Minutes March 2019 SRG General Meeting

March 6, 2019

American Legion Hall Post 422


The meeting was called to order at 7:04 by President Scott Plackemeier.

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Neil Putz, Luanne Denten, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, John Durnell, Scott Plackemeier, Billy Tomber


Officers and Directors Absent: Beth Bennett, Stephen Schuman


Aldermen Present: Dan Guenther, Jack Coatar


New Member Introduction

Welcome new members/guests!


Police Report (Officer Sherdon Douglas)

·   18 total crimes

·   2 robbery

·   9 larceny

·   1 aggravated assault

·   6 theft


SRG Board Elections – April 3, 2019

·   Open positions include two directors, president elect, secretary, treasurer

·   Elections will take place at end of April General Membership Meeting

·   Nominations can happen at any time up until a few days before

·   Floor is open for nominations. At time of meeting, nominations were as follows

o   John Durnell, Beth Hoops, Dave Perry nominated for director positions

o   Neil Putz nominated for President elect

o   Megan Gooch nominated for secretary 


General Meeting Location Discussion

·   Although low attendance tonight, time to discuss a larger meeting place.

·   Chris Schwarz has been a big help in setting up seats and closing bar, accommodating the needs brought up at board meeting.

·   Discussion- Look into MGI being able to accommodate us as previously planned?


Historic Signage Program Update and Discussion

·   Lots of talk about the project, the project is paused while issues are addressed (think of it as a recall)

·   Signs on poles were removed prior to Mardi Gras for safety concerns while other issues are being addressed (sharp corners and long bolts)

·   Discussion-

o   What about contracts? Luanne- historic license agreement is just an agreement to put sign on house; presented multiple times via Nextdoor, Blaster, Renaissance. Agreement drafted by lawyer, full presentation at budget meeting, signage reception had another presentation, re-reviewed by 2 additional lawyers. This is a new project, working out kinks as we go, sorry for glitches, but committee is working on them.

o   Great idea and as a group we will come up with solution.

o   Some members had issue with the way the signs look, sun makes signs unreadable, don’t fit into the neighborhood, etc.

o   6 bids were obtained, sign prototypes were available for viewing before being installed

o   When asked, Chair Denten answered that she was amenable to a future meeting dedicated to addressing this specific issue


Treasurer’s Report (Chris Schwarz)

·   Recently received grant from Metropolitan Sewer District for Sidney Triangle Project

·   Waiting for final count, but Vices and Virtues did make money

·   Board recently allocated $5000 to trash program with St. Peter and Paul

·   Wade moved to approve, Mark seconded. Motion passes


February General Meeting Minutes

·   Ron moved to approve Minutes, John seconded


SRG Committee Reports


Soulard Station (Neil Putz/Tracey Laxton)

·   Utilities- electric, sewer, water, trash

·   Trying to figure out better waste management system, lots of money going towards trash

·   Working on replacing door and mailbox

·   More info on solar panels coming soon


Safety (Sergio Sevillano)

Not Present


Membership (Julie Price)

·   Membership Drive is May 1st at Mad Art Gallery

·   Looking for someone to take photos, any volunteers?

·   If you have photos of SRG events past to present, send to Julie for slideshow- Comm Comm has dropbox of photos to share!

·   STAR awards are next month

·   Social tonight at The Doghaus, thanks for hosting!


Beautification (Richard Eaton)

·   Work in Pontiac Square Park with Howard University students next week

·   Next month students from SLU will help with clean up

·   Please come if you want to volunteer 9-12!


Res Promo (Luanne Denten)

·   Meets second Tuesday of every month, please come! Open meetings to all

·   VandV was amazing, new space was great, still waiting to hear about profit from VandV

·   Thanks to all who joined in on Fat Tuesday Stroll it was fun!


Comm Comm (Billy Tomber)

·   Expanding membership and scope of what committee is doing

·   Taking communication audit of members to see where members get their information from

·   Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete

·   We are cheerleaders of Soulard! Send good news to communications@soulard.org

·   Communication protocol voted on at last board meeting to help members recognize official communication from official members

·   Expansion on social media thanks to Beth hoops!


Parlour Tour

No updates


PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

·   Main project is New Construction and Rehab Star Awards for projects completed in the neighborhood

·   Twisted Ranch mural- exceeds size of what we allow, can’t be more than 10% of size of building. Brick is not always allowed to be painted on, and it was done without permit

·   Twisted Ranch awning is also an issue

·   At this time, this is between the city and the business

·   Reminder: SRG and Committees advise, city rules


Fundraising (Christopher Schwarz)

·   Go Marathon April 7, still determining if that will be a fundraising event

·   Soulard Concert Series kicking off May 11 with Patti & The Hitmen

·   Full lineup coming next meeting


Legion (Christopher Schwarz)

·   Bill unable to make meetings

·   Mardi Gras helped raise funds for Legion

·   This Friday is first fish fry 5-8 March 8, March 22, April 5 (fish tacos), April 19, first happy hour will be May 17



·   Some of the trash is frozen under ice and snow, call MGI if you notice problem areas

·   Trash team is on site until the job is done

·   Concerns about Mardi Gras? Attend the open house forum at MGI Office on Thursday, April 11

·   Thank you to all Mardi Gras volunteers participants!



Not present



·   Suggest we hold a forum to future candidates to formally address the SRG

·   Clarified that we allow politicians to attend meetings as guests and don’t allow campaigning and such until end of meeting



·   Girl Scouts participating in April Showers (personal care items to homeless shelters)

·   Donate new bottles of personal care items, bags will be tied onto doors which will list items needed



Motion to adjourn by Allison, seconded by Julie. Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.