SRG General Membership Meeting Minutes

Oct. 1, 2014

Meeting started at 7:01 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Nancy Kelly, Sean Cochran, Luann Denten , Jeremy Mehrle, Beth Bennett, Michael Pastore, Jill Weissgerber, Jackie Parker, Steve Parker.

Absent: Alicia Stellhorn, Mike Ziemann.

New members: Four people identified themselves as new members and were introduced.

Secretary’s minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s report: Approved

Police report: Officer Brian Min

         A. Incidents and arrests:

         1. Three burglaries occurred, at Sweet Divine, 1801 S. 9th St.; at Soulard Gyro and 
         Deli, 2022 S. 12th St.; and at a vacant building. Two attempted burglaries were  

         2. Two robberies were reported:

  • 9:10 p.m. Sept. 26 on Emmet Street. Money and a cell phone were taken at gunpoint. Victim was struck and was taken to the hospital and is doing OK.
  • Purse snatching in the 1000 block of Geyer Avenue. Victim resisted and was bruised.
  • Two other robberies occurred in LaSalle Park. A suspect has been identified.

         3. Two men were shot Sept. 27 inside a car in the parking lot of Cuz’ Bar & Grill,
         1530 S. 7th St. The car then idled across the parking lot and struck the building.
         One man died. One is in critical condition. The victims were not Soulard residents.
         The cause of the shooting is unknown. The investigation is ongoing.

IV. Announcements:

      A. Cabstands:  Nancy Kelly announced that cab stands had been set up at five
       locations. Some are “permanent,” others have hours of operation. She said that
       Soulard is one of the last neighborhoods to get cab stands. She asked that people 
       let us know if any problems result, and stated that we would be working with the
       Taxicab Commission to ensure an effective system. She stated that there would be
       “growing pains” and that adjustments can be made. Jason Siebert, owner of Sweet
       Divine, expressed concern over the cab stand across from his business, saying it
       reduced customer parking spaces and made it more difficult to park his van and for
       his family to park. It was estimated that the five stands reduced parking by fewer
       than 20 spaces.

       B. Pontiac Park fencing: Linda Kurdi said the project should be completed before
       the end of October.

       C. Mardi Gras Foundation: Mack Bradley will attend the November SRG meeting.

       D. Social: The Oct. 1 Social will be at Medusa’s, 2501 S. 12th St.

       E. SRG meeting location: Nancy Kelly said the meeting was relocated to the smaller
       room upstairs at Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall for acoustic reasons. She said the
       move was experimental.

       F. Oktoberfest: Volunteers are needed.

       G. Soulard Garden Co-op Party Fundraiser: Michael Pastore reported that more
       than $1,000 was netted from the Sept. 19 party, which is held twice a year. Mary
       Beth Wallace, Dan Shields from D’s Place, Andrew Ladlie from Sassy Jack’s, Ken
       Ortmann from Cat’s Meow, Todd George from Epic Pizza, Tim Lorson from Mardi
       Gras Inc., Dan Lloyd from the Bar Cycle, Steve and Jackie Parker, Patrick Lowry
       from the Good Luck Bar & Grill and Crown Candy Kitchen were thanked for
      donations. He thanked the garden community for hosting the event.

V. Old Business:
A. Oktoberfest: Volunteers are needed.

VI. New Business: None

VII. Committee Reports:

A. Beautification by Linda Kurdi:

  • No weed warriors the weekend of Oct. 4.
  • Brightside grant received for triangle at S. 13th Street and Gravois Avenue.
  • Art Auction will be held Oct. 3. Auction follows a Happy Hour.
  • Resident reported that trees donated by the city had died. He was told they would be replaced in the fall. Richard Eaton encouraged homeowners to water such trees.

B. Mardi Gras Inc. No report

C. Code and Zoning by Jay Gibbs:

  • Owner of the church at S. 13th Street and Allen was painting the limestone foundation. Sandy Colvin reports that the Citizens’ Service Bureau was alerted and stopped the painting.
  • Michael Pastore asked what are the next steps after a house is condemned and just sits there. Jay Gibbs said to “keep being a pest.” Sandy Colvin said what occurs depends on the reason a structure has been condemned. She said the Citizens’ Service Bureau will provide updates when requested. She also said to repeat a request for action if necessary.

D. Membership by Jill Weissgerber

  • Next meeting is Oct. 9 at Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

E. Communication by Jackie Parker.

  • The Renaissance went on the press Oct. 2 and should be out on Friday. She called attention to the new “Off the Island” photo feature

F. Safety by Bill Clendenin.

  • A victim impact statement regarding an Aug. 17 armed robbery was circulated at the meeting.
  • Attendees were encouraged to participate in the Fall Safety Walk after the meeting. Evan Bolesta, Jim Rick, Scott Plackmeier and Bill Clendenin served as team leaders for the walk.

G. Fundraising by Rick Dungey.

  • Oktoberfest volunteer opportunities exist the next two weekends.

H. Residential Promotion by Luann Denten.

  • The potluck on Sept. 14 in Pontiac Park was a success.
  • A reception will be held at Soulard Station to view proposals for the entry way signs. The project has moved into the phase of getting estimates.
  • SBA and SRG will hold a decorated golf cart parade from 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 31. Both people and golf carts will be decorated for Halloween.
  • The old Soulard afghan will be reissued and sold during the Parlour Tour.

Meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.