July 1, 2015 

Location: Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, 1919 S. 7th St.

Meeting started at 7:05 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Mike Ziemann, Beth Bennett, Sean Cochran, Luann Denten, Bill Clendenin, Jeremy Mehrle, Gary Toribio

Board members absent: Alicia Stellhorn, Jackie Parker, Steve Parker, Nancy Kelly

Aldermen in attendance: Jack Coatar, Ken Ortmann

State Senator Jamiliah Nasheed (District 5) did not attend the meeting although she had previously asked President, Mike Ziemann, to be placed on the meeting agenda as a guest speaker.

Secretary’s minutes
Although minutes from the June 3, 2015 General Meeting and June 23 Board Meeting were prepared and electronic copies were on the SRG Website, paper copies were not available at this July 1st  meeting. Therefore Mike Ziemann delayed approval of these minutes until the next general membership meeting in August.

Treasurer’s report
Treasurer’s Report was not provided but will be presented at the next general membership meeting in August.

New members
Three new members introduced themselves. Chris Conrad and Karl & Bridget Zimmerman.

Police report
Officer Min was on vacation, therefore there was no police report. 
Bill Clendenin explained that he was circulating a Neighborhood Impact Statement petition for residents to sign during the meeting. The NIS addresses the impact of crime to our neighborhood and will hopefully be given consideration during the sentencing of several criminals found guilty in the May 2015 timeframe.

Old business
Tap ‘N’ Run 
Mike Ziemann reported that the run was successful with 1,698 participants on June 6, and SRG received $4,000 for our volunteers that helped staff the event.  Mike asked members to email him at president@soulard.org with any constructive criticism, comments or recommendations for next year’s event.

Soulard Mardi Gras Foundation Grant - Video cameras proposal
SRG, Soulard Business Association and Soulard Special Business District have been working on the initiation of a video camera surveillance program for the Soulard neighborhood. SRG Board was to visit the St Louis Metropolitan Police Dept. Real Time Crime Center to get a better understanding about the proposed surveillance program. The SRG Board intends to submit the first phase of the surveillance program for this year’s MGF grant.

New business
Gravois Road discussion
Mike Ziemann reported that MODOT is having a public meeting to discuss proposed improvements to the Gravois Road Corridor on Tuesday, July 14, starting at 6 p.m. in the 5 Star Senior Center. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Parking rates and meter feedback
Mike Ziemann explained that the city is raising parking rates slightly on July 2, 2015; and has been installing automated meters.  This may affect some parking in Soulard.  He also mentioned that the city is soliciting feedback on the meters.

St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones is responsible for managing the city's parking enforcement, including parking meters.  Comments and feedback on parking meters can be made on the Treasurer's Office website: 
Or Twitter account (@stltreasurer [twitter.com], #stlparkingmeters [twitter.com]), and Facebook page (StlTreasurer [www.facebook.com]).

Soulard Star mominations
The Blaster noted that nominations are being accepted for the coveted Soulard Star Award that recognizes outstanding SRG volunteers. The deadline for nominations is Aug. 1 and winners will be announced at the September general membership meeting on Sept. 2. Follow the nomination process in the Blaster to fill out and submit the online application for the Soulard Star Award at: http://www.soulard.org/star-award

American Legion Post 422 report
Mr. Bill Wirtel said the contractor has begun concrete work.  The asphalt parking lot will repaved, and then the sidewalks will be repaired.
The 3rd Friday Family Happy Hour will be July 17 from 5 to 8 p.m.  It will have a Hawaiian theme along with live music.
Flag Day was June 14 and the Legion Post had collected 200 American flags from Soulard that were in the ceremonies and properly destroyed.

MGI report
Gary Toribio mentioned that there will be a Halfway to Mardi Gras Pub Crawl in Soulard on Saturday, Aug. 23 from noon to 5 p.m. Free trolleys will also be in operation. MGI is not involved in any other halfway to Mardi Gras events.
The next MGI board meeting is Thursday, July 9.
He reminded the membership that Mardi Gras Foundation is separate from Mardi Gras Inc. and has a totally different board of directors none of whom are appointed by SRG.  
MGF decides on the awarding of the grant money from the Mayor’s Ball. Lisa Otke and Jay 
Dinklemann are on the MGF board and are also SRG members. They can be asked to support 
our upcoming grant request for the video camera surveillance program.

