April 16th 2014

Meeting started at 6:40 PM

Board transition Dinner


In Attendance: Nancy Kelley, Sean Cochran,  Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Jeremy Mehrle, Alicia Stellhorn, Billy Tomber, Ryan Brockschmitt, Jill Weissgerber, Michael Pastore, Jackie Parker, Macy Mehrle


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Quarterly account numbers handed out
    2. Individual committee finance reports delivered
    3. Reminder that Only committee chairs can submit check requests for their committees


  1. Old Business:
    1. Tap n Run
      1. Tap n run route is changing to reroute the run to finish on Soulard Street between 10th and 9th
    2. May 7 Membership Drive
      1. Drive will be held at the Great Grizzly Bear on Geyer from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
    3. SRG Board Retreat
      1. No decisions were made


  1.   New Business:
    1. Funding request for Summer Concert Series
      1. Motion made that SRG donate $1500 to summer concert series-Unanimously approved
    2. Committee assignments
      1. Board members were asked to be liaisons for individual committees


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Safety
      1. No report
    2. Beautification
      1. A check request was submitted to pay for Mark Bunch with Wild Welding to build an art installation to cover the AT&T boxes in Pontiac park
      2. Motion to have special meeting to see presentation for the covering of the AT&T boxes at Pontiac Park-unanimously approved-Meeting will be held on April 23rd at 7 PM
    3. Membership
      1. No report
    4. Communications
      1. Comm comm looking into solutions for reducing cost of privacy software
    5. Code & Zoning/PRT
      1. Red brick signs have been brought to citizens service bureau, cultural resources and zoning
      2. Patrick Lowry of good luck bar and grill needs to build a railing at bar and would like SRG input- put in touch with jay for more clarification
    6. Fundraising
      1. Volunteers still needed for Tap N’ Run, will try to recruit at membership drive
    7. Residential Promotion
      1. Entry markers will be run through street division
    8. Soulard Station
      1. Supplies have been purchased to improve Station appearance and venue usability

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM