Date:             September 21, 2016

Location:        Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St. 

Officers and Directors in attendance: Beth Bennett, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Jackie Parker, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann

Officers and Directors absent: Gary Toribio

Guests:  Cathy Weldon, Tim Lorson

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

Old Business


New Business

1. Soulard Oktoberfest

Cathy Weldon presented the plans for the 2016 Soulard Oktoberfest. This will be a smaller, neighborhood-oriented event. She discussed the security staffing plans and the bathroom plans for the event. 

2. Mardi Gras Inc. (Tim Lorson)

 Tim Lorson, Executive Director of Mardi Gras, Inc. provided an update on preparations for Mardi Gras in Soulard.  

The Mardi Gras Grand Parade will be the focal point of energy this year in an effort to enhance the quality of the overall event. While the krewes and floats are entirely volunteer based, funds have been budgeted to recruit marching bands and other parade specific entertainment. There will also be a push to recruit younger krewes to take part in the event. The pace of the parade, specifically, will be addressed in the coming year to ensure the energy of Mardi Gras part of the parade. Floats and entertainment will have shorter distances between them. 

    The Cajun Cook-off is a great event and will have one key change: more of a cajun cooking expo with professional chefs demonstrating and amateur chefs competing. This has historically been an events with professional chefs competing but all parties seem to enjoy the professional chefs demonstrations significantly more. 

    The Wine, Beer and Whiskey taste is looking for a new large portfolio whiskey company to serve as a sponsor of the event. . The Weiner Dog race is individually sponsored and those sponsorships are secured. Taste of Soulard will be held again in the coming Mardi Gras season. In regard to parking, Metro will run shuttles and new parking areas to be identified and obtained.

    There is nothing planned by MGI for Fat Tuesday. The neighborhood is free to host itsown events on Sunday and Fat Tuesday and MGI would support such neighborhood events. Last year the neighborhood held its own Fat Tuesday event and plans to hold it, as a neighborhood event, in the coming year. It was agreed that a neighborhood Fat Tuesday event is an organic way to end the Mardi Gras season.

Jackie Parker asked Luann Denten if she wanted MGI to support Fat Tuesday in any manner, and Luann stated that she never considered that to be an option. It would be nice if there were a closing ceremony or something that was not advertised outside of the neighborhood. Luann D. will follow-up with the Board and MGI regarding neighborhood Mardi Gras events for Fat Tuesday and will seek support from MGI as necessary. 

A question was raised regarding the status of Tim’s contract with MGI. After operating without a contract for 13 years, an annually renewable contract is now signed and in-place. It renews June 1st of each year.

3. Cause Marketing Opportunities 


    A wine company has reached out to the SRG Board to use the SRG name in their marketing and, in turn, donate 10-20 percent of the sale price back to SRG. Questions were raised regarding charitable fundraising and whether or not a written contract would be put in place. Known information is the following: The company would have a wine tasting at Vincent’s Market, during a month-long campaign, and 10-20% of the sales would go to the SRG.

    More information would be needed but, given the time constraints,the Board authorized Bill Clendenin to follow-up and make the decision on behalf of the Board. 

Motion: Chris Schwarz motions to pursue wine fundraising opportunity, subject to Bill clarifying the terms and gathering more information, with the President being authorized to give approval.

Second: Scott Plackemeier

Passed: All

4. Treasurer Reports

    The SRG contributed $20,000 to the camera system. The camera system will be owned by a separate non-profit entity comprised of the SRG, SBA and SSBD (Soulard Special Business District). This special purpose, non-profit entity, will hold title to the camera system. 

    The Soulard Station proceeds for the months of August and September have not been received from the Station Manager. The funds have historically been held until the Station Manager completes billing and involving with the Treasurer. 

    The Bastille Day expenses are categorized as a fundraiser because of the way the event is set up in quick books. After the approval of the current budget the Residential Promotion Committee added an event to the Bastille Weekend events. The Bastille Weekend celebrations have not caused the Residential Promotion Committee to exceed their budget. 

