Minutes March 2019 SRG Board Meeting

March 20, 2019

Soulard Station

The meeting was called to order at 7:19 by President Scott Plackemeier.

Members Present: Scott Plackemeier, Megan Gooch, Chris Schwarz, Neil Putz, Stephen Shuman, John Durnell, Wade Westerich, Luanne Denten, Billy Tomber

Members Absent: Beth Bennett


Discussion on Contracts and Invoices

  • Discussion

  • Four point motion coming to Board via email, no vote taken at meeting


SRG Elections Update

  • April 3rd elections

  • Must live in Soulard and pay dues to be a qualified vote


  • Obtaining three bids for potential auditors


Marijuana Dispensary Ad Hoc Committee

  • Interested members ready to research and be a part of decision making process


Historic Signage Program

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Discussion

  • Motion: Wade Weistreich

    • SRG 

      • Pays for all work previously completed

      • Agrees to allow Res Promo to move forward pending: 

1. Verification of all contracts 

2. Approved by board 

3. Signed by resident 

4. Executed within budget 

  • Amendment: 

    • Accept work moving forward with Precision Engraving (reasoning- only way to complete project within budget)

  • Second: Stephen 

  • All in favor with one abstention (Luanne)

  • Motion: Stephen 

    • Issue letter to those involved in the project so far to thank them for patience thus far

  • Second: Billy


Vices and Virtues Name Use

  • Taking information back to Res Promo for discussion

  • No vote taken 

Beth Updates

  • Discussion

  • No vote taken


Treasurer’s Report

  • Discussion

  • No vote taken


Liaison Reports


  • Discussion: Pontiac Square Park

  • No vote taken



  • Discussion: Summer Concert Series

  • No vote taken



Beths updates


Residential Promotions

  • Discussion: Bastille Day, Casilly Bench Dedication, VandV Silent Auction, Garden Tour

  • No vote taken



  • Discussion: Membership Drive

  • No vote taken


  • Discussion: Safety Walk 

  • No vote taken


Parlour Tour

  • Discussion: 3 homes lined up so far

  • No vote taken

Station Committee

  • Discussion: Roof, Door, Utilities

  • No vote taken

Comm Comm

  • Discussion: New Members, New Chairpersons, Calendar, Renaissance

  •  No vote taken


Executive Session


Chris moved to adjourn, Neil seconded

Meeting adjourned at 10:23