Once again, Soulard is celebrating summer by showcasing some of the neighborhood’s most beautiful, private gardens. On Saturday, June 22 from 9am to 3pm, Soulard Restoration Group will host its annual “Art in the Garden” self-guided walking tour. Homeowner “garden hosts” will open their gates and share the history, inspiration and vision behind their “hidden gems.” Each garden will host an artist and his/her custom artwork will later be sold to support further beautification efforts.

The tour begins at Soulard Station, located at 1911 S. 12th Street. Tickets may be purchased online in advance for $20 per person at www.soulard.org. Tickets may also be purchased on the day of the tour at Soulard Station for $22 per person.

This year, the following gardens will be featured:

JPs Oasis – a smooth, sophisticated entertainment space cleverly designed to be low maintenance.

Terrybeth’s Garden – an intimate outdoor “parlor” surrounded with art and unusual artifacts.

The Weil Garden – a true family garden, providing “room to run” and room to relax.

Côte Savage – the ultimate urban garden showcasing multiple facets of landscaping and greenery converting a cityscape to an entertainment haven.

Possum Holler – a “sister” garden to the gardens on either side, it is a tranquil green space anchored by a majestic willow and Soulard’s iconic red bricks.

The Secret Garden – the colorful door to the gangway leads back to a  hidden parcel of sight, sound, and scent from every angle. Fountains and artifacts center the multitude of blooms, blossoms, and vines trailing everywhere!

The Trapper Cottage – as the oldest home in Soulard, it proudly courts the Monarchs and the hummingbirds with greenery and blooming plants circling this proudly preserved historical treasure.

Soulard used to have a garden tour as far back as the 1980s. But, as time and volunteers ebbed and flowed, it became lost.  A sub-group of the SRG Beautification Committee worked to revive this tradition, but with a twist. The tour became “Art in the Garden” presenting local artists painting en pleine aire.

The “Art in the Garden” tour now showcases history intertwined with art, diversity, and utility. Annually, seven to eight featured gardens throughout Soulard open their gates to display multiple garden types—from urban, to children’s, to cottage, to formal.

“Art in the Garden” (coupled with the Holiday Parlour Tour), offers Soulard residents the opportunity to showcase their unique neighborhood to the larger public. Access to these private, living spaces – with the home owners themselves as the hosts - offers a glimpse of city living, with a slice of history.

Proceeds from this tour benefits Beautification Committee, a foundation committee of SRG, whose goals is “to plant, maintain and beautify our neighborhood.” Beautification matters! All are invited to experience the nature and living history of Soulard on Saturday, June 22. More information at www.soulard.org.

Photos credit: Sergio Sevillano

All photos - Photos from the 2017 and 2018 “Art in the Garden” tours