    Mike Ziemann asked what the process for approving expenses outside the budget was. After discussion and given the newly set practice of quarterly meeting between the Treasurer, Committee Liaisons and Committee Chairs, it was determined that once a committee reached their overall budget for the operating year, they would need to approach the Board for approval of any expense above and beyond. 

Use of SRG Directory

    The Soulard Restoration Group Directory, per the usage policy on the first page, needs to not be used for any campaigning, cold-calling or sales purposes. 

Committee Reports

    1. Communications and Fundraising (Jackie Parker) 

    Renaissance is due out in the coming month. 

    2. Beautification (Luann Denten)

    The dedication of the Terra Madonna will take place October 17th, 2016. 

    3. Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett)

        The 14th and Russell development has additional modifications: the addition of 8         apartment units and 17 parking spaces by extending the building to the Ann property line.     The Board trusts the Planning and Review Team to make a decision on this post-approval     modification and to report back to the Board.

        The 7th and Victor Development also wants to make changes to the approved         building plans: more parking spaces (underground) and lowering the overall height of the        building. The Board will direct PRT to work with the developer to send a copy of the         plan to PRT and to hold an Open House on September 29, 2016 for the neighborhood at         large. 

    4. Membership (Beth Bennett) 

    The Membership Chair position has, to date, not been filled. This position is vital             to the success of the SRG. Please submit any potential candidates to        or

    5. Residential Promotions (Luann Denten) 

  •   The “Art in the Garden” art auction will be held Sept. 30, 6 p.m. at

           Soulard Station.

            This event is the culmination of the Art in the Garden Tour. Each of the tour gardens hosted an artist, who created an original piece of art within the garden. Each of the pieces is unique and influenced not only be the garden in which it was created but also by the neighbors and friends who enjoyed the gardens through the day. The art auction is your opportunity                 to own one of these beautiful pieces while supporting the SRG’s Beautification Committee

  • Halloween Festivities will be held Oct. 28, 6 p.m. at B-K-Z

    American Legion, 2601 S. 11th Street. Festivities will include the 

    Decorated Gold Cart parade and costume contest and the kid-friendly agenda will culmination with     Trunk-or-Treat. Adults are welcome to 

    participate in the costumed pub crawl once the Trunk-or-Treat concludes. More information to follow.

  • Santa Comes to Soulard has been scheduled for Friday, Dec. 16, 

    6 p.m. at Soulard Station. More information to follow. 

  • Soulard’s Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball will be held Feb. 11, 

    7 p.m. at the South Broadway Athletic Club, 2301 S. 7th Street. 

    More information to follow.


    6. Safety (Scott Plackemeier)

    Safety Walk will be held after the October General Meeting.

There are no hearings currently scheduled. Bill C. thinks that NextDoor is a good medium to publicize the hearings coming up.  Wade W. reports that the Prosecuting Attorney is looking at Soulard neighborhood participation in making prosecution and recommendation decisions.

        Camera Project should be well underway by November (Bill’s estimate) and the         City’s participation is also catching up.

    7. MGI (Jackie Parker and Gary Toribio) 

    Update given earlier.        

    8. Parlor Tour (Mike Ziemann) 

        Subcommittee is now meeting weekly.  Open House last week was a success.          Right now the committee has 5 houses lined for tour locked in, one pretty close, and 2 to         3 that will round out the goal of 7 sites.  Putting out requests for sponsors.

    9. Soulard Station (Neil Putz) 


        Vicki Morris, Station Manager, has informed the Board that she will operate         events at the Station through 2016, but that she will not be booking events for 2017 and         that she will be leaving as Station Manager at that time. She will be missed as she has         done an excellent job at the Station over the years.  

Additional discussions held in executive session. 


Luann D. motioned to adjourn, Mike Ziemann seconded and the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.