SRG Board Meeting

May 21, 2014


Meeting started at 6:37 PM

Budget Meeting


In Attendance: Nancy Kelley, Sean Cochran,  Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Jeremy Mehrle (via Skype), Alicia Stellhorn, Jill Weissgerber, Michael Pastore, Jackie Parker, Macy Mehrle


Guests: Richard Eaton, Julie Price, Bill Clendenin, Vickie Morris, Rick Dungey


  1. Budget Hearing and Treasurer’s Report:
    1. Budgets for each committee were created and approved
    2. Leaders for committees spoke about committee needs and worked with treasurer to create budgets


  1. Old Business:
    1. Redbrick Signs Update
      1. Red Brick signs bolted to buildings have been removed due to several complaints to cultural resource and code and zoning as well as the citizens service bureau
    2. Tap N’ Run
      1. Tap N’ Run was contacted about several complaints
        1. Trinity Lutheran had concerns about Tap N’ Run affecting weddings and parking
        2. No parking signs were left all over the neighborhood
        3. complaints about runners bringing coolers and kegs going through the race
      2. All issues were addressed
    3. Molly’s Fundraiser
      1. Molly’s fundraiser pulled in approximately $7,000
      2. No band or quieter band requested next year, everyone wanted to be social at the event
    4. Bastille Day at Franco’s
      1. Bastille Day tickets are on sale at
      2. Franco is putting up the restaurant, wine, and beer
      3. proceeds after expenses paid will benefit the entry marker project
    5. Board Retreat Update
      1. Retreat on May 31 from 9 AM-9 PM at American Legion and Nancy’s house
      2. Spouses are welcome
    6. AT&T Boxes
      1. Recap of ATT Boxes history and solution presented as reflected in special board meeting minutes
      2. Motion has been made to approve the contract with Wild Welding to build a fence around the AT&T boxes depicting chief pontiac at an amount of $10,600  as well as an additional amount of up to $2,500 for concrete pouring - APPROVED- 6-in favor, 4-opposed, Alicia Stellhorn abstained due to occupational conflict of interest


  1.   New Business:
    1. SRG Tax Issue
      1. An accountant is looking into SRG tax filings


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. motion to abstain committee reports until next month- all in favor

Meeting adjourned at 11:19 PM


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