November 2018 SRG General Membership Meeting

Date: Nov. 7, 2018

Location: American Legion Hall Post 422


Minutes Recorded By: Scott Plackemeier

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Venessa Kobrin

Introduction of Board Members and Committee Chairs Present--No new general members attending tonight


Officers and Directors Present: Venessa Kobrin, Scott Plackemeier, LuAnn Denton, Beth Bennett, Christopher Schwartz, Neil Putz, Wade Westreich, Billy Tomber, Stephen Shuman


Officers and Directors Absent: None


Alderman Present: Dan Guenther


Old Business: Approval of October minutes: Paul Kjorlie noted that he was not necessarily opposed to electrification of Pontiac Park as noted in minutes but was in favor of making all neighbors who face park aware. Neil Putz motioned to approve Oct minutes with Paul's concern noted. Stephen Shuman seconded. Unanimous approval

New Business--7:06--Treasurer's Report--Parlor tour and beautification fundraisers were biggest money makers. Brenda Switzer had question regarding two separate checking accounts. Christopher noted that interest rates would not affect totals in accounts if were diversified into savings account. Waiting for direction on how to spend some of the monies.

Julie Price asked about AllState's $1000 donation to SRG for cleanup efforts--will need to be discussed at future SRG Board meeting. LuAnn Denton had question about Square payments and notification. Resolved by Nancy Lambert

Nancy L. motioned to approve Treasurers report. Neil P. seconded. Unanimous approval

7:12 Officer Douglas report--October total crimes 26 down from 51 in September. Two assaults in Oct--one domestic. Several car thefts, some turned out to be false alarms.

Two suspects were arrested who were responsible for many burglaries & robberies throughout 2018 including B-Works in March, others along Menard Ave. in July and elsewhere throughout the neighborhood. Arrest of these two suspects likely led to lower October numbers overall. Question regarding early November carjacking 10th and Lami--suspects were arrested within 24 hours. Officer Douglas thanked her fellow SLMPD as well as vigilant neighbors, social media including NextDoor for helping to apprehend these suspects.

7:24 Parlour Tour—Neil Putz—369 out of 700 possible tickets to the Soulard Parlour Tour Dec. 1 and 2 have already been sold. Volunteer sign up is also available via link on the Blaster, website and Billy Tomber assisted those who wanted to sign up at the meeting and social. First crack at volunteer spots were given to SRG members.

7:29 Soulard Station update—Vanessa Kobrin noted that Tracey Laxton has done a great job as chair of the new Soulard Station Committee. She has instituted monthly meetings and the utility closet and kitchen have been cleaned up and organized.

7:37—Mardi Gras Foundation Grant—Vanessa noted that there were concerns over bringing electricity to Pontiac Park (re: any possible concerts) and will be discussing with city officials and will be coordinating an open house for those who live near the park. The grant proposal is going forward


7:41 Beautification—Richard Eaton noted the triangle at 9th and Sidney was complete. Trees were removed and a rain garden established for conservation. Done with grants from MSD. Ongoing work with groups of young people to clean Pontiac Park and educate on planting. $2000 was raised from the art auction in late September

7:47—Membership—Julie Dinkelmann—No update. Social held at 1301 Gravois—the new home of Stars Design

7:49—Fundraising—Christopher Schwartz—Oktoberfest was a success despite wet weather closing SRG beer tent on Friday. Made up for with Saturday sales. Will know details of amount raised next month. No wreath sales this year due to supplier no longer shipping to this area

7:50—Safety—Brenda Switzer asked about new apartments and distributing info on community boards regarding parking smart and keeping valuables hidden for apartment visitors at 1400 Russell and Soulard Steelyards (7th and Barton). Scott Plackemeier will look into touching base with both apartment communities

7:52—Code and Zoning—Jay Gibbs—no new projects. Ground has broken on 1001 Russell, retail and apartments. 7th and Barton apartments should be completed in three months or so. Questions regarding Twisted Ranch sign.

7:56—Residential Promotion—LuAnn Denton noted success of Halloween Golf cart parade and Trunk or Treat. Biggest yet. Special thank you to American Legion for hosting. Event to be held for Soulard historical signage on Tues. Nov. 13 7-9 PM. 25 historical markers will be going up in the neighborhood.

Dec. 14—Santa Comes to Soulard at the Station

Feb. 16—Vices and Virtues—Casa Loma Ballroom—Claim your tables!

8:01—MGI—Nancy Lambert—Two months until first event of 2019 Mardi Gras—12th Night held on Jan. 6—All Mardi Gras events can be found at

Looking for live music for the grand parade

8:05 Legion—Eric Marlinghaus—3rd Friday Happy Hour will be Fri. Nov. 16 with annual turkey fry.

8:10—Julie Price made announcement regarding Central Patrol Business Association Trivia Night Nov. 16 at Casa Loma Ballroom—7:00 PM, Doors 6:00 PM

8:13—Statement of Congratulations to Venessa Kobrin and Christopher Schwarz on their wedding as well as to LuAnn and Joe Denton on the birth of their grandchild

Neil Putz motion to adjourn, Julie Price second. Unanimous approval.