Minutes October 2016 SRG Board Meeting

Date: Oct. 19, 2016

Location: Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.

Officers in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Jackie Parker, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann

Officers Absent: Bill Clendenin, Gary Toribio

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 p.m. by President-Elect Wade Weistreich

Old Business

  1. Stops Signs

    The issues of stop signs and stop sign enforcement was brought up by Neil Putz. Some potential solutions to the lack of stop sign observation was 1) painting a white stripe on the road where vehicles should be stopping 2) replacing fading stop signs with new ones.

    After discussion, the Board acknowledged that the issue of traffic safety is important but better served with additional information. The Safety Committee was identified as the best resource to further investigate this issue.

Motion: Luann Denten the Safety Committee be asked to look at the issue of stop sign enforcement to include amplification, street department and police involvement.

Second: Neil Putz

Passed: All

2. Plaza Market Christmas Tree

    Ted Greenfield from Soulard Market and Vice President of the SBA reached out to the SRG President to see if the SRG would be interesting in assisting to decorate the Plaza Market Christmas tree.

    The Board will await further information before addressing this issue.

3. Grant Writer

    Wade Weistreich brought up the idea of hiring a grant writer to both identify, write and apply for grants. This was tabled until a future meeting.

New Business

1. United Games Presentation (Julie Price)

    Julie Price gave a presentation to the Board for a company that she is affiliated with, United Games. The new application is called Fire Fan and is a gaming application. By becoming an affiliate, the SRG would be eligible to receive a portion of advertising income that is raised by the players affiliated with SRG. SRG would create an affiliate code that players would use to download and play the game.

    The projected revenue for a non-profit organization is the following:

    The non-profit will receive 10% of the advertising revenue for usage specifically associated with the affiliate code. When affiliated players play the game or acquire tokens, the affiliated organization gets paid. Players can, at most, look at five advertisements and one survey per 24 hour period. The most money that can be made in advertising fees per day is $15 per person.

    The marketing company has already created all of the marketing materials and they are ready to be branded with the unique affiliate code. Affiliated organizations are required to used the United Games marketing materials. There is a fee for marketing materials which are physical or require printing. I believe that the online materials are free. All marketing materials are handled by a dedicated “back office.” The SRG would request the materials and the back office would provide the materials, ready with the branding. SBA is serving as the umbrella and paid affiliate sponsor and is inviting other Soulard organizations and bars to take part in this multi-level marketing situation.

    This discussion was tabled and a straw-vote taken by the Board was provided to the President, who will make the final decision.

2. Treasurer Reports
    The invoices for the Soulard Station for August and September have been turned in.

    A Board member turned in a request for a reimbursement that was over the previously budgeted amount for the specific expenditure. The circumstances were outside of the Board member’s control and the funds were budgeted, just not to the specific Board member. The Board member making the request took on additional duties when another Board member could not fulfill the obligation.

Motion: Wade Weistreich moved to approve $136 over the approved budget for reimbursement of a Board members expenses.

Second: Neil Putz

Passed: All

3. Check signers

    The check signers will remain, as stated in the by-laws, as the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Committee Reports

1. Communications and Fundraising (Jackie Parker):

    The Wreath Sales have been extended through October 31.

    The Hot Chocolate Run will be December 11, 2016. The SRG will participate by hosting a cheer station. The location would be at Geyer Street and 7th Street. The volunteer responsibilities are the following: 30 volunteers present, filling and refilling cups for runners, 6:oo a.m. - 10:00 a.m. shift for the 5K and 15K runs. The SRG will receive $1500.00.

    The Renaissance is out. A big thank-you to those who assisted in delivering the Renaissance. If you would like to assist in delivering the Renaissance please contact Linda Kurdi (her information is available in the Soulard Directory). The deadline for the next issue of the Renaissance is November 11, 2016 and this will be the Parlour Tour issue.

2. Beautification (Luann Denten):

    Beautification, together with Residential Promotion, dedicated the Terra Madonna in Pontiac Square Park. The statue was gifted by the artist, Uriel Starbuck, to the Soulard Restoration Group and the Beautification Committee. The plants that are planted around the Terra Madonna were acquired by Margi Koors and are an endangered Missouri species.

    Beautification was gifted another set of sculptures from Bob Casilly’s collection and they will also be placed in Pontiac Square Park. More information will be reported as it is available.

3. Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett):

    No report at this time.

4. Membership (Beth Bennett):

    The membership committee is now three members strong (Veronica Putz, Lillian Thomspon and Beth Bennett) and seeking additional members as well as a membership chair.

5. Residential Promotions (Luann Denten):

    The 28th is the Decorated Golf Cart parade. The parade will start at 6:00 p.m.. The Legion will have food and beverages available. We are hoping for involvement by the households on the route.

6. Safety (Scott Plackemeier):

    The Safety Walk went well.

7. MGI (Jackie Parker and Gary Toribio):

    No report at this time.

8. Parlour Tour (Mike Ziemann):

    The Parlour Tour has 5 confirmed homes that will be open for the Tour. The Tour has reached out to the Lafayette Apartments to see if they would like to participate. There is an open house on October 21st and the Parlour Tour chair will attend. Preliminary discussions have been tentative but the Parlour Tour is hoping for their involvement. The Treasurer is going to schedule a meeting with the Parlour Tour Liaison and Chairs to go over the budget.

9. Soulard Station (Neil Putz):

    There are 73 days remaining until the end of the Soulard Station operating year. Vicki Morris acknowledged that she will continue to lead the committee until she steps down from the position. There is not a plan in place for continuity of the Station, or Station Committee, at this time. It is unknown if the other committee members will remain on the Committee following the departure of Vicki from the position of Station Manager.

    A question was raised to the Board regarding what should happen with the Soulard Station after Vicki Morris leaves the position of Station Manager. This issue will be addressed at length during the November Board meeting.

Adjournment: Venessa Kobrin motioned to adjourn, Luann Denten seconded and the meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.