2016 Volunteer Star Award

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Mission Statement:  

The SRG is a neighborhood organization that strives to promote, preserve, and enhance the historic character of the Soulard neighborhood, as well as improve the quality of life for all members of the community.


In our ongoing effort to recognize and reward our volunteers/members for outstanding service, loyalty, and commitment to the Soulard Restoration Group, the Annual Volunteer Awards are just waiting to be presented.  This is your opportunity to nominate a volunteer for this notable recognition.

The Soulard Volunteer Star Award winners will be announced at an upcoming SRG monthly meeting. The membership committee will review all nominations and make the recommendations to the SRG Board for final approval.


All nominees must be current SRG members. (Committee will verify.)
No self-nominations accepted.
No nominations accepted for members of the current 2016-17 SRG board.
Please complete Nomination Form, deadline TBD.
You may nominate more than one SRG member but must complete a nomination form for each nominee.


Nancy Adams
Abi Almandinger
Sue Ames
Mindy Austin
Kathy Barkey
Sonny Burnside
Christina Coleman
Lisa Cummings
Luann Denten
Julie Dinkelmann
Rick Dungey
John Durnell
Richard Eaton
Jay Gibbs
Chad Graham
George Grove

Dana Brackeen Hunter
Jeanne Kirby
Guy Kingsley
Margi Koors
Bob Kraiberg
Linda Kurdi
Michael Luck
Eric Marlinghaus
Jeremy Mehrle
Kathy Miller
Julia Mittelstadt
Kadi Jo Johnson Montez
Jay Morris
Vicki Morris
Tish Norton
Lisa Otke

Jackie Parker
Jim Price
Julie Price
Tony Range
Paul Sharp
Gary Siddens
Kathy Siddens
Ann Stanley
Alicia Stellhorn
Brenda Switzer
Billy Tomber
Bob Towell

Current Board

Bill Clendenin
Wade Weistreich
Mike Ziemann
Christopher Schwarz

Venessa Kobrin
Beth Bennett
Luann Denten
Jackie Parker

Scott Plackemeier
Neil Putz
Gary Toribio

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Nominee's Name
Briefly describe why you feel this person is deserving of a volunteer award. Be factual and concise, and include specific information where possible. You may attach an additional sheet if necessary. Please print or type.
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