2018 SRG General Membership Meeting Minutes


Date:                           July 11, 2018

Location:                    American Legion Hall Post 422

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater,  Venessa Kobrin, , Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, Christopher Schwarz, Billy Tomber, Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors Absent:   Lisa Marlinghaus


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Venessa Kobrin

New Business

Jim Rick presented and circulated a neighborhood impact statement for residents’ signature.

Old Business

W. Weistreich motioned to approve the 2018 Budget as presented by the Board of Directors to the membership. Second by, S. Shuman; motion passed.

M. Parsley motioned to adjourn, second by J. Rick; motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

LeRoy Fitzwater