Minutes February 2019 SRG General Meeting

February 6, 2019

American Legion Hall Post 422


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by President Scott Plackemeier.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Stephen Shuman, Neil Putz, Luanne Denten, Beth Bennett, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier

Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber

Aldermen Present: Dan Guenther

Crime Report (Officer Douglas)

·       31 Crimes in month of January.

·       Up by 7 from last month, spike in burglary and auto theft.

·        2 robberies

o   Jan 5 1:50 pm Papa John’s driver struck by assailant on 2200 block of S. 13th, currency stolen. No arrest.

o   Subway robbery- One employee present but not injured. Suspect stole register, video provided. No arrest.

·       1 Assault

o    Social House- Victim was in verbal altercation with someone within establishment. Victim was escorted out by employee and said he assaulted him.

·   7 Burglaries

·   Arrest made for burglary with 5 of 7 burglaries charged to suspect

·   13 Larcenies, 4 arrests ( same suspect as burglaries)

·   8 vehicle thefts (including golf carts). 2 vehicles recovered and arrest made.

Mardi Gras Inc. (Tim Lorson)

·   The Department of Public Safety urges residents and guests to stay off rooftops (always, but especially during Mardi Gras festivities).

·   Parking passes will be mailed the week of February 4 as well as information regarding parking in Yellow Zones and Red Zones. If passes have not arrived by February 25, contact Mardi Gras Inc. Office. For additional parking passes, bring proof of address and additional cars at address to the office.

·   Most important aspect of parking during Mardi Gras weekend: pay attention to street signs. White Sign = No Parking, Yellow Sign = Permit Parking

·   Mardi Gras Schedule of Events:

o   Feb 9- Bacchanalian Ball

o   Feb 16- Cajun Cook-Off

o   Feb 23 & 24- Taste of Soulard

o   Feb 23- Missouri Lottery Run for Your Beads 5K

o   Feb 24- Purina Pet Parade

o   Feb 24- Wiener Dog Derby

o   March 1- Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball

o   March 2- Bud Light Grand Parade

o   March 2- Bud Light Party Tent

o   March 2- Blues Alumni Tent

o   March 5- Fat Tuesday

·   Intersections will be opened during 5K as runners clear in order to minimize traffic impact.

·   Street closures for the Purina Pet Parade will begin at 8 a.m. Street parking will be limited and indicated by no parking signs.

·   Day of Grand Parade there will be 300 officers in yellow and red zones and 2 separate towing details.

·   Someone parked illegally in front of your garage/yard/etc. or issues of public indecency, call office NOT 911.

·   900+ porta potties throughout neighborhood.

·   Only call 911 for physically threatening situations and medical emergencies. Keep emergency lines open.

·   Post Mardi Gras Festivities: Workers come in around 7 pm to clean up the streets (Red Zone has the most trash).

·   Remember: trash is transient and there is no guaranteed time for neighborhood to be totally clean. The promise is that “we will keep cleaning until the neighborhood is clean.”

·   By noon on Sunday, if there is still trash, call the MGI office. First reported, first serviced.

·   Chris Schwarz announced that Oaked is offering gated and locked parking in lot near Oaked. Bring parking pass and leave car there from 4 pm – 2 am on Friday before parade. Car will be locked up until 5 am Sunday morning. First come, first serve.

·   No cans, coolers, bottles into Red Zone on Saturday, plastic cup rule. Highly recommend guests come Friday evening. No backpacks allowed in on day of parade.

·   Golf carts not permitted in Red Zone

·   Outdoor activities end at 7, inside activities end at 11.

Soulard Station Presentation (Tracey Laxton)

·       New mailbox will be lockable

·       Leak near front of building, getting quotes for roof repair soon

·       Chair rail pricing soon

·       Hole in wall and kitchen cabinet will be repaired soon

·       Outside lighting has been replaced

·       Coming up- budget preparation and decision about station

·       Door options discussed, quotes received for wood and fiberglass options. (Suggested to talk to historical committee before approving door options). Quotes were provided.

·       A survey was presented, and members were encouraged to choose 2 options of what they want to see happen at the Station.

·       Smart Station- Revisiting, suggestions for building to become “smart” would cost $910 at installation and no monthly fee. Requires only wifi to work, which Station already has. Currently no cameras at station. New mailbox purchased. Board meeting setup photo will be posted on door for events.

