April 2018 General Meeting Minutes


Minutes taken by Luann Denten

Date:                           April 4th, 2018

Location:                    Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M. by President Wade Weistreich

Officers and Directors in Attendance: Beth Bennett, Scott Plackemeier, Wade Weistreich, Billy Tomber,  Christopher Schwarz, Venessa Kobrin, Taylor Bodine, Neil Putz, Luann Denten. Bill Clendenin, Stephen Shuman

Officers and Directors Absent:        None

Aldermen Present:                            None

Committeeman Present:                   None

Other Officials:                                  Officer Douglas




The following Candidates gave speeches in front of the General Membership


-Taylor Bodine (Secretary)

-Lisa Marlinghaus (Secretary)

-Scott Plackemeier (President-Elect)

-Christopher Schwarz (Treasurer)

-LeRoy Fitzwater (Director)

-Neil Putz (Director)


Ballots were distributed and collected.

Guest Presentations


John Been & Venessa Kobrin - 9th Street Deli


The 9th Street Deli opened 10 years ago. John wanted to maintain the business in Soulard. John will be purchasing the Howard’s building from Judith Howard and will be moving the 9th Street Deli Business, under a new name, to the Howard’s building.


Jered Gallagher - Gallagher Bros. Construction

            Jered owns the Henry’s property but does not on the business. He has purchased 823 Allen Avenue and has applied for a rezoning to subdivide the lot. Mr. Gallagher is proposing that the currently residential zoned building be turned into a mixed use (residential/commercial) property without alley access/parking. Gallagher is proposing that the back half of the lot be utilized as a large commercial space for Henry’s including bathrooms and a patio. He stated that he was held up in zoning, contingent on what the neighborhood will support.

 He has heard that people have said the house is going to be a bar, but stated that he has remodeled it to be a rentable and/or sellable house as a residential property. Mr. Gallagher stated that he has a $300,000 budget approved by the Federal Government and he has already spent $75,000 on the basement. He stated that progress on the Henry’s side is held up due to the SRG objection. Mr. Gallagher stated that he has spent $150,000 on the house remodel and plans to keep it due to the utility lines crossing over the back.  He did not acknowledge a question concerning the likelihood of selling a residential property without a backyard.

There were multiple questions raised from general membership as follows:


-One regarding 24 nuisance police calls during 2016. Jered’s response was that he is the owner of the building not the business.


-One in regards to to current plan to own but rent out of lack of adherence to historical code. Where is the line? Who is responsible for the multiple violations of historic code? Jered stated that he accepts responsibility. He wants to redo the front wall, replace all of the windows, and replace parapets and structural beams.


-Jay Gibbs proposed a “Good Neighbor Agreement” to hold the bar to a certain standard. He also expressed concern about Henry’s being problem in general.


-There was a question raised in regards to the occupancy. Jered stated that the occupancy is calculated by the City based on square footage.

Jered stated that everything  is on hold until the Board of Adjustments hearing. Do to the amount of time and number of questions still remaining, Wade ended the Q&A in order to move to the next agenda item.   He suggested that a separate meeting be held at the Soulard Station to allow a public forum to continue the discussion.  The membership and Mr. Gallagher seemed to find that to be acceptable proposition.


 Board and General Meeting Minutes


Stephen Shuman moved to approve the March General meeting minutes. Scott Plackemeier seconded. The minutes were approved. 


Treasurer's Report


            There is currently $97,000 in our accounts. He stated that accounts have been moved to the AB Credit Union and he is currently finishing taxes now.


Jim Rick moved to approve the Treasurer’s report. Leah Sutphen seconded. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

Police Report:   Sherdon Douglas                       

            Officer Douglas has returned from a leave due to her son’s recovery from an automobile accident.


There were 15 crimes in February

-5 robberies. One at 800 Geyer. There has been 3 suspects apprehended. The cameras at Molly’s played a role. Another robbery happened at South 13th & Pestalozzi including a theft from a vehicle and an assault. A citizen of Soulard helped and a suspect has been apprehended. There was a robbery on 1200 Victor street, where a woman was assaulted and her purse was stolen. Another robbery happened on South 12th Street and Barton. The victim was intoxicated and robbed. There was a robbery on the 1000 block of Russell The victim and the suspect work at Harpos. There was a verbal dispute and a threat with a gun. The suspect stole the witness’ phone and was later caught.

            -1 domestic assault at 2300 South 12th Street

            -6 larcenies. 2 were from people and 3 were from buildings.

-3 vehicle auto theft including a golf cart at 2300 South 10th street and two vehicles on 1300 Gravois and Emmet & 10th Street.          

-3 arrests were made from 5 robberies. Cameras played a role in these arrests.


There was a question raised about CAD reports that are generated by the Police. Officer Douglas stated that the Police no longer distribute those reports. She reports on what is given to her by her boss.

Old Business

Mom Howard Program

            Jennifer Jones-Howard was introduced. Mom Howard passed away on February 2nd, 2017 and her legacy was to donate funds to install cameras in Soulard. Judith Howard installed cameras for six weeks, and the SRG’s mission is to complete the installations. Jennifer stated that any future cameras are not part of the original Mom Howard project.

            Jennifer stated that they prioritized to people who were violated or broken into. There was one camera left that has been given to a veteran who was broken into. Jennifer shared that the family is now done. There have been 60 families and 4 businesses receive cameras and many Soulardians have paid it forward. The original plan for 10 camera systems has turned into 60 cameras due to donations and people paying it forward. Arlos donated rechargeable batteries. Sweet Divine and Riley’s are an example of businesses who were given cameras. Jennifer stated that all future questions should be directed to the SRG.

