Minutes December 2016 SRG General Meeting


Date: Dec. 7, 2016

Location: Sts. Peter and Paul Church Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Jackie Parker, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann

Officers and Directors Absent: Gary Toribio

Aldermen Present: Ken Ortmann, Jack Coatar

Committeeman Present: Marty Joe Murray, Jr.

Guests: Update on the Soulard Community Improvement District (Richard Eaton/Luke Reynolds/Chris Schroeder)

Board General Meeting Minutes
November General Membership meeting minutes were available for review. Mike Ziemann motioned to approve the minutes and David Taylor seconded. The November General Membership meeting minutes were approved.


New Business 

Police Report (Officer Min)
            November: 1 assault, 2 rapes, 2 stolen autos, 1 burglary. 1 robbery at Soulard Market ATM, 1 robbery at 2400 block ofS 10th, 1 robbery at 2000 block of11th Street, 1 robbery at 1000 Geyer, 1 carjacking at 735 Shenandoah for five total robberies in the month of November. All three suspects in the carjacking were identified and detained (1 adult and 2 juveniles). 13 larcenies comprised of 6 car break-ins, 1 stolen pistol, 1 storage unit door forced open, 5 instances of property damage. 

            December (to date): 1 assault, 3 larcenies, 1 sexual assault which took place outside of Soulard but the victim lived in Soulard.

             Overtime has been requested to get additional Officers into Soulard.

Officer Min reminder: If you let people inside your residence you need to secure your valuables and weapons.

            In response to a question from a resident, Alderman Jack Coatar noted that SLMPDis losing officers every pay period. The SLMPD has the funding to replace those officers, but there is a lack of qualified recruits. It is difficult to fill those jobs given the environment and the fact that entry-level police officers are paid $10,000 less than officers in the county. There is also an issue in filling the academies. Recruit funds were increased by $9,000 per recruit.  

            Bill C. noted that the Soulard neighborhood camera project is moving forward. Six cameras have been installed, with four to six more on the way in the coming weeks. The cameras should help produce evidence to solve crimes like the recent robberies.

            Soulard Community Improvement District (Richard Eaton/Luke Reynolds/Chris Schroeder)

             The proposed Soulard Community Improvement District (CID) would be a special taxing district in place for 25 years. The CID would impose a 1% sales tax for ten years. There would be no property tax.  The moneys, estimated at $500,000 per year, would be used for public improvements: sidewalks, lighting, parking. Projects would also include trash collection and alley improvements. Budgeted funds also account for administrative staff expenses including dealing with contracts, insurance, accounting, audits and board administration. The new committee would address parking concerns and solutions, contract lots and valets as well as shuttles. This CID Board is proposed to be comprised of the following: 4 residential owners, 3 business owners, with one individual nominated by SRG and one individual nominated by SBA. CID board members need to be real property owners or business owners within the district. The CID would cover a portion of the neighborhood, but not the entire neighborhood.  At this point, the CID organizers are getting ready to start a signature drive to move the CID forward. 


Committee Reports

Beautification (Richard Eaton) - No report given.

Communication (Jeremy Merhle) -  No report given.

Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs) - No new plans have been submitted in the last 30 days. The demolition for 1400 Russell continues with hopes of pouring concrete next month. 
            Two new projects have come onto the radar both without any submitted plans:
            1) The first is a large vacant lot down from The Island. An interested party wants to build a multifamily unit onsite. They are considering first floor retail. This is very conceptual and the PRT has yet to receive enough to review. Updates will be given as more information is provided.
            2) The second is a proposed multi-story single family at 2325 Menard. The lot is an estimated 50x55 feet. The building that was once there in the late 70
’s was being renovated and the building burned down. Updates will be given as more information is provided.

Fundraising (Rick Dungey) - The Hot Chocolate Run is taking place Sunday, Dec. 11. The station set-up is at 6:00 a.m. and the station will be at 7th and Geyer.
             Jan. 28 the 14th annual Smarti-Gras will be held in the Franklin Room. There will be about 30 tables of 10 people. This is another of our big yearly fundraisers. More information will follow.

            The SRG beer booth at Ocktoberfest resulted in $7,500 in earning for the SRG!

Membership (Julie Price) - Julie Price has volunteered to take on the role of Membership Chair and the committee is now 12 members strong. There is a need for volunteers to host the socials after the general meetings. Please contact Julie or sign-up at the general meeting for a future month’s social. Membership can be reached at membership@soulard.org. The membership committee will also be bringing back the Welcome Baskets, so be sure to let membership know when new neighbors arrive!

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten) - The meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. at 2622 S 11th Street.
           Santa Comes to Soulard has been scheduled for Friday, Dec. 16, 6 p.m. at Soulard Station. More information to follow.
Soulard’s Vices and Virtues Mardi Gras Ball will be held Feb. 11, 7 p.m. There are 30 tables available and 20 tables have already been sold. More information to follow.

Safety (Jim Ricks/Scott Plackemeier) - Report given in conjunction with the Police Report. The December meeting will be Monday the 19th at Beth Bennett’s house. Soulard’s Special Business District meeting will be Tuesday, December 13th at 6:00 p.m. at Soulard Station.

Parlour Tour Recap (Billy Tomber) - A huge thank you was given to all the volunteers, home owners and everyone who gave of their time and energy for this amazing event. The estimate for ticket sales is $15,000 and $4,000 in sponsorships.

Soulard Station (Bill Clendenin) - Vicki Morris has advised the Board that she will not be operating rentals in 2017. The Station is a great asset for the organization and we are looking at potential uses for 2017.  Before making any decisions regarding uses, the Board wants to solicit the input of the Membership.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for the future of the Station please email president@soulard.org or secretary@soulard.org.

MGI (Billy Tomber) - 12th Night is Friday, Jan. 6, 2017!

Adjournment - Motion to adjourn made by Mike Ziemann and seconded by David Taylor, the meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.