New members- Two new members- Josh and Tom, welcome aboard!

Treasurer’s Report (Christopher Schwarz)

·   We will be consolidating bank accounts after Vices and Virtues Ball.

·   There was discussion about solar panels at Station affecting or not affecting bills. Information was provided that panels last recorded energy production in 2017. This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t producing energy, Station Committee as well as Treasurer will be seeking more information about the issue.

·   Members expressed interest in a breakdown of station budget and money usage. Treasurer will further break down categories on expenses.

·   Budget Presentation (and vote) will occur at May Board Meeting. Presented to General Membership in June.

·   Committees are building budgets currently, so get involved with committees now if you are interested in how money is spent!

Special Ad Hoc Committee (Stephen Shuman)

·   There has been interest by an individual to start a Marijuana Dispensary in Soulard.

·   This committee was established to study how a dispensary would affect the neighborhood

·   Interested members should contact Stephen. Be aware that this committee is solely responsible for research, rather than opinion, and no decisions will be made within committee.

·   This research will form the groundwork on how SRG handles these situations in the future.

Committee Reports

Safety (Sergio Sevillano)


Membership (Julie Price)

·   351 current members of SRG, encourage others to join and participate in meetings

·    Nominate members for STAR awards which recognize members for outstanding service, loyalty and commitment to SRG

·    Turn in before 22 of February.

·   Three people will be chosen, committee makes recommendation to the board and winners announced at election meeting in April.

·   Membership drive coming up in May. Show up at 6:00 (in lieu of meeting). Celebratory party for being a member of SRG. Pay dues, then eat and/or drink (for free) for three hours. Closes at 9:00 pm. Nothing formal, just a party.

·    Social at 2416 S 10th Street, thanks to the Weistreich’s!

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

No Report

Residential Promotion (Luanne Denton)

·   Recognized Julie on recruiting members for the last 20 years, thanks for your service!

·   Currently taking a little break on signage project while concerns are addressed and remediated.

·    Vices and Virtues is coming up on the 16th, 5th year of VandV! Soulard.org has all information. $100 reserved seating, $80 for general admission. All money comes back to SRG.

Communication (Jeremy Mehrle)

·   Communications Committee is working on updating policies regarding member information

·   Concerns were raised about transparency and communication within the organization. More specifically, why are people resigning from positions and why are resignations not being shared with general membership

·   President Plackemeier addressed concerns stating Board meetings will remain open to public. General members are encouraged to attend if interested in Board matters, next meeting on February 20th. To answer why resignations are not being shared, resignations are personal matters to be handled by the individual as they see fit.

·   This discussion segued into the resignation of Eric Marlinghaus from the Board of Directors via formal letter.

Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

No Report

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

·       2 projects recently approved without direct approval of committee.

·   One sent around committee- Garage carriage house behind building on 13th and Ann. Plans have been altered to meet committee’s request

·   Other one- has not been formally vetted through committee. Jay saw plans before they got sent off without making it to the committee. Vacant lot near Coffee Garden, proposing 3 attached row houses (sp?) facing Geyer. Plans were conditionally approved.

·   Addressing concerns that this could happen again, Jay stated he intends to check inbox more frequently.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

·   Trivia Night was a success, thanks for the support!

·   Soulard Concert Series will begin once again starting May 11 with Patti & the Hitmen. Following dates: June 22, July 20, August 22

Partner Organizations

Legion (Eric)

·   Fish Fry at the Legion starts March 8 and occurs every Friday

·   Shrimp Boil March 18

·   Eric noted that regardless of his resignation from the Board, he will still set up the space for SRG Meetings and tend bar during

Mardi Gras Inc. (Gary Toribo, Billy Tomber, Nancy Lambert)

No Report

Soulard Business Association (Jill Weissberger)

·   Soulard Cleanup Crew partnership with St. Peter and Paul, wanting to partner with SRG again for this event

·   First phase for Soulard Market Park is completed. Funded by Ward funds and through city

·   Welcome to Soulard sign still in the works

Announcement (Marty Murray)

·   Upcoming election on March 5, voting for President of Board of Aldermen in 7th Ward

Motion to adjourn made by Chris Schwarz and seconded by Taylor Bodine, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.