2018 August SRG General Meeting Minutes


Date: August 1, 2018

Location: BKZ American Legion Hall, 2601 South 11th Street


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Luann Denten, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman.


Officers and Directors Absent: Billy Tomber, Chris Schwarz., Wade Weistreich.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by V. Kobrin


Opening Remarks

Welcome, announcements, and new member introductions


Pres. V. Kobrin presented volunteer shirts and announced “All State” donation


Pres. V. Kobrin introduced new Board member Eric Marlinghaus


Police Report

Officer Douglas gave a report on recent police activities. Arrest of subjects for robberies in April/May. There was an increase in larcenies over the last month, mostly breaking into cars. One vehicle theft, fairly quite in July.


Question from the membership for Office Douglas: Was there any update or new information relating to the shoot at the Bastille in May? Officer Douglas reported that she was not aware of anything new, but that she would contact the detectives prior to next month’s meeting to see if there was any information she was able to share on the on-going investigation.


The safety committee was previously briefed on police activities at their last meeting.


Approval of Minutes

Motion by Margie Coors, to approve June and July meeting minutes, second by S. Shuman. Motion passes unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

V. Kobrin presented the monthly financial statement


Soulard Station Charter

V. Kobrin presented the Soulard Station Committee report on behalf for N. Putz.

The new formed committee’s first meeting was Tuesday July 21st. Tracy Laxton was elected committee chairman. Their next meeting will be on August 7th at 7pm at the Soulard Station



New Neighborhood Businesses

Welcome two new businesses (Four Strings & Island Life Yoga and Nutrition)

Four Strings:

     Representatives from “Four Strings” presented their new business venture located at 8th and Soulard. Live music every Friday/Saturday, food only for Sunday Brunch but gradually expanding. $12 bottomless mimosas. “Four Strings” will be hosting the SRG post-membership meeting social in September.


Island Life Yoga and Nutrition (ILYN)

Rep from ILYN presented their new business, opening a yoga studio and small café at the former STARS location on Menard and Lami. Goal is to provide a health and fitness opportunity for the neighborhood. Classes around 7am to 7pm. Café open in the morning. Beginning classes will be offered, $15 - $22 pricing plan structure. Plan to open around the end of September.


Committee Reports

Beautification (Richard Eaton)

No presentation


Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

Luann Denten presented recent events including Bastille Day, which included several neighborhood businesses. Invitation to attend Residential Promotion meetings.


Membership (Julie Price)

Margie Coors presented, on behalf of Julie Price, for Membership Committee, several new renewals as a result of the committee’s effort to contact members with recently expired memberships.


Dog wash, at Island Aug 26 from noon to 4. Donations going to “Needy Paws”.

Founders Day, Aug 18th at Market Park. Ted from Soulard Market said the theme is “picnic in the park”. The pavilion will be utilized for silent auction items. T-shirts sold at Soulard Market and other businesses around the neighborhood for $10.


Also announced that first time members, that join after the Annual Membership Party in May would be given a free membership until the following May.

The Membership Committee is always accepting Star Award Nominations, which can be submitted to membership@soulard.org


Please let the Membership Committee know if you have a new neighbor! They will send out a Soulard welcome bag for that household.


PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)

J. Gibbs presented recent activities of the PRT committee. The committee approved plans for new residence at 2222 Menard which previous structures burned down several years ago.


Other project under review at 1015-17 Geyer east of Great Grizzly Bear for renovation for single family home.


J.Gibbs stated he recently met with owner and architect of Whistler Building. Will be called Soulard Steel Yard. Discussed signage for the property.


1400 Russell project is basically done.


St Louis City Cultural Resources Office is continuing to work on a draft city wide “new construction”.


Partner Organization Updates


Mardi Gras Inc.

Nancy Lambert presented for Mardi Gras Inc board. Theme for parade “40 years remembering and celebrating the music”. Bring Blues music back to Mardi Gras including bringing Blues Music back to the parade as well as the other Mardi Gras scheduled events. 40th anniversary of the Soulard Blues Band. Email committee members with any questions.


American Legion

Mr Bill presented for the American Legion. This month third Friday Happy hour will be on the August 18th.  AMBUCS activity putt-putt pub crawl, 2nd Sat of August.


Democratic Committeeman

Committeeman, Marty Joe Murray, stated election coming up next week Aug 7th

Can reach out to Marty Joe Murray for any specific questions regarding candidates and issues.

Recommend voting “no” on Prop A and yes on Prop 1.


Annual Back to School drive open to public. Last year gave out over 100 stocked book bags. Reach out to Marty Joe Murray for details.


St Louis Development Corporation

Lisa Otke stated that the St Louis Redevelopment Corporation had a new grant program for improving business façades. They are currently accepting proposals for grants up to $20K for façade redevelopment. The program was given $1M which covers multiple grants and administration fees. For more information contact Lisa Otke and the deadline is August 17th


Committee Reports presented as part of the agenda:



From Chris Schwarz, chairman of Fundraising Committee:

1. The August concert takes place August 11th, when the Pedestrians take the stage!

2. We are looking for volunteers to help out with Que-in-the-Lou and Oktoberfest: more information to follow. You can also email fundraising@soulard.org for more information!



 From Sergio Sevilliano and Scott Plackemeier co-chairmen of the Safety Committee:

1. National Night Out is October 2, 2018.

2. Please contact Sergio or Scott if you would like to coordinate a street party (potluck) for your street.



From Julie Price chairman of the Membership Committee:



From Jeremy Merhle chairman of the Membership Committee:

1. The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Octoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018. All submission go to editor@soulard.org

2. The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Parlour Tour Issue of the Renaissance is October 12, 2018. All submission go to editor@soulard.org


Parlour Tour

From Jeanne Kirby chairman of Parlor Tour Committee:

1. If you are interested in participating in the 2018 Parlour Tour, contact Jeanne Kirby at parlourtour@soulard.org .

2. The 2018 Parlour Tour will be held December 1st & 2nd.

3. Ghost Sign tour, contact N.P. about any ghost signs. Committee will be researching the signs and associated history.


Motion by Taylor Boudine, to adjourn meeting. Second by Scott Plackemeier. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm




Respectfully Submitted,


LeRoy Fitzwater