social event is being hosted by Alan and Leroy.

Beautification (Richard Eaton): On December 14 the Parks Department will be holding a meeting to discuss issues related to Pontiac Park.  Also, the two Project Clear projects at the Sidney Triangle garden have now been fully installed and approved by MSD and Project Clear.  The overall value of these two garden/landscaping projects is $7,200, of which Project Clear is paying $6,000.

Treasurer (Christopher Schwarz):  Treasurers Report reviewed and approved.

Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz): Total Oktoberfest profits were $7,970.  The next major fundraiser will be Smartigras (January 19), cost will be $10.team and $250/table.  Volunteer shirts are almost gone, and a new design is coming.  The Soulard Concert Series schedule for 2019 is May 18, June 15, July 20, and Aug 15; the committee is now selecting bands.

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs): We want all new construction in Soulard to blend with our existing historical architecture.  As historical districts, both Soulard and Lafayette Square are able to apply these historical rules to block introduction of modern architecture.  The owner of the Bastille is currently seeking a historical example to support a desired project to install a wrought iron balcony onto the existing Bastille.

Safety (Scott Plackemeier): There is no police report this evening – our neighborhood officer was unable to attend.

Residential Promotions (Beth Bennett on behalf of Luann Denten):  Santa arrives at Soulard Station (Santa Comes to Soulard) on Friday, December 14, at 6:30 pm.  In preparation for this annual event, the tree decorations will be done on Tuesday, December 11.

Soulard Station (Tracy Laxton): Chris and Michelle have joined the committee.  The committee has several ongoing activities:

  • purchase a new SRG mailbox, and will soon install it

  • install a replacement entrance door for the Station (now getting quotes)

  • paint the old cabinetry to freshen the Station’s appearance

Finally, the committee contacts for the Station calendar are: Ann Austin (Backup: Tracy Laxton).  To coordinate schedules with the committee, please email soulardstation@gmail.com .  If you are planning an official event at the Station, it’s important that you coordinate with the committee, rather than assume the facility is open for your use.

ComCom (Jeremy Mehrle): Nothing to report 

Reports: Partner Organizations

Soulard Business Association (Jill Weisgerber): The SBA is developing its plans for Soulard Market Park.  The SBA is examining addition of a public bulletin board to enable the community to publicize events.  Finally, the SBA issued a check from the proceeds of this year’s Oktoberfest to the SRG, in the amount of $6,915.05.

  • Q: Are the STL Barcycles a medical risk or hazard?

  • A: In cases where patrons have experienced injuries, the barcycle company has paid medical expenses for its patrons.

American Legion (Eric Marlinghaus): Last month the Legion Post supported the reopening of the Soldiers’ Memorial downtown.  The time for the mouse races is approaching.


Tonight’s post-meeting social event is hosted by Alan and Leroy.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.