Soulard Restoration Group

General Membership Meeting – December 4, 2013

Introductions –

Board-Jill Weissgerber, Macy Mehrle, Sean Cochran, Luann Denten, Jackie Parker, Nancy Kelly, Michael Pastore, Beth Bennett

Aldermen-Ken Ortmann

New Members-Matthew, here for 6 months, Aaron &Jenna, Andrea Wallace


Secretary & Treasurer Reports and Approval





Luann Denten – Social & Entryway signs

social tonight at 2622 s. 11th, donations from mama gusto’s

Calling for artists to submit designs for entryway signs

Emily Ayers – Crisis Nursery Centene Center

1928 Gravois

Emergency shelter for children 0-12

24 hour crisis line

14 beds

Diversely funded state &private funding

In need of volunteers- 314-768-3201 OR  314-338-2200

Mavis Thompson – City License Collector

October 11th appointed

Collects taxes on businesses such as:

Graduated business licenses

Manufacturing tax

Hospitality taxes

4% pays for offices of license collector

96% goes back into general funds

December 17 at 7:30 am-9:00 am forum for affordable care act for small businesses  at city hall room 208

Jackie Parker – Lift for Life Academy

Thank you to volunteers for helping with the cupcake and bottle cap dash on November 9th


Police Report – Officer Miller

Trying different approaches and tactics to lower crime, moving around patrol cars

Car theft and break ins up

Total larcenies down 60%

Aggravated assaults down 50%

Burglaries are up

Robbery at 13 &ann, November 30 10:50 PM, 2 subjects with chrome revolver demanded possessions

November 5, armed robbery on 11th, special ops picked up a suspect, recovered weapon, issued warrants

Mail slots have been removed or reached through to unlock door

Older model Toyota, boxy style seen, near burglary with mail slot removed

Make sure mail slot is secured, can you turn key within reach, compartment for mail, check mail screws, porch lights on, radio on, always give the impression that someone is home, report to police when you go out of town

1000 Lami, man was murdered, investigations, suspicious activity, not much to report at this point


Old Business

No date set for tree planting, looking at December, planting 160 trees in the 7th ward


New Business

January 11, mouse racing at st. Vincent de Paul, $25 a seat or $200 for table, benefiting bkzpost422, drinks included


Committee Reports


Beautification-Linda Kurdi

No weed warriors this weekend


Code & Zoning/PRT-Jay Gibbs

Good Luck bar and grill-9th and victor, board wrote letter in support of rezoning for patio to be able to serve food and alcohol

Concerns about tenting around patio being unsightly

Opposition to proposed demolition to old church school

Group would like to purchase Lafayette school building and turn into upscale market rate apartments, would like letter of support from SRG and alderperson


Communication-Billy Tomber

Soulard renaissance has been delivered

Next issue will come out near Mardi gras


Fundraising -Jackie Parker

Smarty gras-Saturday, January 18th, silent auction, trivia, 10 rounds, $200 for a team of 10 before December 31st, $250 after, friends included

Need volunteers


Mardi Gras Inc.-Billy Tomber

Lost sponsorship for family winter carnival

In need of ideas for suggestions for a kid friendly event

Reaching out to SBA and SRG for funds


Parlour Tour-Billy Tomber

Largest fundraiser of the year

In need of volunteers

December 7&8

Volunteer sign up sheet is under buy tickets


Residential Promotion-Luann Denton

Fete de Noel-Santa comes to Soulard-December 20 6-9 PM at Soulard Station


Safety-Bill Clendon

Report from safety walk

Only 3 street lights out

12 alley lights out

When reporting alley lights, call Ameren, give pole number

Make sure to leave lights on

Next safety meeting early January


Soulard Station

Had to cut down tree

Christmas tree up on December 16


Social at Luann’s house