SRG  Board Meeting Minutes

 August 20, 2014


Meeting started at 7:10 PM


Board Members In Attendance:  Jeremy Mehrle, Macy Mehrle, Nancy Kelly, Sean Cochran, Jill Weissgerber, Mike Ziemann, Michael Pastore, Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Alecia Stellhorn, Jackie Parker


Guests: Scott Sandler from Pizzeoli Restaurant, Billy Tomber from MGI and Fundraising


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Treasurer’s Report is slightly off due to fiscal year switching over and old money coming in
    2. Report Unanimously Approved
  2. Old Business
    1. Taxi stand and Traffic signs update
      1. Nancy is meeting with Ron Klein next week to look over 3 sites to set up a possible taxi stand at locations near McGurk’s, iTap, and Molly’s 
      2. Nancy has been discussing adding additional traffic signs with Phyllis Young
    2. Pontiac Park Fence update
      1. Things are moving along according to the timeline referenced in last month’s Board Meeting Minutes
    3. Update on SRG financial filings – Alicia Stellhorn
      1. SRG has filed its Tax Return this year
  3. New Business 
    1. Pizzeoli Restaurant
      1. Neapolitan Pizza, brick oven, will start off with 4 or 5 options, will have vegan and vegetarian options, no meat on pizza, beer wine
      2. Vote to approve Liquor license for Pizzielo Restaurant- Unanimously Approved
    2. Lafayette School – Beth Bennett
      1. Lafayette School property is being looked at by Lafayette Prep school, wants to purchase building but only fix up a portion of the building, working with Fran Cook to try to get the building Can we give support to her purchasing the building and fixing it up? Possibly write a letter of support?
    3. SRG branding – Mike Ziemann
      1. Proposal to change marketing in the welcome bags
      2. Do they work? Are people joining SRG? Food for thought.
      3. Jackie Parker offered to write content and Jeremy Mehrle offered to design flier for welcome bag
    4. Leadership Training Seminar
      1. Motion to send Jackie Parker to leadership training- Unanimously Approved
      2. Would like to send one more person, will reach out to other leaders in the community
    5. Oktoberfest at Union Station – Billy Tomber, Jackie Parker
      1. SRG will be 1 of 7 non-profits that will be asked to participate, Operation will be nearly identical to Taste of St. Louis, Just need people and money belts
      2. Event will be Oct 3 & 4, Friday night, Saturday day and night
      3. We will retain 25% sold
      4. Billy Tomber will be the captain of this event for SRG, coordinating volunteers


    1. MSW Market Proposal
      1. SBA has been talking about rebranding Soulard
      2. They have received Marketing Proposals of $20,000 and $55,000
      3. They have formed a new committee to oversee marketing
    2. Mardi Gras Ball 
      1. January 31,  6:30 PM Mad Art Gallery- Vices and Virtues
      2. Will be run through beautification as a fundraiser for the SRG
      3. Full sit down dinner with tables of 10
      4. Catering by Mad Art Gallery
      5. Costume Contest, live music, dancing
      6. $75 per person, price will go up to $100 per person after 12th night
      7. Admission will be offered for drinks and dancing only 
    3. Community Garden Fundraiser
      1. Community garden is having a fundraiser September 19, 6:30-9:30
      2. Raising funds to pay for repairs to garden
    4. Soulard Market Park Plan
      1. City wants to apply for a grant to upgrade and redo Soulard Market Park according to the Soulard Master Plan


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Beautification
      1. Each green space will be divided up among new members
      2. Outside group is going to beautify triangle at 13th and Russell
      3. Butterfly Garden will happen at Pontiac Park
    2. Code & Zoning
      1. People that bought the property at 10th & Allen want to make 2 town homes and add on to both sides of the building, met with PRT and got some suggestions
      2. Soulard Barber Shop wants to tear down the Alley House to put in a Parking Lot
    3. Communications
      1. Reniassance deadline September 18th
      2. Blaster is healthy
    4. Fundraising
      1. No report
    5. Membership
      1. Roster will be out soon
      2. Grizzly Game was success!
    6. Residential Promotion
      1. 4 designs submitted for entry marker project, getting 3 cost estimates for each design, going to cultural resources before submitting to board
      2. Local Hour August 28, Mad Art Gallery, 6 PM
      3. Potluck in the Park , September 14, noon on Sunday, bring a chair, bring a game, hang out with neighbors
    7. Safety
      1. Vincent’s was held up at gunpoint by guy with Mask on, started running North on 12th
      2. 81 year old Man in wheelchair assaulted for money by 2 men
    8. Soulard Station
      1. Inside needs painting
      2. looking at putting  “Soulard Station” sings on 2 other sides of building
      3. Considering putting in and addition for storage
    9. MGI
      1. No report


Meeting adjourned at 9:36 PM