Minutes November 2016 SRG Board Meeting

Date: November 16, 2016
Location: Soulard Station, 1911 S. 12th St.
Officers in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Bill Clendenin, Luann Denten, Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich, Mike Ziemann
Officers Absent: Jackie Parker, Gary Toribio
Guests: Dan Krasnoff, Cultural Resources Office Jay Gibbs, Chairman of SRG Plan Review Team The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by President Bill Clendenin

New Business
1. Procedures for runs in Soulard
There were issues with the recent Halloween Half-Marathon operated by the GO! Marathon organization. There have been previous outcries regarding runs in the neighborhood, with a lot of dissatisfaction resulting from run activities. In the past, we have contacted Ann Chance, which has resulted in improvements, until this year.
A question was raised regarding The GO! Halloween Run versus the quality of all other GO! events.
The following were identified as issues with the Halloween Half-Marathon:
1. Inability to cross the run route
2. Lack of advanced notice
3. Inaccurate information
The SRG generally supports runs in the neighborhood, but residents, businesses and organizations were negatively impacted by the above issues.
Motion: Venessa Kobrin moves that we draft a letter of concern, and potential solutions, on behalf of the Board to the Commissioner of Streets, Ann Chance and CC-ing the GO! organization. Also, that we approve in advance that the letter can be approved by Board Members via electronic vote.
Second: Luann Denten
Passed: All

2. Mayoral Candidate Appearances - To have, or not to have, candidates speak briefly at the SRG meeting.
Wade suggested that it could take place after the meeting, allowing people to choose to attend if they want to. To distinctly separate the general meeting from the political pitches. Luann agreed with Wade, citing both the importance of access to a forum of the candidates while maintaining separation. 
Motion: Luann Denten motions that mayoral candidates who approach the SRG are offered the chance to speak to the membership who choose to remain after the general membership meeting is over, for a specified amount of time, in the order that they arrived to the meeting. The amount of time given to each candidate will be at the discretion of the President.
Second: Scott Plackemeier
Passed: All

3. Dan Krasnoff - Cultural Resources Office
Dan Krasnoff has been in his current position since July 1 and is a St. Louis native. Previously served as the Director of Central-West End development for ten years in addition to serving in several City and County posts. There are a lot of types of neighborhoods that the Cultural Resources office works with. The CRO works with the historic districts that were created in the 1970’s, such as Soulard. He stated that there are different levels of involvement in historic neighborhoods at this time and the Cultural Resources office is supporting each neighborhood individually. Jay Gibbs stated that, speaking for everyone, the assessment of Soulard as a “hardcore” historic neighborhood is accurate. Jay described Soulard as the architectural equivalent of the Game Preserve. Lafayette Square and some of the streets in Central West End also meet this level of preservation and attention to detail. Chris asked how the neighbors work with the Cultural Resources office. Krasnoff stated that much happens through mass communication and through visiting neighborhood meetings. Neighborhoods that have historic codes that are set may not need the same level of interaction as a neighborhood that is setting historic codes.                                                                                                            There are some cities in the country that have one code for the entire city. Soulard, as a neighborhood, is federally recognized and maintains its own set of codes. A follow-up question regarding development plans, like the strategic plan that Lafayette Square has developed, was asked. Krasnoff stated that broader neighborhood planning is a positive thing and allows for greater control over future developments and actions within the neighborhood. Whether Soulard should do a neighborhood plan like Lafayette Square did, cannot be spoken to in his role. Krasnoff stated the following: “My sense is that the neighborhood is very successful and that the way that the neighborhood has evolved over the last 40 years has been positive.” Bill stated that the two large apartment developments that have taken place in the most recent year have fueled many of the questions regarding strategic planning.                                       Jay Gibbs pointed out that the idea of a strategic plan was addressed decades ago and was not undertaken due to the progress of the neighborhood. There are few parcels available in Soulard where large developments could be built but Mr. Krasnoff is willing to go over planning ideas and concerns regarding these properties in the future.
One director suggested that for large scale buildings that span lengths of street, to have the facade appear as several smaller buildings all attached. Luann D. complimented the Cultural Resources office on being so accessible and informative. Soulard is proud of its heritage and that could be reflected in the signage project that has been approved by the Board and discussed with the Cultural Resources office.
Krasnoff stated that his favorite project in the City is the markers along Cherokee Street that identify the buildings and the history that took place in them. He offered his support to the signage project currently underway in Soulard. The question of model examples was raised and all agreed that consistency is necessary on this topic. The rules need to be applied uniformly to all projects. The goal of the SRG Plan Review Team is to have new construction fade into the streetscape.

Old Business
United Games Presentation The Board voted to not take part in the United Games application at this time.

Treasurer Report
The Edele and Mertz purchasing list has been limited to four key Committee Liaisons. Square as a whole is undergoing an overhaul by the Treasurer.                                                                
Motion: Beth Bennett motions to approve the Treasurer report.                                        
Second: Wade Weistreich
Passed: All

Station Transition After Dec. 31, 2016
Vicki Morris will no longer be operating rentals. The Soulard Station Committee will meet in January for the purpose of easing transition and considering the future of the Committee itself. Logistical considerations: Water, heat, etc after the transition utilities for the station after January division of tangible items between Morris and Soulard Station The future of the Soulard Station will be addressed at the December general membership meeting and the December Board meeting.

Committee Reports
1. Communications and Fundraising (Jackie Parker): No report given.

2. Beautification (Luann Denten): Beautification is looking at adding greenery around the Market. All the pots were harvested and cleaned. Beth Bennett volunteered her time, effort and energy and painted the gazebo in Aboussie Park.

3. Code and Zoning (Beth Bennett): The 13th and Russell development is moving forward with demolition on the existing structure.

4. Membership (Beth Bennett): Membership is need of people to volunteer for post-general meeting social. If you are interested you can get more information from Beth Bennett at the next general membership meeting. The idea was raised that committees could also participate in hosting a post-general membership meeting social.

5. Residential Promotions (Luann Denten): Residential Promotion will not be participating in the Parlour Tour this year due to conflicting events. The next Residential Promotion event is Santa Comes to Soulard on Dec. 16. Vices and Virtues experienced a setback in the location of the Ball. The Ball will now be held at the STL Party Bus facility on 12th Street. Luke from Molly’s will be doing the bars and catering. This is a return to a fully neighborhood supported event in a huge event space. 6. Safety (Scott Plackemeier): The stop sign issue that was brought up last meeting was addressed with Officer Min. They are discussing digital signs and increasing enforcement in the area.    

7. MGI (Jackie Parker and Gary Toribio): No report at this time.                                                   8.

8. Parlour Tour (Mike Ziemann): Parlour Tour is progressing well. The Parlour Tour has 5 confirmed houses and the Lafayette Apartments. The Treasurer is meeting with the Parlour Tour Liaison and Chairs to go over the budget on Nov. 18. An issue was raised regarding signing up via the Google sign-up sheet. Venessa K. suggested that the same website that Billy Tomber uses to register volunteers be considered for volunteers to sign-up. Venessa K. will also repost the volunteer sign-up sheet on the Facebook page and make a call for volunteers.

9. Soulard Station (Neil Putz): Report covered in previous segment.
Adjournment: Venessa Kobrin motioned to adjourn, Luann Denten seconded and the meeting adjourned at 10:03 p.m.