Committee reports

Richard Eaton reported that the committee has done a cleanup of the South 9th & Sidney streets median as well as the Soulard Market. There was also a good turnout of the Weed Warriors at Pontiac Square Park.
The next Weed Warrior day is July 11 starting at 9 a.m. at Pontiac Square Park and will include work at Aboussie Park on South 13th Street and getting the large flower pots set at intersections. There will also be volunteer assistance from outside Soulard.
Richard also said that the Art in the Garden Tour on June 27 was very successful with good interest. Luann Denten said the tour was amazing. The 10 major SRG volunteers that were instrumental to the success of the tour were asked to stand and be recognized. There were 300 people at this year’s tour in comparison to 147 in 2014. It also had coverage by Fox 2, Channel 5, the Post-Dispatch and the Riverfront Times. There were seven pieces of art sold during the tour. The remainder of the artwork will be sold at the auction on Oct. 2 at Soulard Station.
Paul Kjorlie pointed out that the city will no longer automatically spray for mosquitoes unless the neighborhood requests it.

Jeremy Mehrle reminded the membership that the deadline for the Oktoberfest edition of the Renaissance is Sept. 4 by 5 p.m. Articles can be sent to editor@soulard.org.
Also, the watch party for the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday, July 18 will be at South 12th & Sidney streets. More details will be announced in the Blaster.

Code and Zoning
Jay Gibbs gave an update that there is construction going on in Soulard but there aren’t currently many controversial issues associated with it.
Rick Dungey pointed out that Phase 1 of restoration of the house at South 10th Street & Allen Avenue is completed and looks spectacular. Jay explained that there is to be an addition on the south end of the house, and it will become two houses with one garage.

Rick Dungey reported that he received the most recent vendor contract for Soulard Oktoberfest 2015. The commission rates that were in the 2014 contract were not as favorable to SRG as it was previously. So he and Billy Tomber are trying to make proposed edits to the contract. Oktoberfest 2015 will once again be the second weekend of October, on Oct. 9-11, and at the same location as last year on the parking lots east of South Seventh Street across from Soulard Market and Riley's Florist.

The committee reminded everyone that SRG Night at the Gateway Grizzlies game will be Aug. 8. Tickets are $35 a person and includes Molly’s shuttle van rides to and from the game, a ticket to the game, beer at the ballpark and free admission to SRG’s own private after-party at the OZ nightclub (including benefits) prior to its regular nightly opening. If interested in attending, email membership@soulard.org .
Information on the Star Awards and nominations are in the Blaster and on the website.

Residential promotion
Luann Denten said there will once again be a Halloween decorated Golf Card Parade on Friday, Oct. 30. There were 32 carts that participated in 2014 and hopes are to have more this year.
Luann Denten said she placed the order for flags with the SRG logo. The flags will be green with gold lettering, two-sided and measure 3-feet by 5-feet.
The Bastille Days Celebration will begin at 5 p.m. Friday, July 10, with the Gathering of the Mob at Howards, South 13th and Lynch streets and proceed through the neighborhood.
On Saturday, July 11, Liquid Gold will play at 6 p.m. as part of the Soulard Free Concert Series in Soulard Market Park.  
Bastille en Vogue will again be at Franco on Sunday July 12 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $25 per person and available at eventbrite.com. All information is in the Blaster.

Bill Clendenin thanked the residents that attended the last five sentencing hearings and support of the victims. There will be more hearings later in the summer.
National Night Out is Tuesday Aug. 4. Anyone wanting to participate with their own block party needs to go through their Neighborhood Stabilization Officer. The deadline for registering your block is July 22.

Tonight’s Social was to be in the backyard of Andy Friederich’s home but due to the forecast for severe thunderstorms, it was hosted by Andy at Henry’s Bar at 1916 South 9th Street.

A motion to adjourn was made by Julie Dinkelmann and seconded by Richard Eaton; all voted in favor of the motion.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.