Meeting started at 7:11 PM

AT&T Box Coverings


In Attendance: Jeremy Mehrle, Beth Bennett, Sean Cochran, Nancy Kelly, Luann Denten, Michael Pastore, Jackie Parker, Macy Mehrle

Special guests: Richard Eaton, Linda Kurdi 


  1. History
    1. Little Bavarian Brewery was originally on grounds of Pontiac Park
    2. Chief Pontiac is namesake of park
    3. Att boxes were put in 2008
    4. Att provided $10,000 as appeasement to the SRG to avoid a lawsuit
    5. Special Committee was formed in 2012 to find a solution to cover the boxes
  2. Obstacles
    1. Could not put vegetation around boxes, it would only hide one part
    2. You cannot dig in the area because of all the wires
      1. Could not fence in because of this
    3. Not allowed to paint because boxes get too hot
  3. Solution
    1. Extend concrete across so we can out fencing on concrete and not dig into ground
    2. Wanted to incorporate chief Pontiac into the fencing with historical marker
    3. Signage + fencing 6' tall by 21' long
    4. Tree silhouettes will cap ends
    5. Barn gate opening on 10th street for access
    6. Total is $10,600 plus concrete 
      1. Could be as high as $1,500 for aggregate concrete
      2. Need approval from city parks department
      3. Approval from AT&T is necessary
    7. Needs $4,000 to start ordering supplies
    8. $475 a month after $4,000
      1. We can retain 30% unpaid until installation is finished
  4. Needs
    1. Have not contacted att about covering
      1. John is ready to make proposal to AT&T
  5. Final Notes
    1. If we do not approve welding design, committee to cover boxes will disband, they have exhausted all options
    2. Motion to table the issue until April 29th at 7 PM-7 yes, 1 abstained


Adjourned at 8:52 PM