Soulard Restoration Group

General Membership Meeting – April 3, 2013

I)                    INTRODUCTIONS- President Cochran called to order at 7:11pm


Treasurer’s Report from March not available

General Membership Minutes from March approved

III)                 ANNOUNCEMENTS:

District Captain Deeba ( Gave an overview on crime statistics in relation to same period last year. Aggravated assaults up but burglaries down. Be mindful of what criminals can see in your car. St. Louis needs more judges like Judge Clark who are tough on criminals.  No information on Market Lofts burglary where lot gate was torn off.  Call Citizen Service Bureau at 314-622-4800 to report graffiti to be cleaned.

Officer Miller: Iron grates from Brewery with AB logo have been stolen recently. Criminals in Market Lofts case were most likely looking for weapons in cars.  Don’t hesitate to call 911 to report something suspicious

President Cochran: Congratulations to Alderman  Ortmann and Alderwoman Young on winning re-election in recent elections

St. Elizabeth Academy: School is being shuttered in June. Trying to raise money to keep school open. Go to for more information

Jim Price: First SBA concert at Market Park is June 8th.  Allstate Insurance recently awarded the SRG $1,000 as part of their community grants program.

SRG Board: Thank you to Sean Cochran for his service to Soulard as President.


IV)           NEW BUSINESS:

Paul Kjorlie: Forestry Division would like to partner with the SRG to split cost of new trees in Soulard. Matter will be explored.

V)                   OLD BUSINESS:

Elections: Candidates for Directors spoke before vote. Voting results:

Directors Elected: Macy Mehrle, Michael Pastore, LuAnn Denton, Beth Bennett




Beautification:  Talked about Blitz weekend and upcoming fundraiser at Molly’s. Garden Tour is set for June 29.

Code & Zoning/Plan Review Team (PRT):  1017 Geyer Hearing: C-store application denied

Communications: Making progress on website. Renaissance paper will continued to be produced for next two years. Next paper will be printed June 4.

Fundraising:  talked about upcoming cheer station for Go! Marathon that will raise $1000 for SRG

Membership: Becca Gilberg and Mandie Mason taking over as Co-Chairs. Donations will now be accepted at socials to offset cost for host.Social at the Bennett home

Residential Promotion: Doing “Tourist In Your Own Town” event with CVC on May 1. if interested in joining committee. Meeting with transplant office in Loop about possible partnerships.

Safety: Safety Walk immediately after meeting. Will last 45min-HR

Oktoberfest – No report

Soulard Special Business Tax District – No report

Soulard Station:  No report


Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Ryan Brockschmitt