Soulard Restoration Group Board Meeting Minutes


Date: August 15, 2018

Location: Soulard Station


Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, LeRoy Fitzwater, Venessa Kobrin, Eric Marlinghaus, Scott Plackemeier, Stephen Shuman, Billy Tomber.


Officers and Directors Absent: Luann Denten, Neil Putz, Christopher Schwarz, Wade Weistreich


The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm by V. Kobrin


Approval of Minutes

July Board meeting minutes were previously approved on July 28th by email vote.

Motion to approve minutes passed unanimously.


Old Business


Suggestion Box

S. Shuman presented an updated version of the procedures for handling and publishing the feedback from the “Suggestion Box” to the Board on a regular basis.


Motion by S. Plackemeier to approve procedure as amended, second, E. Marlinghaus.  Motion passes, all present in favor except L. Fitzwater opposed.


Treasurer’s Report


No report this month. Although, a monthly financial statement was provided to the board.


Committee Liaison Reports


Soulard Station

V. Kobrin reported on behalf of N. Putz that Tracy Laxton is the committee chair. The committee is meeting every two weeks.


Parlour Tour

V. K. reported that a reception will be held on Sept 20th at Molly’s for potential house tour volunteers. Please forward the names of anyone that may by interested in volunteering their home to J. Kirby.



V. Kobrin reported on the activities of Communications Committee.


In addition it was noted that the deadline for inclusion in the Oktoberfest Issue of the Renaissance is August 30, 2018 and the deadline for the Parlor Tour edition, is Oct 12th. All submissions are to go to .



B. Bennett reported on the activities of the Beautification committee.


R. Eaton talk to City of St. Louis Parks Department to get started on the planning for power to Pontiac Park. Weed warriors at the Station Saturday morning.



J. Gibbs presented for the PRT committee


1001 Russell; J. Gibbs talked to the owners and they expect to break ground 9/4-9/15.


J. Gibbs stated that he had been contacted by the Head of Cultural Resource Office (CRO) about a city wide draft policy for new construction projects. Intended for any new construction in any historic district in the city, in an attempt to streamline and make the policy consistent across the city. CRO wanted a response by the 4th Friday of this month. Looking for a response by next month.


With the new apartment building at 1400 Russell, Mardi Gras Inc. is concerned that they won’t be able to find parking for employees. Would like to have employee’s park their cars on the Dolman side in an area where a sidewalk would go. J. Gibbs has a proposal for parking, with required sidewalk next to building.


J. Gibbs to set up a meeting with MGI at their location after they have done some initial planning for additional parking. There are some general concerns about finding a solution that does not provide an inappropriate precedent for the neighborhood in general.


Residential Promotion

B. Bennett reported that the committee had about 25 Homeowners committed for historic signs



S. Shuman reported on activities of the Membership Committee.  Membership committee did call the entire roster of retired members, in an effort to renew their memberships.



S. Plackemeier reported on activities of the Safety Committee. At last meeting discussed additional stop signs on Barton at 9th, looking to make it a four way stop. Contact with J Coatar about the additional stop signs, in work. Following the update on a stop sign at 9th & Barton, E. Marlinghaus requested that the committee consider looking at other intersections in addition to 9th & Barton, specifically 13th & Russell.


National Night Out, get names to V. Kobrin about anyone interested in hosting a block party.



No report this month.


Closing Remarks



Motion by S. Shuman, to adjourn meeting. Second by S. Plackemeier. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

LeRoy Fitzwater, Secretary