The SRG matched the Mom Howard donation and still has cameras available.

Suggestion Box Results (Wade Weistreich)

             There was a request to put the STAR awards nomination on the website and that is now in the works. There was  a request to start the meetings on time. There is also a donation of old Soulard memorabilia that is in the works.

New Business

Chad Graham Retiring (Wade Weistreich)

Chad Graham is retiring in June after being our Registered Agent for many years. The SRG thanks Chadfor all of his years of service!

Bill Clendenin will be taking over the position.

Survey (Venessa Kobrin)

Venessa Kobrin stated that the Survey has been posted on Facebook, Nextdoor and online for four days and that she has received over 400 responses. She shared that the survey will stay live for two more weeks and that a detailed analysis of the results will be presented soon.

Bylaws Working Group (Venessa Kobrin)

            Venessa Kobrin announced that a bylaws working group will be created. She stated that it will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. No meeting place or time was given. She stated that a draft will be created and presented in a public format and that the goal is to present amendments to the by-laws by September.

Meeting location for June and August Meeting. No July meeting due to holiday

            Venessa stated that 97% of respondents to the survey responded unfavorably regarding the meeting space, accessibility, ability to hear, and/or the meeting format in general. Over 400 responses have been received since the survey went live on 3/29.

        For those reasons, the SRG meetings in June and August will be moved to the American Legion.

SRG Committee Reports

Safety (Scott Plackemeier/Sergio Sevillano)

Jim Rick presented a resident support document regarding an ongoing case.

            Scott shared that the Safety Walk will be late spring. Most likely late May.

Beautification (Richard Eaton)  

Richard recognized Brenda Switzer who donated the Little Free Library for Pontiac Park.

He shared that last Wednesday Connie Suydam taught the proper pruning of rose bushes and that all bushes at Pontiac Park received care. 

Marilyn Morris took care of the pruning at Memorial Garden at Soulard Market Park.

April 21st is a Beautification work day at Pontiac Park at 9:00 AM.

Thursday, May 24th is the Beautification Fundraiser and Molly’s. It will be $20 for free food. All money from beverages purchased will be returned to the Beautification committee.

Luann Denten spoke about the Garden Tour. The Garden Tour will be June 30th. The slate of gardens is full and the artist slate is full. We need musicians for the tour.

Thank you to Jeanne Kirby for your personal efforts to supply breakfast to the tour.

Residential Promotion (Luann Denten)

            Please visit the Etsy site for the Soulard Merchandise or visit Left Hand on Broadway. There is new merchandise and styles! Thank you to Beth Hoops for all her hard work in helping get this effort accomplished.

            Luann is looking forward to Bastille Day and the Parade on July 14th.

            Please make your nominations for Soulard Royalty! There are simple rules:

                        -You must be a resident of Soulard

                        -It is $5 per nomination

-You can nominate online or to any member of the Residential Promotion Committee

            Luann has received the final invoices for the Vices and Virtues. She is thrilled to report over an $11,000 profit to the SRG.

            Luann would like to thank everyone for all the support and good wishes regarding her new grand babies, J.J and Georgia Grace.

Communications (Jeremy Mehrle)

            No report

Parlour Tour (Jeanne Kirby)

The 42nd Parlor Tour was a big success. Thank you to all volunteers.  We made $24,000 with expenses of $8,200 meaning profits to the SRG of $16,000.

PRT/Code and Zoning (Jay Gibbs)  

            Jay mentioned two issues, one being Henry’s and the other being the new signage at the Preservation Hall. The PRT/Code and Zoning Committee will be sending a draft of the letter in regards to the signage at the Preservation Hall.

            The Soulard Preservation Hall is now home to two businesses, Moonbase Market and a satellite bar for Earth Bound.

Paul Kjorle presented a “1400 Russel” bag for Jay and complemented Jay for his patience and service.

There were questions in regards to Twisted Ranch’s painting on the north side of their building, which violates historic code.

A question was raised in regards to the three townhouses on 10th Street because their brick is brown, not red and issues with their doors. There was an example given, mentioning 10th & Emmet.

Fundraising (Chris Schwarz)

            The Cheer Station for the GO! Marathon will be at 7:30 AM. THere will be more information to follow. They will be located at the old Howard’s location, now 9th Street Deli.

            There will be more information to come in regards to the Concert Series.

Membership (Julie Price)

            Julie passed around the sign up for socials. There are two spots open for June and December.

            The May Membership meeting will be a party at the Lynch Street Tavern from 6-9. There will be a taco and slider bar and all food and drinks are on the SRG. Please bring your friends! We will have welcome bags and live music.

            The bowling event was very fun!

            Julie shared that Allstate is doing a $1,000 grant that Julie is working on for the SRG.

            Soulard at the Ballpark will be on Wednesday, April 4th for the Cardinals vs. Mets game. They will be recognizing the Officer of the Year.  The SRG will offset ticket costs for new members with a buy one get one.

             The social is at Ron and Diane Seabaughs.

Holiday Decorating (Venessa Kobrin)

No report

Partner Organizations

Legion Report (Bill Wirtel)

Thank you from the American Legion. The fish fries sold out 3 of four times.

Happy hours will begin on the 3rd Friday of the month starting in April

Soulard Business Association (Tom Gullickson)

No report

Mardi Gras Inc.:  Gary Toribio, Billy Tomber, Michael Pastore

No report

Presentation of the new Board of Directors

            Scott Plackemeier - President-Elect

            Christopher Schwarz - Treasurer

            LeRoy Fitzwater- Director

            Neil Putz - Director

            Lisa Marlinghouse -Secretary


Motion to adjourn was made by Richard Eaton and seconded Julie Dinkelman. The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM